Blacklight Party Tips Using iPartygram – iPhone/iPad App

For a party that your guests won’t forget in a hurry, choose a blacklight-themed party. This type of party is a great choice, as it doesn’t require too much planning, but gives guest a party experience with a difference.

During a blacklight party. guests spend most of their time in a room that is lit only by a blacklight. You can either give guests glow sticks to wear, ask them to dress only in black and white, or give them UV pens or blacklight paint to graffiti each other. Whatever you choose, the results are usually hilarious and give you one of the coolest-looking parties around.

When preparing for a blacklight party, you need two main ingredients. The first is one or more blacklights, and the second is black card or black construction paper. Designate the party space, and place as many blacklights as you need in each room to cover the entire space. The more you use, the more dazzling the effect will be. Use the black card to block out as much natural light as possible from windows and door frames, so you maximize the effect of the blacklights.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests as they arrive, consider installing a fog machine. You can also purchase glow-in-the-dark bubble solution and place a bubble machine in the blacklight room. You can still serve food and drink. Simply use UV pens to label each item so guests know what they’re eating and drinking.

To add some extra sizzle to your party, consider using glow-in-the-dark tablecloths, bowls, glasses, plates, and cutlery. You can also hang disco balls or scatter glow in the dark balloons around the room. How far you want to take the blacklight theme is your decision, but you can easily find all the accessories online to make this party as wild as you want it to be.

When guests arrive, you can either hand them glow sticks, or provide a UV pen for each guest. If you decide to provide pens, you should tell guests in advance to wear something they don’t mind being ruined, otherwise you could have a group of unhappy party-goers on your hands!

Make your blacklight-themed party even more special by using iPartyGram to create invitations and manage your guest list. Using iPartyGram, you can send out professional-looking invitations via email quickly and easily. You can even choose your own customized background to make the invitation unique to your party.

As you create your party invitations, you have space to include special instructions, for example what guests should bring or wear. When guests receive their invitation, they also get their own ID code. Using this, they can log into iPartyGram and view details of the upcoming party. Hosts can nominate certain guests to be “VIPs” and these guests can upload photos for others to see; it’s a great way to get everyone excited before the big day.