Sleep Healthier and Happier with iSleepTrack/iSleepTrackPro for iPhone/iPad/iTouch

isleeptrack-main-screenisleeptrack-main-2iSleepTrack App Review By S. Daniel

TECHtionary has thoroughly researched sleep patterns in order to bring you an app that will help you overcome those common issues you may have with getting that maximum amount of rest our bodies need. And now it’s here!

Their studies have found that no two people’s patterns are alike. So they understand that not everyone functions best with eight solid hours like the old adage says, or that frequent cat naps make someone even more tired as some scientists say. For instance, Mallory, a 28 year old assistant to the busy CEO of a major corporation needs 6 hours of undisturbed rest in order to perk up for the days’ duties, whereas James, a 19 year old undergraduate with a hectic work, school and social life benefits more with multiple two-hour naps throughout the day. iSleepTrack allows utilization of all three features Snap, Snooze and Sleep in order to help you find the best balance of personalized sleep.

Snap, Snooze, Sleep

Use the Snap section – unique from any other sleep app available today – to keep you alert in daily tasks. If you find yourself dozing off in monotonous meetings, an all-day class or shift at work, or a self-imposed mandatory study session, then this particular feature will be of great assistance. Keep it in your pocket and it will alarm you by vibration or a musical tune/tone when you become stationary. – It’s not meant for use during driving, so do not use it while operating vehicles. – There are three settings you can use: Fast (for when you want it to alarm you when there is absolutely no motion detected), Medium (for when you want it to alarm you when there is minimal motion detected), and Slow (for when you want it to alarm you when there is a single motion detected instead of a pace of some kind).

Use the Snooze section when you are taking a power nap. You can set a time for the tone/tune or vibration to wake you up at. Then, use the Sleep section for a more advanced alarm system. Set your wakeup time, a tune/tone or vibration for the alarm, and how long you would like the alarm to continue until shutting off automatically or manually beforehand. Then a mode for sleep aid will emit a soothing sound to help you submerge into that must-needed rest.

What’s also great about all three of these features is that you can have the choice to use a song from your device’s personal music list, a recorded voice from that of yourself or loved one, or pick from a varied selection of sounds provided by the app itself for the alarm. Use music only or vibration only, or a combination of both to make that wakeup a pleasant one. Also, chose from a colorful array of backgrounds to personalize the app itself.

ScribbleGrams-iphone-3Sleep/Dream Journal Diary

iSleepTrackPro features all of the items above and more. Use the journal section to keep a record or notes, photos or post things via email, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin about your sleep pattern. For instance, maybe you want to share a few tips on how you’ve managed to achieve better sleep like warm milk before bed. Or maybe you want to remember how much sleep you are getting each day in order to create a more efficient schedule.

Then, the Sleep feature includes a schedule section that will help you incorporate your findings into a uniform timetable. Both of these additions in iSleepTrackPro are really helpful in planning your weeks out, and they are worth the small purchase fee as opposed to sticking with the free installation version – also good, but doesn’t include these two items.

This app is really well thought out and anticipates nearly all people’s different sleep patterns they encounter or evolve into overtime. Whether you’re a student, working bee, dead-tired parent, social butterfly or all four, this app is invaluable to your somnolent needs.

iSleepTrack is the solution to your slumber issues. So get to know your body better, benefit your overall well being, and be a happier person in every avenue of life when you get your own dose of the sleep right for you.