Paralegal Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPad/iPhone App

In the midst of an unsteady job market and uncertain prospects for new graduates, a paralegal degree is one of the most valuable degrees you can study right now. The legal profession is growing and new minds are always needed in all areas of the industry. Whether you imagine yourself to be an attorney or work in the legal department of a private company, lots of career choices await graduates with a paralegal degree.

Because it’s one of the more attractive degrees you can study, the paralegal field is competitive. Therefore, you need to ensure you stay ahead of the game and can match or exceed your class peers when it comes to papers and exams. iFlipTips is a new app from TECHtionary that will help you achieve your potential. Using digital flash-cards, the app enables you to break down information into memorable, bite-sized pieces. Using the app will help improve your memory retention, speed up your learning and help you attain the grades you deserve.

About iFlipTips

iFlipTips is a superb app that contains three different methods for helping you study: iTipsIdeas, iFlipSlides and iFlipCards. Each of the three different types of cards can contain text, an image, an audio clip and a video clip.

iTipsIdeas cards are perfect for taking notes during classes, recording lectures and making initial study notes. Once you’re ready to test what you know, iFlipSlides helps you figure out which topics you remember, and where you still have gaps in your knowledge. These are question and answer flip cards, and you can create your own mock exam questions to test yourself, then ‘flip’ the card over to check you have the correct answer. Finally, iFlipSlides helps you create class presentations quickly and easily.

How iFlipTips can help you study

iFlipTips is designed to help you study smarter and therefore more efficiently. As well as encouraging you to break down complex topics into digestible information, the different formats each card can contain enable you to retain information in less time. Not everyone learns best through reading, so you can also use images, video clips and audio clips to help memorize facts and figures.

The app has a helpful calendar feature that helps you plan your studying. Using the calendar, you can map out exactly what you need to study by which date. Attach icons to each appointment so you know at a glance what you’re supposed to be doing. iFlipTips can send push notifications, so you can create a study plan in advance, and then your phone will remind you on the day which topics you’re supposed to be studying.

iFlipTips also comes with a useful folders system, which helps you organize your notes in a way that suits you. You can arrange your notes by date, topic, or according to which exam they’re likely to appear in, so that you can find them quickly and easily when you need to study.

For a stellar study app that will help you play a competitive field at the top of your game, iFlipTips is the study aid you need.


Teacher Training Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad App

Teacher training is a popular degree right now. Although the economic climate means that graduates are finding it hard to get work in other areas and industries, teachers are always in demand. Whether you want to study for a qualification like TESOL or TEFL and teach abroad, or you want to teach in a school at home, teacher training requires that you learn a lot of information, fast. TEFL courses can last a matter of weeks before you’re expected to be able to hold a class on your own, while home-based teacher training rarely lasts longer than one or two years.

Because the course duration is so short, you need to ensure that you can get to grips with the material quickly. That’s exactly where iFlipTips can help: it’s a revolutionary study app from TECHtionary that will change the way you learn. Not only will you be able to retain information quicker, but you’ll also improve your memory recall and streamline your study process.

How iFlipTips Works

iFlipTips increases the efficiency of your learning in several different ways. Firstly, its flashcard-based structure enables you to break down information into bite-sized pieces so your studying becomes more manageable.

Each card can contain text, an image, an audio clip and a video clip. Using these formats, you can learn what you need to know quicker. The iFlipTips developers recognize that not everyone learns most efficiently through reading, and that different students have different learning types. Using text, images, video clips and audio, you can discover the learning type that works best for you, and speed up your study process.

iFlipTips Digital Flashcards

When you study with iFlipTips, you’ll have access to three different types of digital flashcards: iTipsIdeas cards, iFlipCards and iFlipSlides. Each of these types of cards helps you learn in a slightly different way.

iTipsIdeas Cards are great for exam preparation. You can use them to make notes after classes and lectures, and when you’re just starting out with your studying.

Once you’ve transferred your study notes onto iTipsIdeas cards, you can use iFlipCards to test what you know. These are similar to question and answer flashcards, where you write the question on one side of the card and then the correct answer on the other side of the card. When testing yourself, view the question side of the card, write down what you think to be the correct answer, then “flip” the card over to reveal the true answer. This is a helpful way to reveal gaps in your knowledge before the real exam so you have time to fill them.

iFlipTips Extras

iFlipTips comes with several useful extra features that help you with your studying. You can organize your notes into folders so they are easily retrievable and you can re-access them quicker.

The app also comes with a built-in calendar so you can plan your studying. Each calendar appointment has its own icon so you can see at a glance whether you’re supposed to be studying for your exams, attending a class or handing in a paper on any given day. It will also send push reminders to your iPhone so you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important event.

With a range of useful tools that will change the way you study for good, try iFlipTips today and see how the app will revolutionize your learning.

Math Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Study App

iFlipTips is a revolutionary study app from TECHtionary. Using a simple yet effective digital flashcard technique, the app is an invaluable study tool that will change the way you learn. Designed with students in mind, the app helps you retain information faster, and enjoy better fact recall with less studying.

Studying for a math degree can be tricky, as the facts you need to learn won’t just come from a notebook. Complex equations, diagrams and methods are all important part of mathematical theory, and you need an effective way to study this. iFlipTips is the perfect solution, and it enables you to keep all your notes in one place.


The app is divided into three different sections: iTipsIdeas cards, iFlipSlides and iFlipCards. Each different section has its own techniques to help you study.

Within each card, you can add text, an image, a video clip and an audio clip. This is a great aid for students, as not everyone learns effectively through reading. Some people find it much easier to learn through doing or watching, and iFlipTips gives you the chance to use the learning method that is right for you. (Image 1)

When studying for your math degree, you can record lectures and seminars using the audio and video functions, and then store them on a flipcard to revise later. You can also add images of complex equations to cards, so you’ll have your notes on hand ready to use whenever you need.

iTipsIdeas Cards are perfect for making notes during or after lectures, or in preparation for an exam. These are the cards you use to learn the hard facts.

iFlipSlides enable you to create professional presentations. Useful as both a study tool and for creating class presentations, iFlipSlides gives you the chance to create helpful presentations, even when you’re away from your computer.

Last, but by no means least, iFlipCards are question and answer cards that can help you study for exams. This section takes the form of question and answer flashcards and provides an effective way of testing what you’ve learned. Creating a mock-exam environment to test yourself using iFlipCards can also reduce the amount of anxiety you feel during the real exams.


Each iFlipTips feature has its own folder section. This allows you to break down the information into categories that work for you. You might want to divide each course module into a separate folder, or organize your folders according to topic. This allows you to organize the information so it is easy to retrieve when you want to study.

One of iFlipTips’ newest features is its calendar. Using this, you can count down to upcoming exams and create effective study programs. Having the calendar on your phone helps you stay on top of your studying and make sure you have enough time to learn all the information you need.


Finally, you can share your notes and flipcards with friends using iFlipTips’ sharing feature. Send notes to your classmates via email, or share them with a group over Facebook or Twitter. You can also share the video and audio links – these are sent to mail recipients as a link so even if you’re emailing an hour-long lecture, you won’t take up space in their inbox.

Using iFlipTips, not only will your memory improve, but you’ll cuts down the amount of time you spend studying. Download iFlipTips today so you can get your studying out of the way, and spend time doing the things you love, without sacrificing your grades.

and a great companion app when you are finished studying.

Information Technology Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad App

An IT degree is a practical subject, so conventional studying techniques might not work for your degree’s exams. Where textbooks can’t necessarily help you, however, iFlipTips can. iFlipTips is a revolutionary study app from TECHtionary that helps you learn more information in less time. Even though you spend less time studying overall, with iFlipTips you can enjoy improved memory retention and amazing information recall.

