College Study App – iFlipTips iPhone/iPad App – Independent Review

iFlipTips is an amazing app for the iPhone, the iPad and other portable multimedia platforms, available in the iTunes app. This app essentially allows users to make customizable virtual Flipcards or Flashcards. This brings forth a new concept in personalized multimedia usage as pocket notecards for these platforms.

iFlipTips comprises of two basic parts, namely FlipTips and Flip Cards. While the latter lets you make question-answer type flipcards which are accompanied by audio-visual add-ons and text. You can choose to answer the question not only with text but with audio, pictures, and video clips. The former part, i.e. FlipTips is like a personalized notecard equipped with audio, text, and visual cues. Both these cards can be shared over your social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter through this app. You could also choose to mail them. This technology allows you to save information with unprecedented speed and ease.

iFLipTips is the Perfect Revision Tool

iFlipTips the newly introduced multidimensional app has a fabulous potential as the ultimate tool for study revisions, both for college and high school students. You could dynamically create notes and review them at any point of time on your iPhone or iPad.

1. An Everyday Habit

To effectively use the iFlipTips app you need to get into a habit of using it every day. Once you start using the app on a daily basis for note making, you’d find memorizing and utilizing speeches and outlines from lectures far easier. You will also end up developing a great and simplified database of notecards which you can bring up at any point of time to revise your syllabus. This is a very helpful tool for putting things down into your memory while on the go and you could revise for your exam even while waiting in the queue at the bus stop.

2. Simplifying Things

It is a fact that smaller things are easier to remember. You are more likely to remember the essence of a lecture through a few keywords and sentences than with extensive notes. This is precisely what iFlipTips flipcard feature accomplishes. By giving you small simplified cues, it encourages you to use your memory better and more effectively to recall all that had been covered in a particular lecture.

3. To Each his Own

The flexibility of iFlipTips means that it can be used by the student in ways which suit his or her learning style or immediate need. Different people grasp things differently. While the photographic memory of one can be the key to recalling answers, for other it could be an audio stimulus that does the trick. iFlipTips accommodates all kinds of multimedia enabling compatibility with different learning styles. For the occasion when you’d rather listen to a great speech than read through one, this wondrous app is the perfect prescription for you.

4. Archiving and Organizing

Instead of forgetting things as soon as the class is over, or recalling them for a day or two at the most, iFlipTips help you make a chronologically arranged sequence of note cards and flipcards which you can pull up at any time to go through all that you’ve studied till date. Its dynamic question answer format also means that you can test your knowledge through a little trivia whenever you want.

The iFlipTips Management Mantra

iFlipTips is not just an app for students. This versatile software has several uses for professionals and practicing personnel alike. It can help you chalk out an itinerary, schedule meetings or events and even prepare for presentations on-the-go. For a professional trainer, it can be the ultimate tool to organize your notes and think up creative and effective meetings and sessions.

1. Prompt yourself with iFlipTips

Often when you are in the middle of an intensive training session you tend to miss out on some of the key points. To make sure this does not happen, you can configure an iTips Ideas card on your device. You can use it to prevent leaving out or wrongly presenting information when in a training session.

2. Prepare Question Cues

You can use the app to create virtual cue cards or question-answer cards which you can effectively use to interact with your trainees or students and make your session more interesting. You can create special folders for different sections of your material.

iFlipTips Social Media Connectivity

One of the best aspects of this app is its ability to link dynamically with most of the commonly used social media sharing sites allowing you to share or post your virtual note cards on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. You can let your friends and families know about the places you are travelling to with bits and pieces which are not only textual but also comprise of pictures, videos, and audio components.

iFlipTips Business Advertising

This platform can also be used to effectively market your business with short and simple easy to decipher posts on the social media networks and the Internet. You could use your note cards as an email newsletter service to effectively stay in touch with your clientele. You could also post sample recordings, works, etc. in a portfolio online and on the go. The facility of exchanging and sharing note cards between devices also enables you to communicate with all of the multimedia that you want at the click of a button.

