Theater Study and Movie Production and Analysis Using iFlipTipsPro For iPhone and iPad

iStock_000015664473XSmallAre you a fan of theatrics? Is watching live action shows, orchestrated music, unique lighting, and special effects take place in the flesh a hobby close to your heart? Then you’ve probably entered the field as a team member of stage design or production crew. The difference between Theater and the Analysis-focused course of the subject is their concentrations. In Theater, you learn actor-related history, techniques, and the art of live entertainment. In Analysis, you learn about the prominent figures of stage production and the progression of story-telling, to stage, to film. It zones in on the construction behind a show, and techniques on how to bring it together. While Theater practices lines, movement and character association, Analysis practices script interpretation, scheduling tips, creative input, and emphasizes team cooperation. Theater is the sundae toppings that dress up a scoop of ice cream – it makes the iced milk a sweet desert. Whereas, analysis is the ice cream itself, without it, the treat could not exist. But this chilled indulgence, which comes in so many flavors, requires a tedious amount of work to make, as does the making of a play, formed with detail and dedication. This app is like an all-in-one utensil to help you make the most luscious flavors and accentuate your brand of studying.

Easy Learning

Notetaking involved in this type of work is all about stage design metaphors and scene framework, introducing strategies for scenery painting and innovation, lighting components, combinations, and terms, mapping out the costume process, music enhancing, and instilling management ethics. In order to make this portion of the course smoother, use iFlipIdeas to store all of the different topics into separate folders. Each of the three main sections use this organizing system for neat and easy reference, and when you delete them, they are kept in the archive section when you want to restore them for future pursuits in subcategories of theater or old lectures. Each of the three main sections also includes a text, imagery, audio, and video tool to highlight the key ideas of anything that is better learned by example. It’s also really convenient to be able to make these notes in class, and then just carry it all around at once without equipment or paper!

iStock_000013773033XSmallCostuming, for instance, is a duty that involves a talented eye, functionality and practicality, and remembering lots of terminology. Their tools alone include a collection of clothing references throughout the eras, becoming linear with lighting designers, and creatively composing accessories, fabric and easy dress-changes for the best imitation of the scripted character. Take pictures of fabric samples and use the text tool to track their costs. Use iFlipCards, which are virtual flashcards, to create Q&A formats of vocabulary and costume themes from different time periods to quiz you for the various exams on plays.

The same concept can be used for scenery painters who must use multiple strategies in order to create 3-D landscaping out of cardboard flats. They must utilize the entire space of a set, while imagining original insertion and removal of props and effects. They must then get all their ideas out on a 3-D diagram, either virtually using programs or physically using material. The imagery tool and video tool can be great assets to this process at every step, using iFlipCards for their many questions requiring answers.

Lighting designers must learn difficult terms and have detailed attention to incremental discrepancies of color change and effect on stage, which is where quiz cards are a great aide once again. This huge amount of topics can also be said for each of the other subcategories included in stage production, and will go in greater depth if you chose to take one of these responsibilities on as a concentration for your degree.


You’ll find yourself doing a lot of group work on recreating plays and having individual tasks that call for visual models or representations with researched evidence and resources for your ideas, costs, and countering negative aspects. For every presentation, use the slideshow feature to exemplify your models. Take pictures of location for scenery, inspiration for fabric, or video tape lighting concepts and changes, and record music samples. The iFlipSlides is a tool that will really help you with plot points, scene organization, and the three-act structure. You can make a folder for each play, and make a slide for each scene – record the lines, take pictures, tape movement specifications, and input notes about the particular scene in the text tool. Then you can use the sorting tool when you make your own play, so you can see them as a whole, or when you read sections out of order in the play to keep track. The three-act structure involves a lot of figuring out how to make the play whole with a beginning, middle and end. Every scene has multiple acts, and each one of these requires a different set of blue prints to produce. So practice with the slideshow tool to dissect a script properly, and see it in a full spectrum – that way, all the details that go into each act can be visualized virtually instead of on a giant, scribbled out chart.

Musical aspects of the production are centered on intuitive feel for emotion, audience reciprocation, and flow. Flipslides are essential for sorting out that key sequence with audio samples, while making notes for the tech-guy controlling the switchboard during performances.

