iPhone and iPad Essential Apps

A brand new iPhone or iPad comes with pre-installed apps, however these only scratch the surface of what you can do with your device. Apps allow you to work, play, shop, communicate, and much more. With over 500,000 iPad and iPhone apps in the iTunes store it can be difficult to know where to start looking if you want to add to your collection. Here is a list of essential apps that cover the important areas of life.


Social apps don’t just help you keep in touch with friends and family: more and more business owners are recognizing that social networks carry marketing power and are a great way to expand your client base. Whoever you want to stay connected to, you can download iPhone and iPad apps for all the major social networks, including a free app by Facebook. Twitter users can use Tweetdeck, also free, to keep track of multiple accounts, view mentions and DMs all at once, so you can track what’s happening on the website at a glance. The free Meetup app allows you to stay in touch with new activity on the social site, view details of upcoming meetups, RSVP to new events and join groups.The app is compatible with iCal, so you can add events straight into your calendar.


While the iPhone sends and receives texts, calls and emails, the range of communication apps available helps you connect to people in even more ways. The free Skype app enables you to make and receive calls with people anywhere in the world, while IM + lets you chat with friends using multiple IM accounts at the same time. TextNOW is useful if you send a lot of text messages, as not only is the app free but it lets you send texts to others for free too, avoiding a heart-stopping cell phone bill every month.


As the king of online shopping, Amazon is an essential iPhone and iPad app. With this app, you get full access to Amazon’s catalogue, and can purchase items or save them to your wish list. If you love the thrill of grabbing a real bargain, eBay’s shopping app enables you to search for and bid on items. The app will send you push notifications when items you’re watching or bidding on are about to end, so you can keep an eye on your auction activities even when away from your computer. For the everyday items, Grocery IQ is a shopping app that lets you create grocery lists, keep track of how much you’re spending on a shop, and scan product barcodes to compare the price of an item in different stores.  Some of our apps are great for shopping and bars – iMakeupMirror and iCompactMirror.

Work and Productivity

Similar to a personal computer, both the iPhone and iPad are perfect productivity tools that can help free you from the shackles of the office and enable you to work anywhere you want. Apple’s iWork package is available for both iPhone and iPad. The apps are priced separately at $9.99 each, so they don’t come cheap. You can, however get app versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, which are similar to the full desktop versions and include features like Microsoft Word compatibility and Air Printing. At $0.99, Sorted is less costly than some of its productivity app counterparts, and provides a simple tool with which to create to-do lists and organize your life. When you’re tired of typing, Quick Voice2Text Email creates text emails and documents from dictation for just $2.99. Finally, Mint.com is a free personal finance app that helps you track your income, expenditures, and savings, so you always know what’s happening with your money.  Of course, we our fav is iFlipTips.


After all that hard work, you’re going to need some down time. Netfilx members can turn to the free Netflix entertainment app to stream TV shows and movies for free. Pandora is also free and enables you to create your own radio station from artists you enjoy. On the other hand, if your idea of relaxing is curling up with a book, Amazon’s Kindle app is free for iPhone and iPad, and provides you with your own digital library and a direct connection to the Kindle Store.