Final Verdict on iFlipTips

iFlipTips is an amazing and versatile app which has benefits for students, teachers, trainers, professionals, and almost all kinds of people across the spectrum of humanity. You can take pictures, make videos, and link them dynamically into question-answer flipcards which you can choose to share over social media networks. What’s more is that these flipcards can also be answered with other virtual flipcards through this app which makes it all the more interesting. It allows you to store and share bits and pieces of information with unprecedented ease. With the simple and convenient accessibility and sharing features it can also allow you to send and receive information from friends and work via email. Can the technology live up to the hype which surrounds it? Only time will tell, but the prognosis is certainly positive with iFlipTips.


Study Memory App for iPhone & iPad

iStock_000019051929XSmalliFlipTips is a new flip/flash card multi-media study app for iPhone and iPad that can help you study more efficiently with less effort. Using a flashcard-style of learning, iFlipTips can help you revise for exams, complete assignments and keep all your study notes in one place.

1. iFlipTips encourages different styles of learning

One of the most helpful features of iFlipTips is that it caters for different learning styles. We all learn in different ways: some of us by doing, some of us by watching, some of us by reading, and others by hearing. The iTips-ideas can help people from any of these categories and it offers a flexible way to make the most of your learning style. You can use the app to record audio clips, include a picture with the tip to encourage memory by association, and utilize a variety of memory tools that will help you remember what you’re learning more effectively than simply writing the information down or reading it from a book.

2. It makes ideas understandable

Based on traditional 3×5 flashcards, iFlipTips is perfect for breaking down complex ideas and theories into separate, more manageable pieces of information. This enables you to approach your learning step-by-step and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of what it is you’re studying. Whether you’re learning verbal ideas or scientific and mathematic equations, you can use iFlipTips to perfect your understanding one step at a time, leaving you more confident in your ability to communicate your knowledge in an exam or assignment.

3. It contains a question and answer format so you can test yourself

Once you’ve understood and learned what you’re studying, you can test your knowledge using part of the app called iFlipCards. This allows you to create question and answer cards so you can see what you’ve learned. Like the iTips-Ideas cards, the questions and answers can be written as text, recorded as audio or video, or presented as an image. Likewise, the answer can be recorded in written, visual, audio or video format, depending on what style of learning suits you best. This means that you can use iFlipTips not only to prepare for written exams, but also to ready yourself for viva examinations too.

IMG_27874. iFlipTips can be used for individual ideas or larger concepts

iFlipTips is a versatile app, and you can use the iFlipCards and iTips-Ideas cards to study individual items, or larger concepts. Whether you need to learn vocabulary and phrases for a Spanish exam, an exercise workout plan or study up on the American Civil War for a history assignment, you can tailor the cards to suit your study needs. The different mediums available when recording information are particularly helpful for learning languages, as you can use iFlipTips to perfect your accent as well as the more technical aspects of vocabulary and grammar.

5. Once you’ve written cards you can save them for easy retrieval

As well as offering multiple styles of learning, iFlipTips trumps traditional 3×5 cards in another way: organization. Using the app, you can store your iFlipCards and iTips-Ideas cards in folders on your phone, so you have easy access to them when you need them. Gone are the days of losing or forgetting your study notes; instead, you can create your very own filing system within the app so you can access notes and quizzes with just a few taps.

Good green and say good bye to paper cards.


College FlipCard Tool, Corporate Presentations, Multimedia Training and Personal Notecard-Study “Flipcard” System – Official Announcement

iFlipTips – Flipcards-Flashcards and personal multi-media notecards for iPhone and iPad Now Available

Create Corporate Presentations, Multimedia Training and Personal Notecard-Study “Flipcard” System

iFlipTips announced today approval from iTunes for distribution for iPhone and iPad. “iFlipTips is an exciting way for professionals to create multimedia presentations and personal corporate libraries. iFlipCards is an exciting way for professional trainers and students alike to create multimedia study ‘flipcards’ for fast access Q&A learning,” noted Tom Cross creator. iFlipTips consists of two key programs – iFlipTips and iFlipCards.

