Computer Game Design Degree Study Using iFlipTips

Computer Game Design is one of the fastest-growing industries right now. Expected to be worth $82.4 billion by 2015, computer game design graduates have a world of opportunities waiting for them when they graduate.

As the games industry is growing so quickly, new companies will be looking for able designers and graduates can find work in game production, programming, design, art, development and graphics. The kinds of skills you learn during your degree and the experience you gain with interactive simulation are applicable to other industries too, and graduates can go on to work in architecture, urban design, medicine and more.

Computer Game Design is a relatively new degree, so you won’t find many textbooks giving you study tips of helpful learning hints. Therefore, taking this type of degree might feel daunting – a lot of the information you learn will be cutting edge.

The iFlipTips app can help you structure your learning so you feel in control instead of overwhelmed. Designed with students in mind, this app helps you improve the rate at which you retain and recall information, and speeds up the learning process. Using iFlipTips, you can carry around your study notes on your phone and reference them easily whenever you need to.


iFlipTips works using digital ‘flashcards’, which are modeled on the traditional 3×5 cards that many students use to make study notes. Instead of simply using text, however, these cards are different. You can still add just text if you want, but you can also include images, audio clips and video clips on each card too.

This is especially helpful when studying a subject that is visual and interactive, such as computer game design. These types of subjects are difficult to learn straight from a textbook, so being able to include diagrams, videos and audio descriptions will help you learn the facts you need faster.

iFlipTips also contains a helpful calendar, which helps you plan your study time and count down to the day of the exam. Each calendar entry is assigned its own icon and you can add these to show at a glance what each entry is for. For example, you can use the “Class” icon to show when you need to attend college, and the “Paper” icon to show when your next paper is due.


The iFlipTips app is divided into three different sections: iFlipCards, iFlipSlides and iTipsIdeas. Each section helps you consolidate your knowledge so you can perform to the best of your potential during your exams.

iTipsIdeas function as basic study cards, and are useful for recording information after a lecture or class. You can then use these cards as the first step in your study process.

iFlipCards let you create mini-exams, so you can test what you’ve already learned, and identify areas you need to improve. One side of the card is the ‘question’ side. When you’ve written down your answer, simply flip it over to reveal the ‘answer’ and see whether you were correct.

iFlipSlides enables you to create presentations and slide-shows. This feature is also useful for giving class demonstrations and presentations as part of your course.

As you can see, iFlipTips is an app that is packed with features to help you study. Pick up the app from the iTunes App Store today and put yourself on the path to success.