Smiling colleagues having a business meetingAs a director, you will be responsible for keeping an eye on production progress and making sure that each member of the crew is compromising yet voicing their views succinctly. This task requires lots of communication! But it is often hard to make group gatherings whenever something needs an agreement or vote – until now that is! TECHtionary has invented this app that also shares each note, slide and card online through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and email! This is especially useful when you find a bump in estimated production costs, and need every one’s opinion to decide on the alternative! Post pic samples of the black and brown combination suit for Mr. Green over the agreed green and brown comb is best based on cost difference. Or post a video of you asking whether this certain emotion within Mr. Green is better for a particular scene over another sample of the actor’s interpretation of his lines during table reading. Fast, simple and accessible summarizes the boost in self and group study that iFlipTipsPro provides.

Even More Simplified

With the iFlipCal, meetings, studying, and every event in your life are never missed because you are notified through your phone instantly for reminding. It just makes those big group meetings a lot more planned out. Plus, assignments can be scheduled in intervals so that you are never behind.


Flipcard – Flashcard College Study App iFlipTipsPro – Independent Review – J.H.

Here is an introduction to iFlipTipsPro followed by an independent review.
iFlipTipsPro – Flip/Flash Card & Art App
1) iFlipCards lets you make Q&A flipcards, capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio.2) iFlipTips is a simple to use, notecard builder with text, audio, video and pics.3) iFlipSlides is an easy to use slide show presentation builder.4) iFlipCal organizes study, meetings and other events into a calendar including reminders.5) iFlippads are unique multicolored post notes with multimedia image editor for making sharable dooglegrams.All three features iFlipTips, iFlipSlides and iFlippads can be shared/posted to Twitter, Linkedin Facebook or email. Capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders.  Click on icon to buy from iTunes.
Independent Review – J.H.

“If you’re looking for the ultimate study-aid app, you’ve found it. Chocked full of features, iFlipTipsPro has the tools every active student needs to make each day a success. I saw a rating of 5 stars that stated ‘Very helpful for school work and studying!  If you are looking for a study friend, this is the way to go!’  After this, I knew I had to try it. iFlipTipsPro is truly the all in one app, saving you the hassle of switching between all those single functioning programs out there.

This handy tool includes everything you need to make the most advanced flash cards you could ever dream of. With the ability to add text, audio, video, and images – iFlipTipsPro truly has it all. While the main focus is on creating highly interactive flash cards, there is so much more this program does. With a simple to use interface, you’re sure to be using all of iFlipTipPro’s features within minutes of downloading the program. This app comes with a built in calendar with event planning for extra convenience. This is a great feature to have for busy students on the run, especially with all the appointments and deadlines of today’s modern world. It allows you to add a note to each date, plus, you’re able to mark each calendar event with a unique icon – such as deadline, paper, exam, class, study, club and over sixty more to choose from.

Great for students, yet versatile enough to be used by anyone – from businessmen to housewives. Everyone can find uses for this unique program. One of the key features that makes this app so great is the ability to share all of the content created across a wide variety of mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or email. IflipTipsPro includes a wonderful notepad with many options for backgrounds. It also has a full featured sketchpad which comes in handy in a variety of situations or for when you just need some entertainment.

IflipTipsPro is my new go to app when I need to remember something important or for my own personal self-education needs. It’s great at what it does and I give it 5 stars for all around performance. I’m positive that if you give it a try, you’ll feel the same way.”



Linguistics Study Using iFlipTipsPro For iPhone/iPad

For someone with diverse interests in cultures and languages, social customs, historical artifacts and relations between the mind and mouth – linguistics would well-suit the English major as their concentration. This particular subject fits into a wide range of fields such as areas in psychology, anthropology, sociology, education, lawful practices and various businesses.

With so much emphasis on speech and its’ evolvement in written syntax throughout different communities, iFlipTipsPro has the resources you need to ace this degree-type efficiently, simply and conveniently. You can stop carrying around a sack full of textbooks and a heavyweight of study supplies – because TECHtionary has a condensed alternative to help you achieve your academic desires instead!


ifliptipspro-iPad-5The feature, iFlipCal, is one that will help keep all your appointments and affairs scheduled and neat. Push notifications sent through your phone, will remind you of all academic, professional and social occasions! Give yourself ample time to do assignments, self-study, and complete class prep and exam prep: set reminders at multiple intervals leading up to the deadline in order to pace yourself and present your best efforts. By adhering to a sequential timetable, you ensure that all your obligations are met without stress and missed dates.

Intricate Aspect

photo (27)Most criteria surrounding linguistic degrees require a massive amount of credit hours in foreign dialect. Some students fill this out by climbing one category like French or Spanish, and some dip into several languages. However you decide to tackle this portion of the degree, using virtual flash cards will make studying that vocabulary much easier! iFlipCards embody all the characteristics of regular flashcards, but you can record verbal examples of the Q&A format with the audio tool. Create them during class using the practice routines in lecture, carve out a small amount of time to copy them with your voice, reading from the text, or split up sections of each chapter with a study group from class and share them with each other through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email! Then you can listen to them while doing tasks unrelated to school in order to engrain them even more, and soon you’ll be fluent without spending all that extra time that goes in with creating and studying paper quiz cards. Like all the features in the app, these cards are easy to edit, and you can quiz yourself on the go!

