Engineering Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Study App

Choosing the right degree is important, but your GPA also has a huge impact on your chances of employment. As the recession takes its toll, many positions are becoming more and more competitive, so you need to show employers on paper that you have what it takes to fill the position.

Engineering graduates are still very in demand and this degree is one of the top programs for employment rates. It’s also one of the best paid degrees, with some specialist engineering positions paying over up to $90,000 as a starting salary. That kind of salary requires hard work though, and engineering is renowned for being one of the more challenging degrees you can study.

To give yourself the best chance of succeeding and landing a good position in the engineering field, you need to study hard, and study smart. iFlipTips, a study app from TECHtionary, can help you do that, improving your chances of scoring the grades you need to get the job you want.

How iFlipTips Works

iFlipTips allows you to break down information into bite-sized pieces. The app is modeled on the flash card system, which students have used for years to help memorize facts and prepare for exams. Instead of using physical flash cards, however, the app enables you to create digital flash cards on your phone. This helps the environment, lowers your study cost as you no longer have to pay for all those notecards, and enables you to study on the go.

The app is divided into three sections, each of which use the flash card format, but in a slightly different way to help you maximize your study time. Each card can contain text, an image, a video clip and an audio clip, so they are perfect for studying a subject like engineering where you have to learn many formulas and equations. Instead of learning from a textbook, you can simply take a picture of the equation or formula and save it on a card for later.

iTipsIdeas is perfect for making notes after lectures and classes, and in the run up to an examination period. You can use these cards for the first step in your study process as you’re learning the basic information.

iFlipCards are a great way to test what you’ve learned using the iTipsIdeas cards. When you feel confident in your knowledge, you can use these cards to create mock examinations for yourself. This helps you identify which areas you have learned thoroughly, and which you need to improve on to get the best results in your exams.

IFlipSlides complement the other two sections, and allow you to create comprehensive presentations and slideshows from your iPhone or iPad.

Additional Features

Two additional iFlipTips features that will aid your studying include the calendar and the folders system. The calendar helps you plan your studying so you can make sure you get everything you need done on time. The folders system also helps with your personal organization, as it enables you to arrange your notes in an order the suits you. You can use the folders to organize your notes by exam, by module or alphabetically.


iFlipTips  newest additions is called iFlipTipsPro and has a iFlipTips Calendar and multicolor notepads/iDoodleGrams called iFlipPads are perfect ways to adhere to a schedule and manipulate pictures and images for a variety of note uses.  The ideas tool is useful for organizing and tracking notes, and other academic related activities. Use it to organize contacts of people you meet during your study or research, reminders or just creative drawings which can be shared via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or email.