Selfies – Top-10 Reasons Why Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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uniprimetimeselfie-hg-710x434bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-yellowSelf portraits and images are nothing new.  Since ancient times artisans have painted themselves and even the great impressionists painted themselves when they wanted to express themselves and show a deeper self.  Look at VanGogh’s self portrait and tell me if you don’t see his pain.  Today we have smartphones making them ideal tools for self photography called “selfies.”  Inspired by our friends and news articles, we came up with our own Top-10 reasons for selfies with yourself and with friends. #SelfieSunday girls are more than just one day but every day.  One of the recent stories on selfies appeared on The Ellen Show where she and the sorority sisters of DG at ASU took a selfie for charity (click on image for the show).

ellen-Here are some of our Top-10 reasons for taking selfies:

10. Show Off Hot Bods/Boobs/Butts – As the saying goes, “if you got it flaunt it” – so show the best of what you have to all your friends.

9. Beach Ready Bods – Working hard at the gym getting that hardbody, fitness, getting ready for the beach, resort or vacation trip selfies show your chiseled trim bod needs, no demands to be shared with boys, wannabe boys and to show your girl friends your bod is better than theirs.  Competition is stiff so why not show all the work you are doing to get hot.  Time for a new dating app, get ReallyReal – click on image.


42770923_s9. Jealousy –  Show selfies want to show off to your ex, or someone else to prove that the guy is missing out on something great. Random bold lipstick and full body selfies really give this away!

20906650_s8. New Do – Have a new fashion, style, and look just want to share it.

38772434_s7. Beauty-Makeup – You face is what everyone sees first and stays with them if it looks great so take your time to do your makeup and then take the pic to share and even show your sexy side.


bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-yellow6. Self-Centered – Though there are many reasons why we love ourselves but it doesn’t take much to do it and gives you reason to look good, stay health and be happy.

43404575_s 43404602_s5. Chanel — #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) – As Coco Chanel reportedly once said, “if it’s a lousy dress, they will look at the dress, if it’s a great fashion, they will look at you.  So, get your Chanel game on and get a great outfit of the day!

42328562_s4 – Sharing – Whats a great pic without sharing it with your soul mates, friends, fans and even some frenemies to show them you are having fun and they should join you at the party, hookup or even just envy you.

19202086_s44816369_s3. To Get Attention – Girls that feel insecure (also the girls who post a selfie everyday) or just need plain old attention. They post pictures to get a lot of likes and comments to feel special. Constant duck faces and serious faces are all for wanting attention.

29332299_s2. Confidence ! – Girls suffer more from confident than almost any other emotion because it is hard to show confidence good or bad.  Showing confidence builds confidence arrogance and being confidence helps “lift all boats.”  Confidence leads to kindness as it is hard to be mad when you feel great !


1. Fun – “Girls just want to have fun” is a lifestyle and having more fun, parties, going wild and living life to the fullest.  Showing others you are fun is a great way to show you really are having a good time.


Get BiEyes for taking and sharing selfies today !

bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-pinkBieyes also has Photobooth photostrip features when you want to take a selfie with a friend.

IMG_5396 IMG_5395

BieEyesPro New “Photobooth” Features


BiEyes new Pro version ($0.99) has the new cool photobooth features such as below.  Click here for Itunes.


– PhotoBooth – take from 2-8 pics and see them in a classic “photo strip” style and then save or share them.

– BiPads – capture photos, art freehand drawings, images, add multi-color multi-size pen stylus to “finger paint” and draw images to your pics, edit, erase, add captions and share them via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

– Timer – lets you set the time interval from 10, 20 or 30 seconds to let you “get into the pic” yourself.

BiEyesPro is an innovative iPhone/iPad photo app that allows you to take pics with both cameras at the same time called SNAP or POSE where user takes one pic and then another. Then the user can see them in 11+ image formats such as screen-in-screen, “blended” together, corners and many others as well as save them in your Galley and/or share them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and email.