More Elaboration

For all those complex sentence structures, grammar rules, and varied formal and informal rhetoric formations, iFlipSlides is a great tool to assist! It’s not only good for making pristine slideshows, but it’s also good for configuring essay papers and exercising those unfamiliar language principles. For instance, someone studying Spanish would know that gender and plurality play major roles in verbiage. Record examples of these individual terms in chunks that are most often manipulated, according to preexistent conditions evident of the rule: BEBER (to drink), into BEBE (take off the r) on one slide; BEBEMOS (we drink), into EMOS (the ER ending for us reference) on another. You can do this for the different I, You, He/She, and They endings, then sort them around with the special slide feature in order to match the correct ending with plural and gender translation. This is similar to the formations of questions asked on a test for the language, and will help you retain that information even more.


nano-2Using the iFlipIdeas portion of the app, you can store superfluous notes and organize these by classes in a semester, or sessions in a particular class. The folder system throughout the app keeps every detail orderly, and the archive section saves everything if you ever want to look back at past semesters or restore old records. Take pictures of specified spelling in cases of specially punctuated words. Tape recordings of examples drawn on the board, watched through video, or explained by the instructor themselves for reference later on. All four of these tools – audio, text, imagery and video – are found throughout the three major sections of the app – cards, slides and ideas. And you can share the flipslides and idea segments online (like you can with the contents of flipcards) with your study groups from different classes!

Euphoric Satisfaction

You’ll find that applying many of these techniques here to your studies throughout your pursuits in this degree will help you learn not only other languages, but many of the topics in linguistics like phonetics (using the audio tool), semantics (using the text tool), and morphological classes. With accentuation on chronicled events and analyzing human interaction, you can bet that there will be lots of opportunities to demonstrate your research and pivotal comprehension skills – so any of these instruments will you strategically interview, document, or observe. As an accessible app, you’re able to study for school, seize and dissect a number of sources, and be productive at the most unlikely of times!

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Study Political Science Using iFlipTipsPro For iPhone and iPad

2-19-ocs-side4Political Science majors are both philanthropists and idealists. They are scientific in their pursuits for improving governmental operations. Equally, they use intuition and interpretation while approaching their work. This major not only consist of theoretical, historical, and current material related to politics, but also statistical, while studying societal behavior. It’s a major that requires an immense amount of focus and covers a diverse study of subjects. Needless to say, it can get entirely overwhelming. To help keep class prep in tip-top shape throughout this degree-work, you’ll need a solid-proof method of studying. This includes accessible material, on-the-go techniques, and versatile tools for maximum retention. This method will help keep you on the track to success in completion of such degree.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a resource that could assist you in this method? But there is! iFlipTipsPro is an app from TECHtionary that has come to existence to be your lucky charm and provide you with an all-in-one solution!


journalism-1Throughout three of the six sections within the app, there are four devices that will help you in typical coursework. The text, image, audio and video tools are essential for recording notes. These three sections have a convenient filing system to keep each course and semester orderly. Then, if you ever delete anything, it’s saved in the archive section of the app where you can restore the folder if needed.

iFlipIdeas is a section that’s useful for storing chapter-by-chapter book and lecture notes alike. For the text part, keep details of the statistical portions of degree-work. For the image part, snap pictures of charts, faces, maps and visual models used to explain processes and events in depth. For the audio part, record all lectures. Replay them while traveling or doing mindless tasks like chores so all the seemingly frivolous material will stay sharp in your mind and lay foundation for accumulating information. The video part comes in handy since much of the work is spent on studying social interactions and evolvement. Record your personal encounters concerning issues in the community. These include public services like snow plowing in your neighborhood, or reactions to state policies you discuss amongst other Politic Science majors. You can refer back to these examples when you need support for your stance in arguments that are commonly addressed.

For your presentations, apply the four devices to create amazing slideshows on hand with all your notes. Then, you can sort and change the order of them to better organize. iFlipSlides are also helpful for structuring the many papers you’ll need to write in persuasive and argumentative fashion.

photo (27)Exam prep is vital for every course and tends to be neglected because our attention is directed towards other learning matters throughout each semester. Flashcards help self study, but they’re bulky to carry around and need more materials to create. iFlipCards are virtual Q&A cards that exclude annoying qualities associated with regular paper ones, therefore helping to retain information better for exams. Record terms and ideas using any of the four devices on the question side, then define or explain on the answer side. Quiz yourself often and whenever. It cuts the time off of actual isolated periods set out for studying, which adds much needed time for other activities.

