iFlipTips Pre-Release Version 4.5 Independent Review – App for iPhone & iPad

iFlipTips is a versatile note-taking app for the iPhone4/5/6 and iPad from TECHtionary. This free (above 25 cards is $0.99) app enables you to create digital flashcards that can help with a variety of tasks. As well as functioning as a study aid, you can customize the app for a number of personal and business uses, for example as reading records, public speaking prompts, and product catalogues. The app is simple to use and has an intuitive interface, while still being highly effective. Using the app gives you greater information retention, and speeds up the learning process, so you can study more in less time.

iFlipTips is a divided into three sections: iFlipCards, iFlipSlides and iTipsIdeas. Each section works in a slightly different way, but all three enable you to create flashcards using text, images, audio and video clips. You can use images, audio and video already stored on your phone, or create new images and clips directly from the app.

These different formats makes the app suitable for a variety of learning types. Whether you learn better by reading, hearing, or watching, you can use iFlipTips to create study notes and records that work for you.

iFlipCards are in a question and answer format, and are perfect for testing your knowledge in before an important exam, or preparing for a question and answer session during a public speech. You can include text, audio, video and images on each side of the card.

iFlipSlides are a new addition to iFlipTips. Using this section, you can create card ‘slide shows’. Perfect for studying and giving presentations, the app enables you to reorganize your cards once you’ve created them, so you can rearrange your slides and add new information at a later date.

iTipsIdeas cards are straight flashcards, helpful for recording information and creating an inventory or record. You can organize cards from all sections into different folders and subfolders, enabling you to create your own filing system. This is particularly useful for studying, as you can organize your notes by subject or module, making it easy to retrieve information quickly and simply. Once created, you can edit and delete folders, giving you full control over how you store your cards.

All cards can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter, so you can send you study notes to your friends and family. The social sharing feature is also helpful for business, as you can use iFlipTips to create and run a social media campaign, uploading cards directly from the app. Promote sales, discounts and items from your catalogue with your fans and followers, without having to invest in expensive software or spend hours creating and posting content. You can also use iFlipTips to send information to your business’s mailing list. Audio and video files are stored on the iFlipTips server, and recipients receive links to these files in the body of the email so you won’t take up space in their inbox with large files.

iFlipTips also contains an archive section, which stores deleted cards and folders so you can choose to restore or permanently delete them at a later date. This helps you avoid any accidental data loss, and also enables you to store cards you don’t need right now for later.

Whether you’re looking for a tool that will help you study, help you prepare for public speaking or training, or keep track of areas of your personal and professional life, iFlipTips is an exciting, easy to use and helps you create, organize and access notes, whenever you need.