College Party 7 Deadly Sins Party Planning Using iPartyGram

With each new college term, even during breaks, college parties abound, as evenings draw in and the days get darker, what better time than the winter to plan a 7 Deadly Sins-themed party?

Organizing a party can feel like a part-time job in itself, so if you have a lot of studying to do but don’t want to sacrifice the opportunity to throw a great party, let iPartyGram help you with the planning process.

One of the great things about a 7 Deadly Sins party is that guests can really use their imagination and have a choice regarding their costume. As a refresher, the seven deadly sins are:

  • Lust
  • Wrath
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Pride
  • Sloth
  • Gluttony

You and your guests can go to the party dressed as any one of these sins – or the more adventurous can try to include all seven in their outfit!

Sending invitations

Set the scene from the very start and create tailor-made invitations using iPartyGram. Using the app, you can send out invites via email, saving you time and money on paper invitations. Instead of just sending a plain message, however, the app enables you to make your own personalized invitations, complete with a background image and all the information guests need, and send it as a PDF.

When sending invitations, you can either allocate a specific sin to each guest, or let them choose their own. With a range of background images to choose from, choose one that sets the tone for the party. Receiving this kind of invitation will create a lot more excitement among guests than a plain group email!

Planning the party

Create even more of an atmosphere before the party by uploading pictures to iPartyGram. You can also nominate VIP guests to upload their own images. Invitees can log on using their special iPartyGram code included in their invite and view the pictures you’ve uploaded. These could be of past parties, or images that give guests costume ideas for the big night.

Preparing the house

Depending on where you’re holding the party, you can really go to town on the decorations and themes. If you are throwing a house party and have access to more than one room, try assigning one of the sins to each room, then theming the decor, food and drink in that room around the individual sin. For example, if you select lust to be the theme for one room, decorate the room in reds and pinks and serve snacks like Hershey’s Kisses.

If you don’t have sufficient space to assign a sin to each room, try separating the space you do have into different areas themed around each sin.

Food and Drink

Instead of serving the usual kegs and cider you normally find at a college party, try your hand at creating signature cocktails for each of the sins.

The food you serve is another opportunity to get creative: try offering guests ready meals or instant noodles in the ‘sloth’ area, spicy food in the ‘wrath’ section, and indulgent desserts in the ‘gluttony‘-themed room.

Planning a Seven Deadly Sins-themed party can feel daunting, but you also have plenty of opportunities to get creative and wow your guests. iPartyGram takes the hassle out of dealing with invitations and RSVPs so you can get on with the fun part: planning!