Extra Boosts

iFlip_250x250-appwhispererThere are a variety of seminars and speakers that will have an influence on contributions you make after schooling. So use the iFlipPads to help in notetaking for these events. Snap images of related items or venues symbolizing a topic discussed, and jot stuff down that has an impact on you during the discussion. ifliptipspro-iPad-4These doodlegrams are great for making that mental link between valuable meanings you want to internalize. This section, along with the other three main sections described above, can be shared online via Facebook, Twitter, Lnkedin and email so that other people can comment and become useful assets throughout your development in this study.


calendar-imageIt’s important to stay punctual in your studies, as well as work-experience for this subject, so use the iFlipCal to do just that. The push notifications will send you memos through your phone to keep you up to date on all your affairs. There’s a variety of icons that apply to not only your studies, but social and personal appointments as well. This study calendar will alleviate the stress of missing something or being behind, so that you’re utilizing your full amount of energies on projects, studying and testing.

You’ve already got the dedication, determination and interest for the work required. Now, you’ll also have an instrument to help you stay relaxed and strategic in this complex study of Political Science.


Study Astronomy Using iFlipTipsPro For iPhone and iPad

There is an enormous amount of information to learn about the planetary sky above us. It could be your choice of major, or it may be coincidental that you met the prerequisites and are able to use it for a general studies science class. Astronomy is a spectacularly fascinating course that covers topics in astrochemistry, cosmology and cosmogony. But it’s also a lot of hard work. Lift some of the weight off your shoulders with iFlipTipsPro, so that you’re able to squeeze the best out of this experience.


ifliptipspro-4A lot of the course surrounds studying the movement of various celestial bodies like comets and black holes. Use iFlipPads, which are multicolor notepads that you can draw on, to sketch items and their interaction with each other. Use this doodlegram feature to take pictures identifying exact locations in space. It’s also good for taking snap-shots of the fast -fact pictures used to describe limbs, composition, and characteristics relating to different planets. These notes can then be shared online – like the notes, slideshows and study cards – through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email. This feature is helpful because you can create study groups and assign different items to post that will save time on study sessions.


There are a lot of grids, diagrams, ephemeris data tables containing coordinating points, pictures of calderas, catenas, ejecta caused from impact, multiple kinds of stars, and other items that are well-studied visually. Instead of lugging around a big textbook, take pictures of the visuals with the image tool in iFlipIdeas to study them while commuting. You can store recorded lectures with the audio tool, tape videos of web clip demonstrations, and input other notes in the text portion. These tools are in both the flipslides and quiz cards as well.

The iFlipSlides feature is perfect for not only easily creating seamless presentations and slideshows, but it’s also really useful for sorting development within celestial life cycles and formations. Also, use the image tool to snap shots of the daily pattern from morning to night in which Earth is able to see certain bodies demonstrating elongation so that you have a sequence for better understanding. You can make a slide for each stage, and then organize them for viewing in correct succession. Make a folder for each process. The folder system – seen throughout the app – is a good way to neatly track all your notes.


photo (27)There’s a mess of terms to learn like interstellar mediums, galactic halos and Lagrange point Trojans. Instead of the old-fashioned flashcards that require so much material, use the iFlipCards section because it’s an easy way to create paperless quiz cards and improve self study. These Q&A cards are especially useful for the plethora of equations involved. These include the physics, trigonometry, calculus, and radio astronomy often used to find the atmospheric pressures measured in bars, radiation change with density measured in janskys, azimuths, eccentricity, luminosity, and temperatures measured using the Kelvin scale.

Make a separate folder to identify main ideas and the different laws involved like Kelper’s and Hubble’s. Then, use another folder for each of the terms discussed regarding varied types of orbits, belts and clusters. For instance, put questions in the form of – what are the differences between the Kuiper and Van Allen belts? Answer it with – Kuiper is theorized to be part of the original material forming the solar system and is located beyond Neptune, while Van Allen is the radiation zones in regards to the Earth. Or use a picture to symbolize these differences.

The archive section stores all deletions for restoration in case you find that material from past lectures are useful again. An Astronomy student is inundated with knowledge, but college study is convenient and laid back with this app from TECHtionary.

