Paralegal Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPad/iPhone App

In the midst of an unsteady job market and uncertain prospects for new graduates, a paralegal degree is one of the most valuable degrees you can study right now. The legal profession is growing and new minds are always needed in all areas of the industry. Whether you imagine yourself to be an attorney or work in the legal department of a private company, lots of career choices await graduates with a paralegal degree.

Because it’s one of the more attractive degrees you can study, the paralegal field is competitive. Therefore, you need to ensure you stay ahead of the game and can match or exceed your class peers when it comes to papers and exams. iFlipTips is a new app from TECHtionary that will help you achieve your potential. Using digital flash-cards, the app enables you to break down information into memorable, bite-sized pieces. Using the app will help improve your memory retention, speed up your learning and help you attain the grades you deserve.

About iFlipTips

iFlipTips is a superb app that contains three different methods for helping you study: iTipsIdeas, iFlipSlides and iFlipCards. Each of the three different types of cards can contain text, an image, an audio clip and a video clip.

iTipsIdeas cards are perfect for taking notes during classes, recording lectures and making initial study notes. Once you’re ready to test what you know, iFlipSlides helps you figure out which topics you remember, and where you still have gaps in your knowledge. These are question and answer flip cards, and you can create your own mock exam questions to test yourself, then ‘flip’ the card over to check you have the correct answer. Finally, iFlipSlides helps you create class presentations quickly and easily.

How iFlipTips can help you study

iFlipTips is designed to help you study smarter and therefore more efficiently. As well as encouraging you to break down complex topics into digestible information, the different formats each card can contain enable you to retain information in less time. Not everyone learns best through reading, so you can also use images, video clips and audio clips to help memorize facts and figures.

The app has a helpful calendar feature that helps you plan your studying. Using the calendar, you can map out exactly what you need to study by which date. Attach icons to each appointment so you know at a glance what you’re supposed to be doing. iFlipTips can send push notifications, so you can create a study plan in advance, and then your phone will remind you on the day which topics you’re supposed to be studying.

iFlipTips also comes with a useful folders system, which helps you organize your notes in a way that suits you. You can arrange your notes by date, topic, or according to which exam they’re likely to appear in, so that you can find them quickly and easily when you need to study.

For a stellar study app that will help you play a competitive field at the top of your game, iFlipTips is the study aid you need.


Math Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Study App

iFlipTips is a revolutionary study app from TECHtionary. Using a simple yet effective digital flashcard technique, the app is an invaluable study tool that will change the way you learn. Designed with students in mind, the app helps you retain information faster, and enjoy better fact recall with less studying.

Studying for a math degree can be tricky, as the facts you need to learn won’t just come from a notebook. Complex equations, diagrams and methods are all important part of mathematical theory, and you need an effective way to study this. iFlipTips is the perfect solution, and it enables you to keep all your notes in one place.


The app is divided into three different sections: iTipsIdeas cards, iFlipSlides and iFlipCards. Each different section has its own techniques to help you study.

Within each card, you can add text, an image, a video clip and an audio clip. This is a great aid for students, as not everyone learns effectively through reading. Some people find it much easier to learn through doing or watching, and iFlipTips gives you the chance to use the learning method that is right for you. (Image 1)

When studying for your math degree, you can record lectures and seminars using the audio and video functions, and then store them on a flipcard to revise later. You can also add images of complex equations to cards, so you’ll have your notes on hand ready to use whenever you need.

iTipsIdeas Cards are perfect for making notes during or after lectures, or in preparation for an exam. These are the cards you use to learn the hard facts.

iFlipSlides enable you to create professional presentations. Useful as both a study tool and for creating class presentations, iFlipSlides gives you the chance to create helpful presentations, even when you’re away from your computer.

Last, but by no means least, iFlipCards are question and answer cards that can help you study for exams. This section takes the form of question and answer flashcards and provides an effective way of testing what you’ve learned. Creating a mock-exam environment to test yourself using iFlipCards can also reduce the amount of anxiety you feel during the real exams.


Each iFlipTips feature has its own folder section. This allows you to break down the information into categories that work for you. You might want to divide each course module into a separate folder, or organize your folders according to topic. This allows you to organize the information so it is easy to retrieve when you want to study.

One of iFlipTips’ newest features is its calendar. Using this, you can count down to upcoming exams and create effective study programs. Having the calendar on your phone helps you stay on top of your studying and make sure you have enough time to learn all the information you need.


Finally, you can share your notes and flipcards with friends using iFlipTips’ sharing feature. Send notes to your classmates via email, or share them with a group over Facebook or Twitter. You can also share the video and audio links – these are sent to mail recipients as a link so even if you’re emailing an hour-long lecture, you won’t take up space in their inbox.

Using iFlipTips, not only will your memory improve, but you’ll cuts down the amount of time you spend studying. Download iFlipTips today so you can get your studying out of the way, and spend time doing the things you love, without sacrificing your grades.

and a great companion app when you are finished studying.