You can use a “selfie stick” in Pose mode.

bieyes 1004 bieyes 1005 bieyes 1003 bieyes 1001BiEyes is part of a family of apps including iFlipTips, iSleepTrack, RewardsVIPClub, and many others from TECHtionary.

Scribblegrams – Scribblepad, Doodlepad, Drawing, Sketchpad, Art gallery iPhone/iPad App – Independent Review

Scribblegrams is a scribblepad, doodlepad, drawing, sketchpad, art gallery, postit notes, scratchpad and personal notecards for iPhone and iPad.ScribbleGrams users can change backgrounds, add their own pics/snaps and notes to their post pads at any time. Users have their own MyGallery to see their picture posts.Users can draw their own backgrounds or use more than 75 different kinds of backgrounds which are included. Users can add/take photos or personal drawings from the iPhone or iPad Gallery. Users can change backgrounds, pics and notes to their post pads at any time. Users have their own MyGallery to see their picture posts.ScribbleGrams can be posted and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and via email.
Independent Review – by J.H

“Tired of the same old boring note apps?  I think we all are.  Great news!  When it comes to exciting apps has the market cornered and one of their coolest apps to date is ScribbleGrams.  With ScribbleGrams, you’ll be taking the most creative notes ever.  ScribbleGrams is a sketchbook, a notepad, and general ideapad all in one.  With colorful backgrounds, the ability to draw, type, and paint-this little app is packed full of great features and best of all – it’s completely advertisement free.  And with every note you take, you’ll have the option to share anything you want via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.

Have you ever wondered why you have to have a separate app for everything?  So many apps out there are designed to do just one thing, but this is not the case with ScribbleGrams.  It is a truly multifaceted program that’s sure to entertain and keep you productive at the same time.  ScribbleGrams is must have for any student, employer/employee, or housewife with its ability to keep you organized for the whole day.  It’s fantastic for reminders, yet they’ll never be plain again.  You’ll be able to show off your creativity to all your friends and they’ll be in the loop with what’s going on in your life.  Users can add pictures and take photos to share simply by selecting the Gallery button.  You’ll never need another note taking app, ever!  What’s more, you’ll be more in control and on top of your life than ever when using this app.  You will never want to go without ScribbleGrams ever again.  ScribbleGrams is sure to be one of your most used apps.  Give it a download and you won’t regret it.  I give it two thumbs up and I’m sure you’ll love it, too.”


Spring Break Fun With ScribbleGrams for iPhone iPad

Spring Break With ScribbleGrams for iPhone/ iPad:

ScribbleGrams-iphone-4aIt’s nearing that time we’ve been awaiting as soon as school starts. You probably have it synchronized with a special alarm sound in all your digital calendars, circled, highlighted, triple underlined and decorated on your wall calendar; plus, you’re always looking at the date as you rack your brain during study sessions. Spring break is one of the biggest vacation times students look forward to because it’s a time implying parties, prime-time for socializing, and a much needed reprieve from all the demands of school.

iStock_000015664473XSmallSome students plan their week well before the first day arrives. Most of us scramble to get something arranged as we get down to the wire – always watching for it, but never planning for it. This makes for some unpleasant experiences as we find that a little more cautious investment in planning would’ve made all the difference. But this is hard to do when you are just pairing up with people to go, thinking of what to do, where to go and how much you are willing to spend. Then there are the misunderstandings between exchanges of on-going texts, and pages of sites and material being swapped from one person to the other, and then the phone conversation where you pretty much forgot the first half of what everyone had said – all the while the clock is ticking down to the final minute with deadlines for pricing and packaged deals. Unless you are going with your roommate – who you’re able to spend bundles of time in-person to talk it out – or you’re the overachiever with school, work, family, friends, and free time all sectioned out on your plate with space for mastering the perfect expedition, then you’re like the rest of us – endlessly disappointed with each fuss encountered. TECHtionary has your back with an app to help you avoid this sour feeling. Consider some of the following ideas to celebrate while rationing monetary extravagance (which students tend to be flippant about for spring break) by strategically planning for it!