Smart Scheduling

calendar-imageThe meeting calendar, iFlipCal, enables simple and prompt scheduling. Push notifications will remind you of any and all social, academic, and daily events and responsibilities. With the course schedule handed out in the beginning, divide each period of time in between introduced material and their test dates by three. Set reminders for those intervals so that you are regularly brushing over the topics in the meantime. But you don’t ever have to make study sessions because the app makes creation, editing and studying accessible wherever you go.

Astronomy is an enriching and unique class to take. So be studious in your academic pursuits to get the most out of the material.

Public Administration Study Using iFlipTipsPo For iPhone and iPad

Public Administration Study Using iFlipTipsPo For iPhone/iPad

Working by a deskPolitical science, business, and marketing majors alike could run into public administration classes. A variety of other majors too, will find the study of governmental bureaucracies helpful and interesting. All though an insightful subject, some of the material can be slightly dull making it difficult to get quality information from. In order to assist you in this specialized study, iFlipTipsPro is geared to equip you for the rigors of material covered during this course.


Assignments for this type of class consist of policy briefs, research papers and book reviews. The various multimedia features included throughout the app can boldly boost class prep in this course.

Briefs and papers require a hefty amount of structuring which can get overwhelming. Use iFlipSlides to build portions of the content with text and image tools. Then, utilize the sorting feature to organize mass detail into a uniformed piece.

2-19-ocs-side4Whilst reading the, often mundane, literature involved, use iFlipIdeas to record with the audio tool while reading aloud. You can listen to the material while commuting to fully maximize your understanding of the book without cutting into study time, and this in turn, makes writing the review quicker because you avoid having to reference the book itself. It’s so time consuming to have to flip through multiple pages for reminders, or take extensive notes on major detail. This strategy can lessen the burden of reading even more by dividing the chapters between a group, then sharing all recordings online via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email.


man-on-pc-with-buildingGeneral studying through the text book can improve with iFlipCards. Normally used as a digitized flashcard system, this section is useful for studying elaborate terms with the text tool. The image and text tools can then be used to describe and take pictures of iconic figures that are important for retention, and reduce the stress that accompanies self study. These flashcards can also come in handy when preparing for the large amount of essay questions inevitable in every public administration class. Input questions from the study guides or footnotes of the textbook on the questions side, and then answer the other side when you come across it in your notes. Examples are almost always necessary for this study too, so make small voice notes along with the text answers. Quizzing yourself is imperative before each test because of the detail involved.


journalism-1Also, there is always a variety of material to make use of within each lecture. Multiple video and web clips, large charts, graphs and tables, and spoken information are all likely to be encountered. Use the audio tool in any of the study card features to record detail given by the instructor, and replay these to enhance note-taking in the text portions of the cards in case you miss something. Take snap-shots of the visual aids in class, because these examples often need to be referenced when deciphering similar bureaucratic data between states. Then, use the iFlipPads section of the app to take quick notes on videos relating to the main ideas discussed throughout the semester.


calendar-imageFinally, a study calendar is one of the most prominent instruments you’ll find improving studies for this course. With push notifications, deadlines and test dates are never forgotten. The reminders are sent straight to your phone prefacing all appointments. Along with the course schedule handed out at the beginning of each semester, clock in short sessions for studying. Then, make the most of all frivolous time to lock in details of books and Q&A cards without hassle.

This app helps organize every card easily with a folder system, and anytime you delete a particular folder, the archive section saves it if you ever need to restore it.

Pubic administration students have a tendency to lose focus in this subject, even though the facts are intriguing. But with TECHtionary’s app, you will never miss any details. It’s a paperless method to stay neat, up-to-date, and study accessibly for convenience, which are all factors that benefit a student of this particular subject.


Speech Study Using iFlipTipsPro for iPhone/iPad

Study Speech Using iFlipTipsPro for iPhone/iPad

Unless you are a major in broadcasting, there is one college study that is dreaded by most students – speech. Unfortunately, for those of you that fall under this category, this class is required against your will. But wait! There’s one saving grace that will help you with not only this class, but any type of public speaking scenario.

clapping2First, understand your fears. What is it about this particular class that makes people’s guts knot up? It’s the unfamiliar territory of an audience. Granted, there are a few students who don’t tense up about giving oral presentations and speaking in front of a crowd, despite being new to it. But for most, it’s the fear of judgment from your peers. It’s the fear of representing yourself and your academic capabilities – there’s enough pressure with being graded by your teachers, but then you have to think about performing in front of other students as part of the test. The surest way to settle those frazzled nerves is to be prepared so that you have only top-notch remarks from your instructor – and fellow students – in focus. iFlipTipsPro is an app to help you do just that.


photo (27)Lectures in speech have a lot of things that can only be taught through oral and physical example. Use iFlipIdeas to make note-taking orderly with the folder system, which is also found throughout the rest of the app as well. Record each session with the audio tool so that you don’t miss out on any of the annunciation and helpful hints provided. Then, use the video tool to record instances where the instructor shows how to use appropriate hand gestures, different eye contact mishaps, and interesting movement that’s accepted for the subject.

