iFlipTips New V2 Review – iFlipTips a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad – Independent Review by Eva

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“iFlipTips is a revolutionary study and note-taking app from TECHtionary for iPhone and iPad. Easy to use, versatile and effective, this app helps students cut down their learning time by increasing memory retention and improving their information recall.

You can record information on each ‘card’ in four different formats: text, image, audio and video. The app works directly with your iPhone’s recording devices, so you can take pictures and create audio and video clips directly from the app, as well as using existing files in your photo library or voice memos. Using these different formats means that students can tailor iFlipTips to their learning style. Whether you find it easier to learn through writing, watching, hearing, or with visual aids, you can create study notes that work for you.

As well as note-taking and studying, iFlipTips is also useful for a range of other activities, such as preparing talks, creating catalogues, maintaining customer service records, and a variety of uses in the business world. The latest version of the app has the addition of iFlipSlides, which enables you to create slideshows from your flashcards. With this added feature, the app is now divided into three parts: iFlipCards, iFlipSlides and iTips-Ideas Cards.


iFlipCards contain digital flashcards in a question and answer format. Simply write the question on one side of the card, then ‘flip’ it to reveal the answer. These cards are perfect for testing what you’ve learned when studying for exams. They can also help public speakers prepare for talks, and can be used during group training.


iFlipSlides are the newest addition to the iFlipTips app. Using this section; you can create individual cards to produce a slideshow. Not only is this helpful for learning, but you can connect your iPhone or iPad to a screen or monitor to display the slideshow in public. Each slide can contain text, audio, video and an image, and you can reorder the slides in each folder as many times as you need until your presentation is perfect. All slideshows are saved to your device, so this is a helpful way of creating slides and presentations while away from your computer.

iTips-Ideas Cards

The iTips-Ideas Cards are useful for creating notes and making records. It’s quick and easy to make study notes using these, so you can even do this during lessons and save yourself some study time later.

Other features

You can share all cards via email, Facebook and Twitter, enabling you to send your notes and ideas to friends, family, clients or fans. Although video and audio files are notoriously difficult to send over email, the app includes URL links to the files instead of attaching them to the message, so you can send your notes in an instant, without cluttering up the recipient’s inbox!

Each section of iFlipTips has its own folders system. Using this, you can organize your notes into your own customized filing system, so they are easily retrievable when you need them the most.

Useful for students and professionals alike, iFlipTips is a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad” – Eva (pictured).