iFlipTips can be created with simple, single button notecards with text, audio, video and pics. The app is designed to help clients seeking easy and rapid ways to build mobile “self-help” and “just enough and just-in-time” tools for their sales, support channel partners and others. iFlipCards lets users make Q&A flipcards, capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio, not just text. College students need a simple app to replace their 3×5 paper notecards writing Questions on one side and “flipping” them over to see the Answer(s).


iFlipTips can be shared/posted to Twitter, Facebook or email. Both iFlipTips and iFlipCards can capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders. In addition iFlipTips blog, tutorials, blog, newsletter and more information are available at

Here are some user comments:

– “By having access to iFlipTips, I can get the latest sales and support tips, feature updates, bug fixes and other corporate info improving coordination and communications between with the our customers. Simply put, I am more successful and effective.”

– “As a college student, I can create iFlipCard Quiz and answer card easy and fast and I can have them with me anytime where I can use them right up to the exam.”

– “This really overcomes the problem when team members say, “email, what email, I never got the email providing a tool to help them see all the steps involved in the training, event and social activity and stay organized, not just endless emails.”

– “This app is so helpful as strategically, the faster you can communicate, the faster you can change, and those corporations that change the fastest will be the most successful.”

Corporate training, slide show presentations and studying for college exams is an increasingly demanding and complex. iFlipTips was developed and will continue to be an innovative solution for trainers, customers, students and users. iFliptips also provides tutorials, webseminars, and a newsletter to help improve your use of iFlipTips, iFlipCards and FlipQuiz’s and other ideas on sports management, social media practices and technology.

The app is available via this link:

The current version of unlimited cards is available for free during a short introductory period.

iFlipTips is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications.

Independent Product Review – Learn Faster and Smarter with iFlipTips

By Hannah B. TechEditor – London-England

“iFlipTips is a new learning and training app for iPhone and iPad by TECHtionary. Whether you’re studying for a big exam or preparing notes for a corporate training session, this app provides a simple tool to help you remember important information when you need it most.

The iFlipTips app contains two different programs: iFlipCards and iFlipTips-Ideas. Like flip paper notecards, iFlipCards is a study aid that caters for all styles of learning. Each tip contains space for text, an audio clip, video and an image, making the app perfect for auditory and visual learners. iFlipTips-Ideas allow users to create study aids in a way that works for them. Take pictures of chemistry formulas or anatomy images, along with recording videos or audio clips on your iPhone or iPad save them in the app for use later. The app also allows you to organize your “Tips” into different folders so you can access them quickly when you need to look something up.

When you’ve finished studying using the iFlipCards, you can test what you know. Using this part of the app, users can create question and answer digital flipcards. With iFlipCards, you can create text, video, image or audio clips for both questions and answers, giving you flexibility to test yourself on your knowledge in a variety of ways and prepare for viva exams, presentations and training, as well as written tests.

The app is well-suited for students, and provides a helpful way to learn foreign languages, study concepts and ideas for essays, prepare for multiple choice exams and create prompts for talks and viva examinations. It also, however, has a wider reach, especially within the corporate world, and is the perfect tool to use for seminars and presentations. The iFlipTips-Ideas or iFlipCards can act as prompts to help with public speaking, corporate training or teaching.

iFlipTips is a versatile and powerful study and prompt tool that replaces traditional 3X5 index cards and helps you keep all your information in one place. With its simple, intuitive interface, and customizable appearance, the app, just like everything useful in life, is both fast and effective.”


iFlipTips along with CrossPinPoints and other cloud online solutions from TECHtionary ( Other iPhone/iPad apps include iMakeupMirror, iCompactMirror and Pictagrams all available on iTunes.

