History Study Using iFlipTips

History is complex subject to study. As well as being able to recite facts and figures, you also need to answer in-depth essay questions. Therefore, preparing for a history exam is different to other exams, as it bridges the gap between factual subjects like science and more subjective discussion and essay-based subjects like art.

So how can iFlipTips help you with this?

Images, audio and video

Using the app, you can record lectures and seminars using the audio recorder function. If slideshows are involved, you can also tape presentations and review them later as part of your study process.

You can also take pictures of timelines and store them in the app. This saves you time as you don’t have to write them out. Make your own flow charts showing a chain of events or mind maps that provide an overview of a topic and store images of these on an iFlipTips card. Doing this allows you to study on the go instead of having to carry around paper copies of charts and diagrams.

Study Notes

Using iTipsIdeas cards to create study notes. If you have time, it’s helpful to do this straight after each class or module while the information is still fresh in your mind. However, you can also do this separately in preparation for exams.

IFlipCards are useful for testing your knowledge of facts, or to create mock essay questions. You can use the ‘answer’ side of the card to either contain a simple answer or, in the case of essay questions, a list of points that you need to include. You can also include the marking specifications for that particular module to grade your answers and give yourself an indication of how thoroughly you know the information.

Using iFlipSlides, you can create slide shows, either for class presentations or as part of your study program. The act of simply creating a slideshow on a particular topic, even if you don’t publicly present it, can be a helpful way of studying for an exam.


Separate your cards up into different folders for each module or semester. Organizing your history notes will make it a lot easier to streamline your study process. For example you can use different main folders for different historical periods, and then use sub-folders for different events or topics within that historical period.

The app’s calendar is helpful for organizing your study program. Once you’ve finished learning something, you can archive it so it no longer appears in your main notes list but is still viewable through the ‘settings’ part of the app. Organization is one of the most important components of successful studying so keeping your notes relevant will help you focus on what you still need to do.

About – iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Study App

That’s where iFlipTips comes to the rescue. This revolutionary study app from TECHtionary works on iPhone and iPad and will help you create your own knowledge database, filled with text, images, audio clips and video clips. The app is designed to help you break down information into bite-sized pieces, build flash/flipcards, helping you learn quicker, and also improving the rate at which you can recall information faster during your exams too.  iFlipTips works because you can create flash/flipcards anywhere you are, in class, on the go, at home in bed, anywhere you are.

How does iFlipTips work?

iFlipTips contains three sections: iTipsIdeas, iFlipCards and iFlipSlides. Each of the three sections enables you to create your own digital ‘flashcards’, which can contain text, audio, video and images.  You can study all the relevant graphs, charts and diagrams you need, without having to carry around sheets of paper or books. Using the audio feature, you can record lectures and seminars to ensure you have all the important facts and figures you need to ace your exams.

iTipsIdeas cards are useful for learning facts, and can also help you structure papers and assignments too. As all your study notes are on your iPhone or iPad, you can take them with you wherever you go and add to or edit them as you please. iFlipTips has a helpful folders system, so you can save your notes in one place for easy access later.

When it’s time to test what you know, use iFlipCards to create a mock exam. These cards are the digital versions of traditional question and answer cards. Using them, you can identify any gaps in your knowledge before you get to the exam itself, giving yourself plenty of time to check and double check you’ve learned everything you need.

iFlipSlides is one of the app’s newer features, will help you with any class presentations that are required as part of your course. Like the other cards in the app, you can add text, images, audio and video clips to create beautiful and professional-looking slideshows, even without a computer. As a busy student, you’ll love the fact that you can create slides and cards on the go, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

The iFlipTips Calendar

The iFlipTips calendar is a valuable tool for the whole school year, but can especially help when you’re studying for exams. Enter details of your classes, keep track of upcoming exams and use the calendar to create a detailed study plan.

With different icons for practically every event you can imagine, you can tell at a glance what each appointment is for. The calendar also sends push notifications directly to your iPhone, so you get a helpful reminder each day when it’s time to study.

iFlipTips is designed to make your studying as easy and efficient as possible. Use the app, you can stick to your study plan, and you’ll be amazed at the results.