Writing out your speeches can become less time consuming using the text tool for every type of style encountered. Having all your research and notes in one file makes scripting easy. For the other two types, use notes from this section to structure the aide in the section directly below.

Structure + Test

iFlipCards is a paperless flashcard system that uses multimedia to help broaden your study capabilities for convenience. For extemporaneous styles that don’t require you to speak word for word, take pictures for the question portions making visual reminders of each topic. Then, use the text for the answer side to fill in detailed notes in case you go blank. Impromptu requires the use of no notes entirely. Using the flashcard set-up for extemporaneous-style which is used during the actual speech, quiz yourself beforehand, for better retention instead of reference.

Then, there are five central purposes for any oral speech: informing, training, persuading, acting or promoting. Depending on the assignment, ensure that you meet each requirement of the particular purpose by using the flashcards as a checklist for the entire process from beginning to end. This is helpful so that you don’t confuse factors of the speech with other purposes.

paralegal1Another use for the Q&A quiz cards is general studying for the course itself. Exam prep almost always includes vocabulary that is covered throughout reading and lecture. After creating virtual flipcards with the necessary context, study them whenever you are in between classes so that you don’t have to include that portion in the work-time you carve out for that class.


With the flipslides feature, documenting your progress becomes a snap, and self-editing with multimedia can make that incremental difference between a B and an A+! Use the audio tool to practice timing with your speeches. The video tool can record your body language and eye contact so that you can make adjustments for an ideal deliverance. iFlipSlides is also useful to help structure your speeches and slide shows. The sorting tool allows for easy organizing so that you can change and format parts of the outline for order while structuring. It can also help create storyboards with the image tool, so that you can edit and sort for the visuals that will be included in the presentation. These slides, as well as the study cards and flashcards, can be shared via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or email, so that people can help you refine every assignment.


calendar-imageNot one student can dismiss the positive impact that adherence to a schedule has on their overall grade. The iFlipCal is not only a useful study calendar, but also tracks activities, social and academic events, and meetings that students encounter in daily life. The push notifications send prompt reminders for any due date coming up. Use it to help divide the allotted time for every assignment throughout the semester with incremental completion dates so that you aren’t scurrying to finish anything. It’s especially useful for speeches when you need to be reminded to gather research, write the outline, and practice- and you can do either wherever you are!


To make certain that the space for your speeches don’t interfere with the session itself, take snap shots of it using iFlipPads in order to make visual notepads of how you want to set it up during your presentation. Draw a quick sketch of where you want to be standing, and how you want to utilize the area for basic movement requirements that are apart of non-podium speeches covered in class. These doodlegrams are also helpful for group projects: take close-up pictures of yourself while practicing. Share them online so that other members of the group can comment on how your facial expressions can improve.

This app from TECHtionary allows you to not only stay organized easily, but is your wingman for your constant change-of-mind that students seem particularly apt at falling prey to. The archive section keeps any deletions you make to your folders so that you can recover them if you find you need them again, which happens often. Don’t be another victim of poor public speaking grades that many students succumb to, because you have an alternative that provides all the benefits of on-the-go preparation and confident studying in

How To Study For College

How To Study For College

IMG_1778Whether you are fresh out of high school, ripe with online education, diving in from home schooling, have received your G.E.D., or are jumping back in from a long winded break, college welcomes all backgrounds. Despite the diversity throughout the student body, there is one common characteristic that strings them all together: study habits. Instead of a lack in strategically mapping out a study schedule, college students now struggle with following it. These days, procrastination is more of a plague than an individual problem.

There are a number of things that play into a student’s academic success- work, social life, family, errands, appointments, etc. advisors response: make use of your recreational time. But that time is vital for some much deserved R & R- rest and relaxation. So students succumb to the feeling of dread as their hourglass for each project drains away fast.

The best way to take the pressure off, but still enjoy the little free time you have, is to keep the following three tips in mind –

Don’t Over Compensate

Don’t pretend that you don’t need sleep, even for one night. Sleep keeps you sharper and more alert so that you can retain information and recall it easily when needed. Also don’t cater to your friends rather than your studies. Students have the tendency to make excuses for why they can’t focus, and often, it’s due to some over-bearing issue in their social circle. But if they have your best interest at heart, they’ll understand your priorities.