More details can be found at:

CrossPinPoints, iSportsCal, iComcal and iREcal are all integrated MARCOM-marketing communications solutions designed for small to large business manage small to large marketing efforts. Thomas B. Cross is the creator of unique marketing communications and an avid social media expert focusing primarily on Twitter with @techtionary  and @beautyapps account, CrossTalk blog, Linkedin and CrossPinPoints (online marketing communications solution). He posts daily to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and CrossTalk blog. He assists businesses maximize their social media marketing and teaches professional development courses in social media which are approved by the Colorado Supreme Court for attorneys and Colorado DORA for real estate professionals via Social Business College

Contact & Social Media

Contact: Tom Cross


Twitter: @techtionary & @beautyapps

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Apps to Raise Money for Political or Social Campaigns

Campaign dollars don’t come cheap, nor are they always easy to get. Whether funds need to be raised for a person who’s a grassroots politician or one who’s well-established, or for a social organization looking to further its cause, creativity and persistence are necessary to bring money in. Although traditional fundraising dinners, benefits and auctions are still effective, technology also plays a role in today’s fundraising efforts. The use of smartphone and iPad apps is a great way to reach an audience whose attention you might never get with traditional fundraising methods. These apps can help with the important task of raising money to support a politician’s campaign or help further the agenda of your favorite social organization.

  • Rootsquare. Local and state politicians are enjoying fundraising success with the use of Rootsquare. This app feeds information into Facebook, where everyone can see a person’s support of or interest in a particular campaign. According to the Washington Post, former Virginia governor Tim Kaine has used Rootsquare to promote fun money-raising tactics, such as a contest to win dinner and a harmonica lesson from the politician. Not only was the campaign advertised on Facebook, but the Rootsquare app furthers awareness by noting support and contribution with information such as, “Fred made a donation to Tim Kaine’s ‘Harmonica with Tim’ Campaign”.
  • PayPal Fundraising. PayPal has been making payments easy for years, and now they extend the convenience to fundraising. The addition of PayPal as an accepted donation payment method on your campaign website also allows donors to provide their support via mobile devices. According to the PayPal Online Fundraising page, 28 percent of voters used mobile apps to follow and support political activity during the 2010 mid-term elections. By making this app available to your supporters, they can keep up with the latest news, communicate it to others and offer financial support. In the process, you gain followers and donations in the moment people are ready to give, rather than losing them when the excitement of a rally dies down. It’s also possible to raise money using FundRazr, a social fundraising platform that has partnered with PayPal to make online donations safer and easier.
  • Timeline Apps. If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, you can see when your Facebook friends are using apps such as Spotify, Pinterest or NetFlix. When activity begins with a new site or campaign, it’s noted on your Facebook page. Friends can see your activity with images and updates that state “Anne likes ‘Hats for Cancer’ and their new campaign”. Many social media apps and websites feed into Facebook and it’s no wonder why; with nearly 850 million users, the social networking site harnesses a great deal of exposure for any person or organization that’s campaigning.
  • Zuri’s GoMobile. The Zuri Group, a media technology company, offers GoMobile—a campaign fundraising app that offers a variety of options to users on both ends. GoMobile allows you and your supporters to connect via Twitter, email, text, Facebook and iPhone’s FaceTime. Gather donor information and collect donations easily with this app.

The ability to go mobile in a campaign fundraiser is vital to reaching potential supporters who are constantly on-the-go. Americans use mobile devices for approximately 3 hours per day; adding smartphone and iPad apps to your campaigning techniques to increase your funding and following just makes sense. Although traditional fundraising methods can help you meet your money-raising goals, the addition of apps can help you spread word about your campaign, allow you to gain a new type of supporter and add money to your fundraising account. As technology becomes a staple in many areas, it’s wise to include it in your fundraising efforts. In addition, iFliptips is a cool app for use in political campaigns, see below post below.

Social Media Using iFlipTips – iFlipMags!

Social media has changed the way we connect, as well as how we market our products and services to clients. Whereas previously our friends and clients would have been local, now we communicate with and advertise to a world-wide audience. Being able to use social media effectively has never been so important, and iFlipTips helps you share text, images and video with your social networks in just a few taps.

With integrated connections to Facebook and Twitter, iFlipTips enables you write updates on the go and upload them to social media sites. Simply create a new iTips-Ideas card, save it, then tap “Share” at the bottom of the screen. The app gives you the option to share via email, over Facebook or using Twitter.