               …for the destination

woman on beach working on  laptop against the seaThe key to successful spring break preparations is finding who you will enjoy it with – because with several people, there’s almost no limit to what you can do together. Embellish your communication between each other with one of the many backgrounds to choose from within the app. Then use this postit note to spitball hot-spots and organize the trip. Determine who will be in charge of what after you’ve brainstormed ideas. One team looks up deals on ticket prices ( has lots of special deals and tips for students, and personal priced quotes for groups larger than 12), and another makes a list of what you’ll need on the various types of trips you’ve considered. After you’ve decided on a place based on tickets and packing details (whether it be a summit resort, a single room in a hotel on a beach, or the furthest place away from where you are now), figure out budgeting details. Think about joint funds, or paying individually for different accommodations. Think about what items you’ll need to get upon arrival, and think about a safety routine for potential splitting up in groups (one explores the city, while the other gets in on the action with a time and place to regroup). iStock_000003362158XSmallAlso create the procedure for following up on each other’s whereabouts. Research the best places for quality and expenses in dining, shopping, clubbing, local activities and relaxing. Account for all these things, along with a to-do list for preparing for the trip through sketchpads posted online. It’s much easier to have a visual compilation of plans that you can edit, agree, and discuss on at anytime, anywhere, with clarity and without fragmentation.

…for the alternative

Say you want to get away for the week, but don’t have the desire to uncontrollably splurge lavishly – which often coincides with a seven-day vacation to a special destination (the hype and window shopping are major culprits). Think about a road trip made up of a few spurts in campout-getaways! This can be more fun than an exotic trip because you can bask in nature going fishing and hiking, tending fire pits for marshmallow and weenie roasts, and enjoy some sight-seeing on the road. iStock_000012136746XSmallDeclare a joint budget (since the entire trip will depend on everyone’s contribution instead of individual expenses). Decide on an even pay between everyone, including trading factors like the car(s) used, dividend of money spent per person on gas, rooming, and other supplies. Again, divide into teams – one conquers the best deals on necessary stops such as gas, food, shelter and attractions, and the other tackles a list of items needed before the journey, and accounts for things that may happen on the way (forming a plan-b for those scenarios like a spare tire, emergency credit card, first aid, etc.). Traveling by road can be dangerous because there are weather surprises, car troubles and chance robberies. So make sure to establish a route for navigation, marked stops and safe ways to be spontaneous if the time calls for it – like how deliberation of turning at a roadside advertisement will be exercised (majority rule or total agreement). This ensures that you’ll plan efficiently for the unknown, yet leave room for the unexpected – fun and not.


iStock_000011120667XSmallAlong with one of the most favored breaks, aside from summer/winter vacations and three-day weekend holidays, it’s also the harshest comedown when returning from. Month-long breaks have you thrown back into the stream of school and into a frequent cycle, and extended weekend-recesses are convenient for cramming in more work to get ahead or catching up on studies and sleep – so spring break is twice the sadness because it flies by with no time for a readjustment period. That’s why you’ll need to document extensively while enthralled in festivities so that you can relive the fun memories before jumping back in to classes.

ScribbleGrams-iphone-3You can upload pictures taken via mobile devices, or store photos in you’re My Gallery section of the SribbleGrams app. It’s like a virtual scrapbook that you can post online, complete with a drawing tool so that you can doodle symbols related to the feeling of the image at the time. Write things to accompany the snapshot like details of what happened at that particular party. Be creative and thoughtful! Share the entire vacation via Facebook, Twitter and email! It’s a gentle way to smooth off the spring break scene and into a schedule again. And the convenience of a photo-album on hand can be comforting when you find yourself stagnant with spring break blues, missing those blissful days of vacation.

