iFlipTips Review – Flipcard, NoteCard Study Buddy App for iPhone & iPad

“I used the iFlipTips app for the first time today; and my experience was definitely worth sharing. As a recent graduate student who concentrated in education I could definitely use this app at different levels. I developed my grad thesis concerning visual-spatial students (i.e. kids who learn more effectively visually and by interacting as opposed to sequentially or by hearing) so I definitely agree that a tool like this can be priceless for a majority of students. You’ll begin to understand why as I break down the basics of the iFlipTips app.

The iFlipTips app can let students(and teachers, tutors, or parents) make Q&A flipcards, capture audio, video, text and take/use photos. You can also answer with pics, video, text and audio. Pretty cool huh?  iFlipTips is simple which is great for students of all ages and people of all technological skill level. It uses single button notecards with text, audio, video and pics. Both elements of this app have versatile sharing options – iFlipTips and iFlipCards can be shared or posted via  Twitter and Facebook or sent via email. It allows you to capture information and  organize it quickly and uninhibitedly.

Now do you understand why students and teachers would get a kick out of this app? Especially those visual-spatial kids who love gadgets and learning through visual reference. Visual aids are just a great tool for everyone. The fact that audio can be used as well is great for those who prefer to study, record information, give advice, organize data audibly as well as visually. While not many students have access to an ipad or iphone most parents, teachers, and tutors do.

The educational aspect of this app is what won me over. While I’m sure there are many more creative uses for it than teaching and studying this is why I value iFlipTips. On a usefulness scale of 1-10 I’d definitely put it in the 8-10 range. It’s the perfect study buddy. Go ahead and check it out at www.iFlipTips.com. You’ll thank me.”

This is an unedited review by Andrea M.