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ifliptips-iphone-1With more information to remember, more tasks to complete and more appointments to attend, it’s never been more important to have a suitable personal organizer. The iFlipTips app provides a handy way to keep all your personal notes, reminders, task lists and appointments in one place. The versatile nature of the app means you can capture thoughts and ideas as they occur to you during the day, and sort them into folders that provide you with the kind of organizational system you need.

Although the iTunes app store has plenty of existing personal organization apps, often these use complex systems that require just as much time to maintain as it takes you to do the tasks themselves. The systems used by these apps are often also rigid, so you have to organize your tasks and reminders in a method specified by the app, rather than being able to create your own system. iFlipTips is simple to use, but is so customizable that you can create the kind of personal organizer system that works for you, without having the app dictate how you should capture and save your tasks.

One way of using iFlipTips as a personal organizer is to create an iTips-Ideas folder for each day of the week. To do this, click on “View” under the iTips-Ideas heading, then tap “Edit” in the top right-hand corner of the screen, before adding a folder for each week day. You can also use the sub-folders to organize your reminders for each day into individual folders, such as “Tasks” and “Appointments”, so you can retrieve the information you need quickly.

This organization system also means you can organize your week’s reminders in advance, so you don’t have to remember tasks and appointments on the day. Spending an hour each week organizing your reminders for the next seven days can save you time and stress on each individual day, as all you then have to do is look up the information and be at the required place, or complete the required task, at the specified time.

One of the key pieces of organization advice you might hear is to separate private tasks and appointments from those associated with work. Using iFlipTips as a personal organizer helps you separate out your work life from your personal life. If you use your iPhone calendar for personal appointments, you can use iFlipTips to organize work meetings and deadlines, and vice versa.

The iFlipTips app’s folders system means you can keep all information you need in one place, including shopping lists, reminders and upcoming appointments, so you don’t need to switch between different apps to get the information you need. The variety mediums used in the app – text, image, video and audio – mean you can capture information in different ways. If it takes to long to describe a design or concept you want to discuss with a colleague using text, simply take a picture or video of it to show them later.

ifliptips-ipad-2 ifliptips-iphone-1Personal organization doesn’t have to be complicated. The iFlipTips app provides a helpful system that enables you to quickly store tasks and reminders for later, leaving you with more time to get on with doing what really matters.


Computer Game Design Degree Study Using iFlipTips

Computer Game Design is one of the fastest-growing industries right now. Expected to be worth $82.4 billion by 2015, computer game design graduates have a world of opportunities waiting for them when they graduate.

As the games industry is growing so quickly, new companies will be looking for able designers and graduates can find work in game production, programming, design, art, development and graphics. The kinds of skills you learn during your degree and the experience you gain with interactive simulation are applicable to other industries too, and graduates can go on to work in architecture, urban design, medicine and more.

Computer Game Design is a relatively new degree, so you won’t find many textbooks giving you study tips of helpful learning hints. Therefore, taking this type of degree might feel daunting – a lot of the information you learn will be cutting edge.

The iFlipTips app can help you structure your learning so you feel in control instead of overwhelmed. Designed with students in mind, this app helps you improve the rate at which you retain and recall information, and speeds up the learning process. Using iFlipTips, you can carry around your study notes on your phone and reference them easily whenever you need to.


iFlipTips works using digital ‘flashcards’, which are modeled on the traditional 3×5 cards that many students use to make study notes. Instead of simply using text, however, these cards are different. You can still add just text if you want, but you can also include images, audio clips and video clips on each card too.

This is especially helpful when studying a subject that is visual and interactive, such as computer game design. These types of subjects are difficult to learn straight from a textbook, so being able to include diagrams, videos and audio descriptions will help you learn the facts you need faster.

iFlipTips also contains a helpful calendar, which helps you plan your study time and count down to the day of the exam. Each calendar entry is assigned its own icon and you can add these to show at a glance what each entry is for. For example, you can use the “Class” icon to show when you need to attend college, and the “Paper” icon to show when your next paper is due.


The iFlipTips app is divided into three different sections: iFlipCards, iFlipSlides and iTipsIdeas. Each section helps you consolidate your knowledge so you can perform to the best of your potential during your exams.

iTipsIdeas function as basic study cards, and are useful for recording information after a lecture or class. You can then use these cards as the first step in your study process.

iFlipCards let you create mini-exams, so you can test what you’ve already learned, and identify areas you need to improve. One side of the card is the ‘question’ side. When you’ve written down your answer, simply flip it over to reveal the ‘answer’ and see whether you were correct.

iFlipSlides enables you to create presentations and slide-shows. This feature is also useful for giving class demonstrations and presentations as part of your course.

As you can see, iFlipTips is an app that is packed with features to help you study. Pick up the app from the iTunes App Store today and put yourself on the path to success.

Social Selling Using iFlipTips

Based on 3X5 flashcards, iFlipTips is a new, versatile note-taking app that can be used for a number of professional and personal purposes. With extra features, including the ability to record audio and video, take images, and share content via Facebook, Twitter and email, this free app provides a quick and easy way to brainstorm, plan and manage social selling campaigns without having to rely on multiple programs. Since the app works on the iPhone and iPad, you can also create social selling campaigns while away from your computer, giving you extra flexibility and time to plan, prepare and execute a successful campaign.

The first step to take when setting up iFlipTips for social selling is to organize the folders into a system that works for you. iFlipTips allows you to create as many folders and sub-folders as you need to store your notes, so you have a lot of flexibility regarding the organization system you create.