Fast A Little

That old adage about a mandatory breakfast is dismal. The older we get, the less that becomes important. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence to show that skipping a meal every now and then, especially during sprints of crunch-time with school, majorly reduces stress. When your body isn’t busy digesting, it has more energy to supply the brain power you need to keep focused.

Stick To A Schedule

4-27-girl-on-dock-smallNo, there’s no way to get past this part. It’s imperative to every students academic devours to create a solid schedule and adhere to it. Chunk the steps to your assignment, and spread it throughout the allotted time, so that you finish it incrementally. Also, it helps to have an activity to do outside of studying, like video games, which you can easily bounce back and forth from, in order to gain some much needed reprieve from overload, even in one small session.

Procrastination affects nearly every college student it seems, but with utilizing a few of the skills above, you can greatly alleviate that nagging pressure that comes from your school work.


Scriptwriting Using iFlipTipsPro App For iPhone iPad

Study Scriptwriting Using iFlipTipsPro For iPhone/iPad:

Maybe you were watching a movie and found yourself wondering about the production behind it. Or you watched an interview with the screenwriter on a “behind-the-scenes” tab of the special features menu, and sought answers to a nagging curiosity about scripts. Perhaps its’ applications were required or meant for elective credit towards your degree. However you came upon it, scriptwriting became a subject of study for you.

theatre-marquee-ifliptipsThe history behind the original screenplay and its’ development, the unique terminology and different formats, and tips for building a career in this field, albeit engaging, can exhaust your mental capabilities. The remedy for this consists of organized and readily available notes that can be studied anywhere at any time. It also includes a conveniently paperless carrying system for such notes that aren’t limited to text, but also video, audio, and image content. This idea of an all-in-one solution will advance your dramatist studies, and ultimately maximize your potential in acing it. That multimedia alternative exists within iFlipTipsPro, an awesome app from TECHtionary. With its’ folder system for breezy organizing, an archive section that stores all deleted items for restoration, and simplicity of procurable material, school work and job experience for scriptwriting is a snap.

First Objective

The course starts out with an introduction of essential concepts about scriptwriting – its’ origin, theories of the process, and its’ evolvement into the current placement of the craft. To better understand these ideas, use the audio tool in the iFlipIdeas section of the app to record lectures. Then, use the text tool for a thorough copy of note-taking involved.

As the course progresses, students learn about the different types of scripts, styles of shooting that accompany them, and professional formatting in corporate and entertainment industries. To help you practice the different techniques, use the iFlipCards – a virtual flashcard system – to create a separate card for each type of script and their purpose.

For example, a common one for corporate projects – the dual-column format – is best for training videos and sales purposes, but can be applied to many others. The question side of the card should include the format name along with a picture of the style itself. It should also include a video example of how the script is shot using the format, and then an audio example of how its’ read. The text portion should also have notes about the positives and negatives for both a production team and client regarding use of this format. Then, the answer side of the card should include examples of training and sales clips. It should also include text examples of other purposes this format can be used for like instructional or persuasive. Do this for the many different combinations associated with each type of script format found in the different industries.

The next important thing covered is strategies for different purposes, and the steps within the process of writing a screenplay. For strategies, use the iFlipPads feature – multicolor notepads that can be drawn on, then these doodlegrams can be shared online through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or email, like the majority of features throughout this app can, for group projects and production teams. Take pictures or draw symbols representing the different strategies – humor, suspense, drama, cutesy kids and animals, sexuality, etc.



Then, make notes of labels and uses for quick references during class prep. For the steps part, use the iFlipSlides feature – a tool used for making slide shows and presentations. Make a folder for each process like 7-step method to develop a concept and scriptwriting from beginning to end. Take the central one, ‘scriptwriting process’, for instance. After making a card for the different levels of work – analyze audience, concept, pitch, treatment, production details, rough script, final script, and other changes, fill out the different details about each item using text and audio notes. The feature then allows you to sort the items for preferred order, and in this case, a set order. With all the info, it can sometimes get confusing, so having a slide show of this will help engrain that order and detail thoroughly.

You can also use the flipslides feature to change order and edit the position of scenes within the sample scripts you make for class, as well as the actual ones you may make for work.

Then, the latter part of the class is about current market needs for scriptwriters, and how you handle yourself wisely in the real-life setting of such jobs. Use the note cards in any of the sections to keep track of the various ways a screenwriter can be paid, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. This will help you be more selective and smart about which jobs require which pay option, and you can avoid making hasty decisions up front in a real job setting.

