iPartyGram Independent Review – Pre Release First Look – By Hannah B

iPartyGram is a new party-planning app for the iPhone and iPad from TECHtionary. It enables you to upload party details and photos, share information with friends, and create customized invitations to send via email. You can use iPartyGram when planning variety of parties, from large-scale events like weddings, to smaller events like house-warming parties. You can also use the app in combination with other software, such as Microsoft Excel, to keep track of your guest list and RSVPs.

Party hosts can sign up to a special account on the app, which allows them to create new parties, add details, such as time, place, and other notes and instructions, and share these details with guests. As a party host, you can also upload photos that your guests will see when they log in using the details in their invitation. These could be photos of the party venue, costume ideas for a themed party, or photos of previous parties.

One of the app’s most useful features is the ability to create and send invitations to guests.  Using iPartyGram, you can create customized invitations and send them to others for free via email. Not only does this save you the time it takes to write out and mail physical invitations, but it also saves you money – particularly if you intend to send invitations to a lot of people.

To send an invitation, simply enter the correct details in the boxes provided, choose a background image, then enter your guests’ email addresses. The app transforms the invitation into a graphic file that guests can view in the body of the email. With a variety of different background photos and images available through the app, you can choose an image that suits the theme or occasion of your party. You can add all the information you need to the invitation, and it’s the perfect opportunity to let guests know if the party has a certain dress code, theme, or whether they should bring their own drinks. You can also use the “Notes” and “Reminders” sections to give guests a date by which they should RSVP, saving you the hassle of having to chase people up later.

When sending invitations to guests, you can select the box marked “VIP” if you want that guest to be able to upload their own photos to the party section within iPartyGram.  Guests can only view party pics/snaps

You can either send the invitation to each guest individually with your own customized message, or send the same graphic file to multiple people. To keep each individual’s email address private, enter your own email address in the “To:” field, then enter the other recipients’ addresses in the “BCC:” field. That way, when guests receive the invitations, they only see your email address, and other guests’ emails stay hidden. The graphic format means that guests can easily print out and take the invitation with them to the party, so they have all the details on hand.

When guests receive their invitations, it contains a unique ID number. To access the party details, all they have to do is download the iPartyGram app or log on to the website, and enter the ID number in the Guest Login section, then they can access the party details and, if they are VIP guests, upload their own photos.

iPartyGram is an extraordinary, simple and versatile app that makes the party planning process simple, quick, and cost-effective. It allows you to spend less time on practical tasks, like sending invitations, leaving you with more time to focus on the big event.

Speaking of planning, the iPartygram website has a growing list of cool ideas on all kinds of party planning ideas, tips, checklists and more.