If you are running multiple social selling campaigns at the same time, you can organize the folders by product or subject matter, so you keep each project separate. Alternatively, you can turn the folder section into a customized posting calendar, creating a separate folder for each week or month of a particular campaign. This calendar structure enables you to organize social selling campaigns well in advance, so you don’t have to rush to complete the work close to a deadline.

Uploading updates to Facebook and Twitter is easy with iFlipTips. Simply create and save an iTip-Ideas card, tap the share button and choose which network you want to send the card to first. iFlipTips is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can log in to your accounts and upload material directly from the app.

iFlipTips’ text, audio, video and image capabilities enables you to create social selling campaigns with a visual flair, as well as text updates. Using the video function, you can add a personal touch to your campaign and upload videos directly to Facebook or Twitter without having to use a third-party hosting website. Videos can help create more effective calls to action, and can encourage followers to engage with your organization via Facebook and Twitter.

Once a campaign is finished, you can simply create a new folder for the next campaign. By organizing your updates and material into folders, you use the app to keep a record of past and current campaigns all in one place. This means that when it’s time to write a report or analysis of how your social selling campaign performed, you can quickly reference the material you used. When running a post-campaign analysis, you can create special cards in each folder to display statistics from each individual or week’s worth of updates. With this information, you’ll be able to see at a glance which updates in the campaign performed well, and which could have been improved.

Producing a social selling campaign is a creative process, but all too often that creativity can be sapped while figuring out how to use complicated social management software. Save yourself time by using iFlipTips, and expend your energy on what really matters: selling.

Shopping Using iFlipTips

It’s a familiar situation: we get to the grocery store, find a cart and start browsing the aisles, only to realize we’ve completely forgotten what we needed. iFlipTips solves that problem by enabling you to create and save multiple, customized shopping lists easily and efficiently. The note-taking app’s versatility means you can create as many lists as you want, categorizing your shopping items by store, season or any other system of your choice. Using iFlipTips as a shopping list app can help you save money by preventing impulse buying, and make your shopping trips more efficient.

Using the iTips-Ideas section of the app, you can create different categories for your lists. One way of doing this is to create different lists for different areas of your home, or different events of your life, such as birthdays, vacations, home improvement, clothing, and gardens.

Within each folder, you can create lists of items using the text box, an image or video. Not only does this help you capture all the items you need in an organized way, but it means that if you are out and find yourself in a clothing or home improvement store, you can quickly view items you’ve been meaning to purchase. This saves you having to rely on your memory, and can help make your shopping trips more efficient.

As well as creating lists of items you want to purchase now, you can use the app to capture items for a personal ‘wish list’, writing down the price of the item and the store in which you saw it, or taking a picture of it so you can view it later.

Creating these kinds of lists helps you compare prices of the same or similar products in different stores, and keep tabs on how much you’re spending. For example, if you want to purchase a new pair of jeans, you can use iFlipTips to compare the types of jeans available in different stores, and to keep track of items you like and might want to purchase in the future.

If you’re in a store and can’t decide what to buy, iFlipTips enables you to share your notes via email, on Facebook, or over Twitter, so you can ask for input from friends and family about the price, style and fit of an item before you buy.

The flashcard system used by iFlipTips is perfect for researching which items you want to buy before you go shopping. For example, if you’re going to a department store, you can create a detailed shopping list beforehand, even specifying the brand, color and size of a specific items, helping you speed up your trip when you get there.

The iFlipTips app’s folders system enables you to categorize your shopping items into different areas. If you’re going out and plan to visit several different stores, try creating a folder or sub-folder for each individual store, so you know what you’re purchasing in advance.

iFlipTips Review – Flipcard, NoteCard Study Buddy App for iPhone & iPad

“I used the iFlipTips app for the first time today; and my experience was definitely worth sharing. As a recent graduate student who concentrated in education I could definitely use this app at different levels. I developed my grad thesis concerning visual-spatial students (i.e. kids who learn more effectively visually and by interacting as opposed to sequentially or by hearing) so I definitely agree that a tool like this can be priceless for a majority of students. You’ll begin to understand why as I break down the basics of the iFlipTips app.

The iFlipTips app can let students(and teachers, tutors, or parents) make Q&A flipcards, capture audio, video, text and take/use photos. You can also answer with pics, video, text and audio. Pretty cool huh?  iFlipTips is simple which is great for students of all ages and people of all technological skill level. It uses single button notecards with text, audio, video and pics. Both elements of this app have versatile sharing options – iFlipTips and iFlipCards can be shared or posted via  Twitter and Facebook or sent via email. It allows you to capture information and  organize it quickly and uninhibitedly.

Now do you understand why students and teachers would get a kick out of this app? Especially those visual-spatial kids who love gadgets and learning through visual reference. Visual aids are just a great tool for everyone. The fact that audio can be used as well is great for those who prefer to study, record information, give advice, organize data audibly as well as visually. While not many students have access to an ipad or iphone most parents, teachers, and tutors do.

The educational aspect of this app is what won me over. While I’m sure there are many more creative uses for it than teaching and studying this is why I value iFlipTips. On a usefulness scale of 1-10 I’d definitely put it in the 8-10 range. It’s the perfect study buddy. Go ahead and check it out at www.iFlipTips.com. You’ll thank me.”

This is an unedited review by Andrea M.