Although you can post updates to Facebook and Twitter using the app, you won’t be notified of comments or likes through iFlipTips, so remember to check your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see who has responded to your iTips-Ideas cards.

For Personal Use

iFlipTips helps you share your thoughts and pictures with friends and family over social networks. By posting to Facebook or Twitter through iFlipTips, you can also save your updates as iTips-Ideas cards, and organize them into folders. The first time you use iFlipTips to upload content to a social network, you will need your log-in details, however afterwards you can post content instantly.

If you don’t want to share your iTips-Ideas cards with your entire social network, you can also use iFlipTips to email your notes, images and videos to individual recipients. The body of the email contains the information in the text box of the card you’re sending, and links to the image, video and audio content appear below.

For Business

If you run a business and have an online marketing presence, your social media accounts can help you stay connected to your fans and clients, and help promote your services or products. Using iFlipTips, you can create status updates, images and videos in advance, and store them on the iFlipTips until you’re ready to use them. Spending an hour organizing updates for the next seven days can help you save time trying to create content during the week when you have other projects and tasks to complete. It also helps you create a balance between promotional content and informational content, so you know that the right offers and promotions are ready to be sent to fans and followers at the right time.

The iFlipTips app is also useful for creating email mail-outs to clients, or website subscribers. Using iFlipTips, you can compose and send emails to your lists, and save the email you’ve sent as an iTips-Ideas card so you can refer back to it later if needed. This helps you keep track of which email campaigns you’ve sent, and enables you to include images, audio and video, without inconveniencing members of your list by requiring them to download large files.


iPhone and iPad Essential Apps

A brand new iPhone or iPad comes with pre-installed apps, however these only scratch the surface of what you can do with your device. Apps allow you to work, play, shop, communicate, and much more. With over 500,000 iPad and iPhone apps in the iTunes store it can be difficult to know where to start looking if you want to add to your collection. Here is a list of essential apps that cover the important areas of life.


Social apps don’t just help you keep in touch with friends and family: more and more business owners are recognizing that social networks carry marketing power and are a great way to expand your client base. Whoever you want to stay connected to, you can download iPhone and iPad apps for all the major social networks, including a free app by Facebook. Twitter users can use Tweetdeck, also free, to keep track of multiple accounts, view mentions and DMs all at once, so you can track what’s happening on the website at a glance. The free Meetup app allows you to stay in touch with new activity on the social site, view details of upcoming meetups, RSVP to new events and join groups.The app is compatible with iCal, so you can add events straight into your calendar.


While the iPhone sends and receives texts, calls and emails, the range of communication apps available helps you connect to people in even more ways. The free Skype app enables you to make and receive calls with people anywhere in the world, while IM + lets you chat with friends using multiple IM accounts at the same time. TextNOW is useful if you send a lot of text messages, as not only is the app free but it lets you send texts to others for free too, avoiding a heart-stopping cell phone bill every month.


As the king of online shopping, Amazon is an essential iPhone and iPad app. With this app, you get full access to Amazon’s catalogue, and can purchase items or save them to your wish list. If you love the thrill of grabbing a real bargain, eBay’s shopping app enables you to search for and bid on items. The app will send you push notifications when items you’re watching or bidding on are about to end, so you can keep an eye on your auction activities even when away from your computer. For the everyday items, Grocery IQ is a shopping app that lets you create grocery lists, keep track of how much you’re spending on a shop, and scan product barcodes to compare the price of an item in different stores.  Some of our apps are great for shopping and bars – iMakeupMirror and iCompactMirror.

Work and Productivity

Similar to a personal computer, both the iPhone and iPad are perfect productivity tools that can help free you from the shackles of the office and enable you to work anywhere you want. Apple’s iWork package is available for both iPhone and iPad. The apps are priced separately at $9.99 each, so they don’t come cheap. You can, however get app versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, which are similar to the full desktop versions and include features like Microsoft Word compatibility and Air Printing. At $0.99, Sorted is less costly than some of its productivity app counterparts, and provides a simple tool with which to create to-do lists and organize your life. When you’re tired of typing, Quick Voice2Text Email creates text emails and documents from dictation for just $2.99. Finally, is a free personal finance app that helps you track your income, expenditures, and savings, so you always know what’s happening with your money.  Of course, we our fav is iFlipTips.


After all that hard work, you’re going to need some down time. Netfilx members can turn to the free Netflix entertainment app to stream TV shows and movies for free. Pandora is also free and enables you to create your own radio station from artists you enjoy. On the other hand, if your idea of relaxing is curling up with a book, Amazon’s Kindle app is free for iPhone and iPad, and provides you with your own digital library and a direct connection to the Kindle Store.

Time For iPhone/iPad Addiction Intervention? – 10 Ways to Tell You’re an IPhone Addict

On ChicsTech, we’ve featured a variety of accessories for tech-conscious, chic ladies. Like this post on great workout wear and this post on iPhone and iPad accessories. But while you’re accessorizing your iPhone/Pad, did you ever think you might be a little too into it? Is it an accessory or has it gone way beyond? Find out if you’re an iPhone addict by reading through this list.

1.  Your iPhone/Pad to the bedroom-bathroom everywhere 24×7 and you wakeup in the morning with a iPhone crease across your face. Ok, you can take your iPhone/Pad to bed with you but don’t expect your bedmate to love you more for it.  Indeed, they may find it a bit too much you are texting during intimacy.  As far as the bathroom is concerned, this isn’t really sanitary and not cool. When you’re out to dinner, the only reason you might need your phone is to fake a “getaway” call on a bad date. Don’t trek your iPhone to the bathroom with you because we all know someone who has had to save their phone from a watery grave after dropping it in the toilet.
2. You have named your iPhone. Yeah, really. People do this. If you no longer call your phone a phone, it’s time to call a spade a spade and admit your addiction. Names like “The Digitizer” and “Frank” go way into the weird category.
3. Your iPhone is accessorized. If you’ve ever set your phone on the table instead of your clutch, you might have a problem. If you’re so proud of the way you’ve matched the perfect case to your white phone or have gone all matte black on your black iPhone, you might have an addiction. Put it back in your purse.
4. You’ll immediately walk out of a wireless store if they don’t have Apple. Clearly, they aren’t cool enough for you. Wireless carriers are nearly required by techie law now to carry the iPhones but you’re the first to point it out to them if they need to carry the phones…or at least more iPhone accessories.
5. You have iPhone chargers in every room and everywhere else. Car charger, bedroom charger, desk charger, home desk charger, living room charger, kitchen charger etc., etc. If you have a mini freak out every time your phone buzzes 20% (“Oh no! It might shut off!”), then you need to admit the addiction.
6. If something doesn’t sync with Apple, it sure won’t sync with you. Yes, there’s something to be said for the ease of an all-in-one piece of technology, but just because your Word document won’t open on your iPhone doesn’t mean you need to ban Word from existence.
7. You still have the standard ringtone and you never have it on vibrate. Brag much? This is a surefire sign you want others to know just what kind of phone you have. Chill out.
8. You gave up your camera so you could whip out your phone for pictures. It’s totally true and legitimate that iPhones take great pictures and some phone pictures even rival those of cameras. But if you got rid of your nice camera just to use your iPhone more often, you might have the Apple Addiction. (*this does not apply to Twitter users who have many good reasons for taking photos with their iPhone!)
9. You love signing e-mails “Sent From My iPhone.” Did you know that some people have deliberately deleted this phrase so people don’t know they’re e-mailing from their iPhone?
10. You consider non-Apple technology obsolete. Android, Droid and any other smart phone might as well be a dumb phone as far as you’re concerned.
11. Apps – This was added since it yet another level addiction that we can only begin to understand and will write more about.

If this list started sounding too familiar around number three (or if you’re reading this on your iPhone) take a step back, a deep breath and turn your phone off for a few minutes.

Editor’s Note: this list was compiled by a “borderline” iPhone addict.