Second Objective

A schedule takes prominence in both the study and practice of this particular work. With iFlipCal, push notifications send reminders through your phone. To keep up on all your work for class, chunk out steps of each process, assignment, and reading material across the allotted time, evenly. This is a way to prevent over-boiling with due dates and deadlines. Learning the variety of terms like camera angles, log and slug lines, synopsis versus premise, a shooting script for a movie as opposed to a documentary, are all things that can be easily mixed up. To help with exam prep, make a study schedule for sessions where you will create and use the Q&A cards to regularly quiz yourself on the terminology. The beauty of this app is that you can take those quiz cards with you everywhere and just brush up on them on your way to class before an exam too.

When you actually have pitches and a mess of scripts at different stages for submission to different companies, this can be a meeting schedule to arrange all the appointments, so that you are never scrambling to figure out who has what and when.

This course can definitely engross its’ students who learn so many new things about media-writing. Some students get lost in the madness of information, and sorting out the chaos becomes necessary. This app provides students with that vital preparation so that studying can stay enjoyable throughout.




Being Organized Is Not Really Painful – To-Do Lists & Beyond

Most people hate being organized but yet some people love making lists for things that have to be done. Still others for whom the very idea of creating a to-do list is, you pick the adjective that fits. The fact is that there are many benefits of making, at least, some to-do lists. In essence, a to-do list is a list that lists all the things that you have to accomplish within time frame or rather deadline, not often referred to as a “hard stop.” These action oriented time-dependent items can be easily ticked off the list when they are completed which ensures that you don’t forget to get something done and hopefully get it done.

A completed to-do list will give you the satisfaction of being on the top of your game and you will only feel more in control of your life. There are many other benefits of to-do lists.

Benefits of Writing it Down

These to-do lists allow you to concentrate your focus on a task that is both important and urgent. This way you and possibly others to prioritize everything that you or they need to accomplish and work the way through the list in a given time frame. Putting things down in writing helps people to prioritize as well as think clearly knowing that there is no aspect of planning that you have missed. This also helps you and your teammates or colleagues focus on a particular task that is high on your priority to-do list. When you already know what you have to accomplish on a given day or even week, it becomes easy to manage the time to actually get the task done.

Another benefit of writing down ideas to comprise a to-do list is that it frees your mind. It is very similar to a movie that impressed audiences in the summer of 2011 called X-Men: First Class. There is a scene in that movie when the character Erik Lehnsherr is talking to Raven or Mystique about the fact that she could reach her full capabilities if she stopped concentrating on being normal. He told her natural self was blue skin and she should accept that and not worry about blending in all of the time. By trying to blend in, she was wasting concentration power and by looking like a normal human was forcing her brain to utilize a section of it that could be devoted to harnessing her full strength and mental capacity.

Making a to-do-list also falls under the same concept. It frees your mind. When you have the notion in your head in regards to a task that needs to be completed, just write it down. Compile a list or put in a calendar like iSportcal, CrossPinPoints or iREcal. Then you do not have to continue to remind yourself about it or think about it as the day or days go on. In addition, writing something down reinforces that idea into your mind anyway.

Finding Like Tasks

There may be come tasks that have certain similarities. For example, you may need to speak with one person to get two kinds of information or two stores that you need to visit for specific items but that are in close proximity to each other. You will be able to work out a better routine once you can see the likenesses between the tasks.

Be Calmer

In case you are still not convinced, to-do lists are known to decrease stress and anxiety. Writing it all down gives you a clear plan of how to make it happen which in turn, removes the ambiguity out of the situation. Not only are to-do lists a great boon to effective time management, they also help you with energy management. You can pace yourself through the day, depending on what needs to be accomplished so that you do not end up too tired at the end of the day or week. This sort of touches on what was mentioned before about allowing your mind to concentrate on the task at hand rather than focusing on something that needs to be completed at some point in the near future.

Using Technology

Creating to-do lists is one of the top principles and tips of functioning time management. You will be able to assign a set number of hours or even minutes in a day to obtain the biggest as well as the minutest things that should be tackled. Many people become bogged down by the whole paper-pen aspect of creating lists. With advances in technology, this is no longer the case. You can easily use our calendar/planner (click on banner), and/or your smartphone to create effective & poignant to-do lists that you can update and change while on the run and have you complete a task. After all, there is not any reason to keep a task around if you have already managed to complete it. So make that list and stop procrastinating!

iFlipTipsPro has the coolest to-do, task list, postit notes feature. Here’s a look: