ReallyReal App – Really Approved

really-real-hotIMG_6659If you start your relationship, arrangement, hookup, meetup or friendship with a lie, why would you expect anything but failure?

ReallyReal is a new dating, matchmaking, friendship, buddy, hangout/hookup whatever you want to call it app for iPhone/iPad. You will see in the app we have a new twist or angle on this complicated process by asking users to be really real about themselves before they connect with another person. There are features that get you to be really real about yourself. If you prefer being a fraud or flake or whatever, then use those other apps. Our goal is to be “inclusive” to anyone or perference.

ReallyReal is APPROVED for iPhone and iPad, there are no plans for Android. Click on any image for AppStore.

rr-facebookYou won’t need a Facebook account either and won’t have to answer a lot of stupid questions. There are no stupid options and match types like these:

  • “Curvy” body type (for women to choose, for men to search by)
  • “Open Relationship” as a relationship status

whatever those body types and relationship concepts are really about anyway as we strive to include all.

Everyone and we mean everyone we have spoken to is really tired of the way apps and dating sites put you in “slots” or having to “qualify” for the app or ask you crazy psycho questions to help you figure out who you would be compatible with. We do know and believe your astrology chart has great details on who you are it but does not tell you who you are compatible with until you find that person and do their chart and you may find some compatible planets and signs. Even then it is really hard to make the perfect “star” match. We do not pretend to have the perfect solution, but we have seriously found in beta testing and many conversations this is a better approach. Stay tuned.


Here is what we said on iTunes – ReallyReal is a social networking chat/dating app designed for those that are tired of meeting false personas on other dating sites. Users are asked to share a “live” realtime pic before both people can chat with one another. At ReallyReal we don’t ask about your preferences or personal questions. You only need to send a live pic so that it shows that you are really you. No Facebook or other app account required. We hope you are ready to be real when you meet on Really Real and find that special someone you are really looking for.


rr-photos-toomanyfacialsSerious one or two face pics is enough. The girl on the left had 15 pics begging the question – why so many of just her face and what was she really hiding? Seriously, add a full body pic and a face pic. Ok, you may not look like Greg (right) and Jen (right) but people are looking for all of you not just your face.

Don’t show your friends unless have their permission and know you are posting a pic with them or are offering them as a team and you have their approval to post them with you. 17099259_sAbout your Profile, seriously don’t write a novel, just write some ideas about you as if you are having a conversation with the person you want to meet and explain what you are all about then. The idea of any friendship is about getting to know another person and learn how to be of help to them and them help you in your life pursuits and challenges.

Really Real Reviews


We asked a few people to review the app before its release on scope and content. Here is just one of the many comments from a man and woman:

I’ve tried all the dating sites. If they have been advertised, I’ve created an account and gone through all the drama that comes after. Those men lie so much! Their weight is underestimated, their age is at least 5 years off, and don’t even get me started on the pictures! I’m pretty sure I went on dates with more covertly married men than I did single guys. It was pretty ridiculous. The towel was thrown in and I never wanted to go on another online date, but my friend Monica insisted I give this site a try. She said it was much different, but I didn’t believe her at first. She called me over to her apartment and we had a girls’ night in with a delicious bottle of wine and looked through her prospective.

25568905_sI’ve been on a few dates from the people I’ve met on here, and all of them look like their pictures! I never thought that would happen. The men I’ve met were the same online as they were in person which is fantastic. I need a real man, instead of some grown up boy pretending to be a man who can’t even take care of himself.

I’ll tell you this, I would have been sorry if I hadn’t tried this dating site. People on here are ReallyReal. No lies, no deceptions… just the honest truth. If a man is getting divorced and already looking to date, he will up and say it. It’s so refreshing that people just say what they actually want instead of hiding behind preconceived notions of what other people want. For a new dating site, I expected there to be few options, but I think it’s because it is new that it has so many people on there. It a real dating site, full of real people, and it’s just what I was looking for!

Road Rules

Protecting yourself must always be your highest priority. Here are a few road rules for any kind of dating and add your own.

cell-phone-theft-111- Delete any user you don’t trust or don’t like the conversation or delete yourself.

2- Don’t meet anyone you don’t know or trust except in a public place like a coffee shop or bar (not a bus station). You safety is the most important part of this process. Bring a chaperone or friend who can see you at all times.

3 – Make sure other people know where you are going, the name of the person you are meeting and have some text or call-in rules to make sure you are ok at all times.

4 – If you are uncomfortable, leave and make sure you are not followed or that the person knows your address or where you are going. If you think you are being followed, drive to a friends house or police station.