Maximize Living Space in College or Anywhere

Maximize Living Space:

We college students live tightly – tight schedule, tight budget, and tight living quarters. Some of us live in residence halls with dorm room measurements around 12X16 feet – some even less. Some of us live in apartments, student housing, rent a room in a house with several others, or live with our parents while attending college. Some of us live alone and some of us live with roommates – often interchanging. Wherever you live, however you live, and whoever you live with – space is limited. Studying can be increasingly difficult when you become high-strung, and feel suffocated and cramped in sharing a living environment. Sometimes we just need separation from other people and our own area to unwind – in order to keep sane and studious. If we do live alone, then the stress stems from – unbeknownst to us – an origin of disorder and poor hygiene.

It’s hard to keep up on chores, even with a small space, because there are so many other things to be done. ScribbleGrams, as well as its’ sister apps, will not only assist in keeping your room livable and healthy, but also help you utilize space better.


The sketchpad is a good tool for digitizing your interior layout – there are several components that help accentuate the design of your structure. Take a picture of the document that shows visual measurements of your floor plan in top-view. Use this image to draw placement changes of your furniture with basic symbols (like a rectangle for a desk, and a rectangle with an oval inside for a bed). It helps to make simple representations of items mimicking their shape, and you want to eyeball the sizes to scale. Remember to keep functionality and ease of access in mind when deciding where wardrobe cabinets, desks, beds, kitchen items, TVs, game consoles and other furniture should go. This is a neat opportunity to visualize the room and all its’ possibilities for maximizing space without constantly testing ideas out. If you become stir-crazy easily, consider doing this every few weeks because a change in atmosphere can redirect energy flow within s room and rejuvenate your study habits often. With iPartyGramPro, these similar notepad features can be found in the iPartyPad section of the app. Use this feature, as part of your redesign preparation, to remind yourself to throw a quaint moving party – one where you provide refreshments and music in exchange for a few invited guests to help move heavy items around.

Take pictures of corners in the room at different angles and use these perspectives to draw ideas of innovative changes. Post these note cards online through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email so that any roommates or people that need to agree upon such changes can offer their opinions, suggestions and preferences to help you with the planning process. For instance, if you want to move the TV inside of the clothing cabinet in order to free up another corner for a lamp, you might want to ask instead of just moving it.

You may already have a kitchen corner set up somewhere in your room, or you may have your water-heater, toaster oven, and mini fridge scattered throughout each empty surface in your room. Consider picking up a small wooden bench from a garage sale or major discount outlet store to put up against a wall and stack a small enough TV on one side and consoles on the other (be conscientious of weight). This way, you have more space to layout your appliances where electronics once sat. You can also get artistic with painting the bench or hot-gluing beads to the legs. Beanbags, cushions, and pillows are cheap, comforting and decorative items that can pile up against a corner easily to reveal space when not in use. Plants bring positive energy to a room, and hanging ones can save space, but you must remember to water them.

Keep Focused

There are so many backgrounds for your postit notes already in the art gallery section of the app. But you can also take pictures or withdraw from ones stored in your iPhone’s gallery to include in the MyGallery section of the app. These images can be used for the backdrop of your scribblepads and edited at any time. Then use these scratchpads to document your progress (taking snap shots at each completed or attempted step with notes).

ipartygrampro-iphone4Use a similar feature to ScribbleGrams with the iFlipPads section of iFlipTipsPro to list all the steps you’ll take to finish the rearrangement of your room(s), including party implementation, redecoration, and incremental changes you make. Also, jot down a quick list on inspirational images (to motivate you) of ten minute-chores you’ll do daily, weekly, and monthly like laundry day, weekly vacuuming (if you have a small one on hand), monthly sheet-washing and dusting to keep your space fresh and clean. Burning sage – which is not allowed in dorm areas – is a cleansing way to ensure you’ve removed previous energy and replaced your own. Some might argue that it’s an infective mental herb, but others believe in its’ power to ward off negativity. Only do this once throughout the duration of your stay, preferably within the initial weeks of moving in. You can pick this up at Indian and Chinese cultured shops. Light the end of a bunch, wave it daintily around the perimeter of the space, think positive thoughts, and save the rest for future spaces. Schedule all these items in your calendar of iFlipTipsPro, so that you have your duties with a calendar in one app and receive push notifications as reminders.

Tools from TECHtionary are exceptionally useful for underscoring the best features of your living space. With the help of ScribbleGrams and other apps, you can appreciate your small room more while facilitating your studies.  Look for more apps and reviews here:


ScribbleGrams 1.1 (now available) – Pic them, Scribble them, Post them App for iPhone and iPad Now Available on iTunes

scribblegrams-main-1BOULDER – ScribbleGrams a notepad, sketchpad, and reminder sharing app for Apple iPhone and iPad is coming soon to iTunes.  “ScribbleGrams is an exciting way for ideas, drawings, doodles, notepads, and drawing sharing experience that can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email,” noted Tom Cross creator.   According to reviewers, “ScribbleGrams is the coolest sketchpad app for iPhone/iPad; I can add pics, add my own scribbles and then share them with friends.” “This app is much fun especially for my iPad, I use it to add reminders and then be creative whenever I want to be.”

Details can be found on the ScribbleGrams website at or immediately on iTunes at:

ScribbleGrams has no annoying popup ads.

ScribbleGrams-ipad-1 ScribbleGrams-ipad-2 ScribbleGrams-ipad-3          scribblegrams-main-1

Key Features Include:

Scribblegrams is a scribblepad, doodlepad, drawing, sketchpad, art gallery, postit notes, scratchpad and personal notecards for iPhone and iPad. 

ScribbleGrams users can change backgrounds, add their own pics/snaps and notes to their post pads at any time. Users have their own MyGallery to see their picture posts.

Users can draw their own backgrounds or use more than 75 different kinds of backgrounds which are included.  Users can add/take photos or personal drawings from the iPhone or iPad Gallery.  Users can change backgrounds, pics and notes to their post pads at any time. Users have their own MyGallery to see their picture posts.

ScribbleGrams can be posted and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and via email.



Among the many benefits to ScribbleGrams are helping users organize their todo lists, reminders, share tasks communicate and manage most anything.

ScribbleGrams-iphone-1Please visit for tips, applications and ideas.

ScribbleGrams is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications including iFlipTips, iFlipTipsPro, iPartyGrams, iPartyGramsPro, iMakeupMirror, iCompactMirror, Pictagrams and others.

ScribbleGrams is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications including iFlipTips, iPartyGrams, Pictagrams, iCompactMirror and iMakeupMirror and others.


iFlipTips, iPartyGrams along with CrossPinPoints and other cloud online solutions from TECHtionary  Other iPhone/iPad apps include iPartyGrams, iMakeupMirror, iCompactMirror and Pictagrams all available on iTunes.

More details can be found at:

Techtionary is the developer of iPhone/iPad apps including iPartygrams, iFlipTips – flip/flashcard study app with calendar and stickynotes, iPartygram – party/event planning and pic post app with calendar and sticky notes, iMakeupMirror-iCompactMirror iPhone4 personal makeup mirror app and Pictagrams – picture post app.  In addition, Techtionary developed CrossPinPoints, iSportsCal, iComcal and iREcal are all integrated MARCOM-marketing communications solutions designed for small to large business manage small to large marketing efforts.    Twitter accounts include @beautyapps, @techtionary and others.  Techtionary also businesses maximize their social media marketing and teaches professional development courses in social media which are approved by the Colorado Supreme Court for attorneys and Colorado DORA for real estate professionals via Social Business College  Additional sites include:,, and many others.

Thomas B. Cross is the creator of unique marketing communications and an avid social media expert focusing primarily on Twitter with @techtionary!/techtionary and @beautyapps account!/BeautyApps, CrossTalk blog, Linkedin and CrossPinPoints (online marketing communications solution).  He posts daily to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and CrossTalk blog. He assists businesses maximize their social media marketing and teaches professional development courses in social media which are approved by the Colorado Supreme Court for attorneys and Colorado DORA for real estate professionals via Social Business College

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