Mardi Gras Party Planning Using iPartyGramPro

mardigra572XSLife for college students feels like a balancing act – we’re juggling classes, studying for exams, tending to family obligations – not-to-mention a social life! Whew! It’s a wonder we manage time for sleep! While we care for our varying matters, we still have a duty as vibrant young adults to party! Planning such events, however, can be utterly time consuming – although, now, creating an event that’s memorable and fun can be simple and quick with iPartyGramPro. This app from TECHtionary allows all your events to come together easily and enjoy them yourself too!

If you’re looking to liven up your Mardi Gras Celebration this year, develop more excitement for the event with a pre-bash party! It’s a fun way to get pumped for the big event while throwing an original gathering guests’ can revel in!

Bring Awareness

ipartygram-4Throwing this type of theme involves unique invitations and photos that will create lots of hype before the big night! Use the invitation section of the app to design one that gets people excited about the fiesta up front. Search ‘mardi gras’ and use images from the internet to take pictures, which will be the background for your invite. Or pick from the variety of backgrounds available on the app as well.

You can establish RSVP deadlines, enclose details about the event like time, location and notes or reminders that you find necessary to provide guests with. Since most people have plans for this day (2/12/13), and many cultures have different traditional ceremonies related to it, it’s good to have this party at least a week ahead of time.

The invitation section also allows you to send individualized memos in PDF format to multiple guests, or send one to every person on your contact list – in order to keep their emails private from other receivers, put your name in the ‘to’ box, and their names in the ‘bcc’ box.

The guests then type in the code they receive with their invitation to view pictures before and after the event. To instill even more anticipation for the party, you can post pictures of costume ideas or other holiday related images via Facebook or Twitter to create a madhouse of energy for your party. Even assign VIPs to post some of their related pictures so guests can get doubly excited for the event.

The event is linked to parades and is generally celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, where people can indulge before lent – although many cultures celebrate this particular event for three days to three months prior to! Remember to include the typical dress code involved, and push people to get creative! Masks, beads, and colorful glitz and feathers are normally associated with the attire for this event.


There are three things that make a party fabulous – a solid concession stand, venue appeal and lots of dancing! Chose selections that aren’t only appropriate for this type of bash, but accentuate its’ thrill more!

Try these easy and cute party drinks a few hours before the party that won’t burn a whole in your pocket –

You’ll Need… Prepare
– a jar with a lid- purple food coloring- 1 c. granulated sugar- 2 small bowls

– a pkg. of small plastic cups

– 2 gal. grape juice

– 1 canned fruit cocktail

– 1/2 bg. of grapes

– 4 limes

– edible gold dust

1. Start with 3-5 drops of food coloring (I add more for a dramatic hue) into the granulated sugar – but add more or less to get preferred color – and seal the jar to shake vigorously. *Hint: find more recipe ideas like this on Fill 2 small bowls, one with the colored sugar, and the other with water.3. Dip plastic cup into water, then immediately trace the edge with the sugar. *Hint: tilt cup at an angle, then twist it to get more application of the sugar. Repeat these steps for all cups.4. Fill a large punch bowl with 2 gallons of grape juice, 1 can of fruit cocktail, half a bag of grapes, and 4 sliced limes (with the skin left on them).

5. Give the punch a quick stir, and leave the bowl in the fridge to chill until you’re ready to serve it. Then, add a few shakes of the gold dust to give it some extra sparkle.


The best thing about this festive cross between a sangria and cocktail is that you can make it with just about any other items on sale. For instance, try salt, green food coloring, fruit punch, canned mandarin oranges, apples, and lemons for a different twist! You can also get the cups, bowls, and dust at the dollar store!

Then, ask two friends to provide some snacks! All you’ll need to top this party off is a couple bags of chocolate chips and some kind of spicy finger-food item. Anything decadent is just how Mardi Gras is done.

Add streamers or confetti in glittery purple, gold, green or turquoise for a simple and festive décor. A lot of costume thrift shops or even craft stores sell abundance of brightly colored feathers and masks that you can hang everywhere for added effect. If you want to go even further, cover surfaces with plastic table cloths, cut small slits for tying twine into, and weave some chunky beads into the ends for more fun!


4ipartgram2When the time comes, and the beverages, snacks and decorations are set, it’s time to establish the entertainment for the night! Rock out to a mixed playlist of tunes so that you can keep the energy for the party going throughout.  Think about flow and transitions with the list – it will make for a more linear and interesting soundtrack for the party. Or assign one of your VIP guests to DJ, and focus on the musical heart of the party.

Make sure to assign certain songs at intervals, marking the ‘parade line’ while encouraging everyone to participate in dancing, and see how long the line can get! It’s a fun way to engrain memories and collect loads of unique pics to relive the party by! Also, get little Maracas or hand shakers of some sort at your local party store for some festive noise to accompany the dancing!


When it comes to the morning after, and the event must be cleaned up, have certain maxi-sized trash bags for recycling aluminum, paper and plastic! Have a few friends stick around to help with the mess, and box away neat items like any feathers used, or unstained table cloths, or masks that can be used for another party some other day.

This is a great way to keep spirits up until Mardi Gras, without all the expense of a typical college party.