Learning Style

iFlipTips’ structure makes it perfect for studying more hands-on subjects like IT. While most study programs require students to learn from textbooks, the developers of iFlipTips realize that not everyone learns best from reading. Many people actually learn far more efficiently by listening, watching or doing.

iFlipTips’ digital flashcards contain space for text, an image, an audio clip and a video clip. Using these different mediums, you can create study notes that tap in to your most effective learning method.

Perfect for subjects like IT, you can take pictures of complex diagrams or equations and make brief text-based notes about certain topics. The audio and video sections are useful for making recordings of important lectures, seminars or study groups. Recording these sessions using iFlipTips allows you to keep everything in place, so you can access it quickly and easily when you want.

App Flashcard Features

The app contains three different features: iTipsIdeas, iFlipCards and iFlipSlides. Each section is based on the same concept of digital flashcards, but uses these cards in a different way to aid your learning.

iTipsIdeas cards are perfect for the initial learning process. You can use these cards to record lecture notes, or create study aids for upcoming exams.

iFlipSlides is a useful feature that enables you to create professional-looking slideshows and presentations quickly and easily, without even using a computer. Like the other types of flashcards, you can easily add text, an image, audio and video to your slides to create interactive and exciting presentations.

Folders System

iFlipTips is effective because it also gives you complete control over how you organize your study notes. Instead of having to tailor your learning style to fit someone else’s system, you can create your own. Whether you decide to start a new folder for each new module, each topic, or to contain the material for each different exam, the folders help you break down your learning into bite-sized pieces.


The calendar is a new addition to iFlipTips and takes the app to a whole new level. Using this calendar, you can keep track of exactly how long you have until each exam, and use this to create a study timetable.

The calendar sends notifications to your device in the same way the built-in calendar does. This means you can create study alerts for each day leading up to the exam. At a certain time, you can program your phone to notify you about what you should be studying. This helps you stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to your exam period, as even if you forget what you should be studying, your phone won’t!

iFlipTips is an invaluable tool that will help you reach your academic potential.

and the ideal companion app

Studying for Business Degree

Business degrees are one of the top degrees new undergraduates can study right now, according to Yahoo! Education. The business sector is one of the fastest growing in the country. As new technologies and services develop, people are setting up more and more businesses to compete in each market. The rise of the internet means there’s never been an easier time to start a business, and many people are taking advantage of that opportunity.

In light of this trend, it makes sense that business graduates have one of the most successful rates of employment. Over the course of a business degree, you learn skills that cover the ins and outs of business administration, as well as basics in other relevant subjects, like math and psychology. This sets you up to be a valuable employee to both start-ups and established businesses, and improves the likelihood that you will find employment relevant to your degree after graduating.

Studying for a business degree requires learning about a range of different subjects. For this reason, approaching your studies can be daunting. With a range of different topics and areas to prepare when it comes to exams, it can be difficult to know how to stay on top of it all.

The iFlipTips app by TECHtionary can help with this. The study and note-taking app is not only useful for organizing your notes after each class or seminar, but it is also an invaluable tool for exam preparation. Using iFlipTips, you can reduce the amount of time you spend studying, while improving the rate at which you memorize and retain information. The app enables you to organize your study notes into different subject areas and tackle them in bite-sized pieces. This helps take the stress out of studying and increases your chances of achieving the grade you want.

The iFlipTips app is divided into three sections: iTipsIdeas, iFlipCards and iFlipSlides. Each different section can help you study in a different way. iTipsIdeas is perfect for creating notes based on your classes. You can save yourself time by making notes after each class, term, or even semester, so they are ready in time for your exam period. Each ‘card’ is a different topic, and you can create as many as you need.

iFlipCards are similar to Q&A flashcards and help you test your knowledge. One side of the card contains the ‘question’, while the other contains the ‘answer’. This section enables you to create mock exams for yourself, giving you an idea of which areas you need to study further.

Finally, iFlipSlides helps you create professional-looking slide shows. These are great for exam preparation as the format makes it easy to connect all the information together.

Within each card, you have space to enter text, upload an image or record an audio or video clip. The ability to record information using different mediums means you can make the most of your learning style. Not everyone learns best using a textbook! Some people naturally take in more information through listening, watching or doing, instead of reading. Recording videos, audio clips and using images helps you explore the best way of learning for you as an individual.

Other features of iFlipTips that aid the study process are the folders and calendar features. iFlipTips’ folders system helps you store your card systematically, in a way that makes them easily retrievable. This gives you the flexibility to organize your notes according to date, topic area, or according to which exam they’re likely to appear.

The calendar feature enables you to plan your study schedule in advance. Using this personal productivity tool, you can keep track of which exams are approaching, and receive alerts on your iPhone or iPad when certain assignments or deadlines are looming.

Business studies is a complex, important subject that could help you get your career off to a flying start. Help yourself by downloading iFlipTips and revolutionize your study habits today.

Music Study Using iFlipTips Study Guide

Music isn’t a textbook subject – most of the learning comes from playing, listening and analyzing, rather than reading. That’s why iFlipTips, a new study app, is perfect for studying subjects like music that don’t necessarily fit the same learning patterns as other subjects, like math or geography. iFlipTips uses a combination of text, images, video and audio recordings to help you study for a test. Modeled on a 3×5 flashcard system, the app helps you break information down into bite-sized pieces, making it easy to remember and reducing the amount of time you have to spend studying.

The app has two sections: iTipsIdeas-Cards and iFlipCards. iTipsIdeas are helpful for the learning process, while iFlipCards help you test your knowledge so far. You can use text, image, video and audio in each section, meaning the app is even perfect for testing yourself on your knowledge of a subject like music, something that can otherwise be very challenging. The use of different mediums also leads to increased retention, so you can recall the relevant information in a shorter amount of time.

Whether you’re studying music performance, or your learning involves some theory too, you can use the app’s audio recorder to help you learn. When learning a new performance piece, recording and listening to an existing performance will help you learn quicker. Equally, if you’re learning music theory or practicing for a viva exam, you can use the audio recorder to create a learning library of different intervals, chord types, and chord progressions. The more you can practice listening for musical features, the better you will be at identifying them in exams, and iFlipTips helps you develop a faster recall of the information you’re learning.

The camera function can also help with learning theory, especially written music theory and composition. You can use the integrated camera to take pictures of chords, test yourself on intervals, and improve your knowledge of musical features like cadences. The text box is useful for adding additional written notes to aid your understanding of the subject.

The audio function integrated with the iFlipCards flashcards can also help you prepare for exams. Using the iFlipCard, you can create a mock aural test, quizzing yourself on chord progressions, scales, instrumentation and musical features. You can include all the answers to your mock exam on the ‘answer’ side of the card, in written, audio, or video format.

Performers can use the video function to prepare themselves for concerts and competitions. Recording practice performances before you do the real thing can help develop confidence. Knowing that the app is recording and ‘watching’ you simulates the effect of having an audience, and can help you feel more at ease with the idea of having a real audience during the actual performance. Once you’ve performed your mock concert, you can also use the recording to critique your playing and performance style – videoing your performance gives you an opportunity to improve on aspects of your playing that you might not be aware of otherwise.

When you start creating cards, you need somewhere to store them, and iFlipTips’ folders system provides you with the perfect way to create your own information library. You can organize the folders in a way that suits you, for example by stylistic period, by each individual module, or by composer.

Physical Therapy Study Using iFlipTips

Physical Therapy is a competitive field, and you have to prove yourself to win a place on a course, let alone succeed in a career in this field. When the stakes are high, you need to find a way to raise your game and ensure you are learning as efficiently and thoroughly as you can. iFlipTips is a new note-taking app that helps you break large topics down into convenient bite-sized pieces, making them easy to remember and, more importantly, fun to study.

iFlipTips uses a combination of text notes, audio recordings, video and images to help you achieve faster recall and increased retention, while cutting down the amount of time you have to spend studying. The app is divided into two sections, which aid your learning in different ways.


iTips-Ideas cards help you build your knowledge and understanding of a subject. Once you’re ready to test what you know, you can create a set of iFlipCards, which contain a ‘question’ side, and an ‘answer’ side. This can help you identify gaps in your knowledge before you hand in an assignment or take an exam, and is a valuable tool in a competitive environment. The combination of iTips-Ideas cards and iFlipCards can help you prepare for important events like the National Physical Therapy Examination. (



Both iTips-Ideas cards and iFlipCards allow you to make notes using text, images, audio and video. Not only does this give you faster recall of information, but it means the app also caters for different learning styles. Whether you find it easiest to learn by reading, watching, doing or hearing, the iFlipTips app gives you the opportunity to explore which learning style suits you best, and each different medium can be used for different purposes.

The integrated camera function can be helpful for taking pictures of anatomy diagrams, or nutrition charts. You can use the audio recorder to record lectures, ensuring you don’t miss out on any valuable information. When you start doing clinical internships, the video function could be useful to help you see how you interact with patients, although you will need to check the clinic’s confidentiality policy before recording your sessions.

Physical Therapy is a dense, complex subject, and you can use the folder system to organize your notes into different categories. You might want to create folders based on major areas of Physical Therapy, such as anatomy, pharmacology, and nutrition. You can also create separate folders for continuing professional development notes, making a new folder for each CPD course you take.

Even when you graduate, iFlipTips can still help you in your developing your career. Creating a separate folder for each patient, you can create a new ‘flashcard’ per visit, documenting symptoms and treatment using any of the four mediums that are appropriate. Filing patient notes in this manner means you can access them easily at a later date, and keep a simple yet effective record of the patient’s ailments and treatment.

Study Biology Using iFlipTips

iFlipTips is a new study app from TECHtionary that is revolutionizing the way we learn. Using iFlipTips, you can transform even the most difficult subjects into bite-sized chunks that are easy to remember and fun to study. iFlipTips’ use of different mediums means that the app caters for students of all learning styles, whether you remember by reading, watching, hearing or doing.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create your own series of flashcards using text, images, audio clips and video. While traditional textbooks rely purely on students learning what they read, this combination of watching, hearing and reading leads to increased retention and shorter study times. The app’s use of images and videos means it is great for studying subjects that rely on diagrams and charts to communicate some of the information you need to learn for an exam – just like biology.

If you have a biology exam coming up, or want to make sure you’ve learned everything you need to know from the last semester, you can use the app to cement your knowledge, which can lead to faster recall when you need to use the information for a test later.

The iFlipTips app is divided into three sections: iTips-Ideas cards, iFlip-Slides and iFlipCards. Use iTips-Ideas cards to make written notes with the text box, record lectures with the audio recorder, use the camera to capture images of complex diagrams, and use the video function to record experiments or dissections. This feature is especially helpful when you’re required to write up a key experiment or lab activity as part of an assignment or for coursework, as you can record the session, and focus on what you’re doing instead of trying to remember every detail, or worrying about how much you’re going to remember later. Likewise, recording your lectures using iFlipTips means you have a comprehensive record of everything you’ve studied, and you don’t have to spend your energy and attention taking notes, but rather can listen to the information, and learn.

When it’s time to study for a big exam, you can create question and answer flipcards using the iFlipCards section of the app, and test your knowledge. Creating a mock-exam environment for yourself when you’re still studying means you’ll have more confidence when it comes to the real exam. As well as creating text-based question and answer cards, you can use the image function to take pictures of diagrams, then flip the card around to check that you labeled the different parts correctly. The video and audio recording functions also work with iFlipCards, so if you want to ensure you know the information you’re studying thoroughly, you can try creating a spoken question and answer exam for yourself.

You can store your cards in customized folders, organizing them so that you can access them quickly and easily in the future. For example, you might want to create a folder for each semester, with sub-folders for each individual module you study. Alternatively, you could create a folder for each module, and sub-folders for individual topics within that module. The folder system is simple, but completely customizable so you can create a system that works for you.