College Study App – IQ Award Finalist iFlipTips Announces Major New Release Called iFlipTipsPro

iFlipTips and iFlipTipsPro Version 4.5 for Apple iPhone and iPad

Current Version is Available via iTunes Now  Click here for iTunes Apps

BOULDER – Boulder County Business Report (BCBR) finalist for its annual Innovation Quotient (IQ) Awards, Techtionary just announced a new release of its iFlipTips college study and corporate training iPhone/iPad mobile app available now on iTunes. “iFlipTipsPro is an exciting way for professionals to create multimedia presentations and personal corporate libraries.   iFlipCardsPro is the fastest way for professional trainers and users alike to create multimedia study ‘flipcards’ for fast access Q&A learning,” noted Tom Cross creator.   Details can be found on the iFlipTips website at or immediately on iTunes at:

Click on any image for website for tutorials, blog, articles, 50+ study ideas, newsletter and more.

Key Features Include:

iFlipTips allows users to capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders.:

1) iFlipCards lets you make unlimited Q&A flipcards, flashcards, and capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio.

2) iFlipSlides is an easy to create and build slide shows and presentation.

3) iFlipTips is a simple to use, notecard builder with text, audio, video and pics.

iFlipTipsPro also includes:

4) iFlipCal organizes study, meetings and other events into a calendar with reminders and the only calendar with70 unique icons.

5) iFlippads are unique multicolored post notes with multimedia image editor and doodlepads which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email.

Archive – both versions have Archive to remove active cards, slides and tips to a separate file area

Here are some user comments:

“We have used the iFlipTips app for a while now, we can thoroughly recommend it.” #1 mobile app review website

“By having access to iFlipTips, I can get the latest sales and support tips, feature updates, patches/fixes and other corporate info which improves coordination and communications between staff and our customers. Simply put, I am more successful and effective.”

“As a college student, I can create iFlipCard Quiz and answer card easy and fast and I can have them with me anytime where I can use them right up to the exam.  College students need a simple app to replace their 3×5 cards writing Questions on one side and “flipping” them over to see the Answer(s).”

“The iFlipCal keeps me organized and on time and makes my life a lot easier.”

“This really overcomes the problem when team members say, “email, what email, I never got the email providing a tool to help them see all the steps involved in the training, event and social activity and stay organized, not just endless emails.”

Bottom-line: “Strategically, the faster you can communicate, the faster you can change, and those corporations that change the fastest will be the most successful.”

Corporate training and studying for college exams is an increasingly demanding and complex. iFlipTips was developed and will continue to be an innovative solution for trainers, customers, students and users.

We will also provide tutorials, webseminars, blog and newsletter to help improve use of iFlipTips, iFlipCards and FlipQuiz’s and other ideas on sports management, social media practices and technology.  The app is designed to help clients seeking easy-rapid ways to build mobile “self-help” and “just enough and just-in-time” tools for their sales, support channel partners and others.

iFlipTips is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications.



iPartyGramsPro 3.1 Released – called the “Coolest Party Invitation Pic App” for iPhone and iPad Now Available on iTunes

BOULDER – Techtionary just announced a new release of its iPartyGramsPro party invitation and picture sharing app for Apple iPhone and iPad available now on iTunes. “iPartyGramPro is an exciting way for party-wedding planners, event organizers and partygoers to plan, invite and provide a private party picture sharing experience,” noted Tom Cross creator. According to TheAppWhisperer, the #1 Mobile App Reviewer, “iPartyGrams is the coolest party planning app for iPhone/iPad designed to help you organize and plan your next party. It allows you to select invitees from your contacts list and send them an invitation within the app. You can also send additional details about the party to your contacts and receive their replies too. This app is particularly useful if you are inviting a lot of people to one event and want to manage all the replies.” Click on the icon to the left for the complete review and video.

More than 50 party ideas, tips and fun on iPartyGrams website – click here.

iPartyGramsPro has no annoying popup ads.

Details can be found on the iPartyGramsPro website at or immediately on iTunes at:

Key Features Include:

1) Unlimited party app for iPhone/iPad

– Organize and invite guests via Contact Lists

– Post Party Pics to Facebook, Twitter and Email

– Use Invitation Designs included or create your own Invitation Design

– Secure Party VIPs can post pics

– Secure Party Guests can only view

– New Party Tips & Ideas on website

2) iPartygramPro Version has an integrated calendar with more than 180 unique icons to describe the event

3) Easy to use iPartyPads provide for reminders, notes, and quick ideas which can be shared with party goers, event, wedding and meeting planners. iPartyPads are unique multicolored post notes and more than 130 backgrounds included and users can take pics and use as backgrounds. The iPartyPad multimedia image editor can be used to create sharable art drawings, postit notes, dooglegrams or scribblegrams.


iPartyPads can be shared/posted to Twitter, Linkedin Facebook or email.


The app is designed to help party hosts create invitations, send invitations and involve party VIPs and guests seeking easy-rapid ways to send invitations, receive guests and allow guests and VIPs to either view party pics and videos or VIPs to add pics to the party.

Here is an independent review of iPartygram. “With a variety of different background photos and images available through the app, you can choose an image that suits the theme or occasion of your party. You can add all the information you need to the party invitation and it’s the perfect opportunity to let guests know if the party has a certain dress code, theme, or whether they should bring their own drinks. You can also use the “Notes” and “Reminders” sections to give guests a date by which they should RSVP, saving you the hassle of having to chase people up later.


When sending invitations to guests, you can select the box marked “VIP” if you want that guest to be able to upload their own photos to the party section within iPartyGram.

You can either send the invitation to each guest individually with your own customized message, or send the same PDF file to multiple people. To keep each individual’s email address private, enter your own email address in the “To:” field, then enter the other recipients’ addresses in the “BCC:” field. That way, when guests receive the invitations, they only see your email address, and other guests’ emails stay hidden. The graphic format means that guests can easily print out and take the invitation with them to the party, so they have all the details on hand.

When guests receive their invitations, it contains a unique ID number. To access the party details, all they have to do is download the iPartyGram app or log on to the website, and enter the ID number in the Guest Login section, then they can access the party details and, if they are VIP guests, upload their own photos.

iPartyGram is a versatile app that makes the party planning process simple, quick, and cost-effective. It allows you to spend less time on practical tasks, like sending invitations, leaving you with more time to focus on the big event.”

iPartygram also provides tutorials, webseminars, blog and newsletter to have more fun at parties and improve use of iPartygram and other ideas on parties, party planning, party management, social media practices and simply better parties.


iPartygram is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications including iFlipTips, ScribbleGrams, Pictagrams, iCompactMirror and iMakeupMirror and others.


iFlipTips, iPartyGrams along with CrossPinPoints and other cloud online solutions from TECHtionary ( Other iPhone/iPad apps include iPartyGrams, iMakeupMirror, iCompactMirror and Pictagrams all available on iTunes.

Techtionary is the developer of iPhone/iPad apps including iPartygrams, iFlipTips – flip/flashcard study app with calendar and stickynotes, iPartygram – party/event planning and pic post app with calendar and sticky notes, iMakeupMirror-iCompactMirror iPhone4 personal makeup mirror app and Pictagrams – picture post app. In addition, Techtionary developed CrossPinPoints, iSportsCal, iComcal and iREcal are all integrated MARCOM-marketing communications solutions designed for small to large business manage small to large marketing efforts. Twitter accounts include @beautyapps, @techtionary and others. Techtionary also businesses maximize their social media marketing and teaches professional development courses in social media which are approved by the Colorado Supreme Court for attorneys and Colorado DORA for real estate professionals via Social Business College Additional sites include:,, and many others.

Thomas B. Cross is the creator of unique marketing communications and an avid social media expert focusing primarily on Twitter with @techtionary!/techtionary and @beautyapps account!/BeautyApps, CrossTalk blog, Linkedin and CrossPinPoints (online marketing communications solution). He posts daily to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and CrossTalk blog. He assists businesses maximize their social media marketing and teaches professional development courses in social media which are approved by the Colorado Supreme Court for attorneys and Colorado DORA for real estate professionals via Social Business College

Contact & Social Media

Contact: Tom Cross



Twitter: @techtionary & @beautyapps

Phone: 303-594-1694

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Party Planing Ideas Sponsored by

Ideas for party planning

Parties cover a huge range of events and celebrations, and if you’ve been tasked with planning one, you might be wondering where to start. As well as birthdays, national holidays, corporate events and life changes, you might want to throw a party just to see friends.

When looking for party planning ideas, the best place to start is to think about the nature of the event. The kind of party will depend on what you’re celebrating, as well as the age and the background of the attendees. For example, a kids’ party will be very different from an office Christmas party, which in turn will be very different from a student housewarming party. Each different party will require different entertainment, a different venue, possibly even different food.

Key areas to consider when trying to think of ideas for party planning include:

  • Guests
  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Food
  • Entertainment

You also need to consider whether you’re going to ask other people to help out with the preparations or during the event itself. Each factor influences at least one other – for example, the number of guests you want to invite to the party will dictate the size of venue you need. The food and entertainment will depend on the number of guests, and whether these things are provided by the venue. Every area will be influenced by your budget.

Within each area, you have important decisions to make. If you want to provide food at the party, you need to plan whether it will be home-cooked, bought in advance from a store, or provided especially by professional caterers.

Entertainment is also important, and it’s usually a good idea to provide a range of entertainment that will suit as many guests as possible. This might include providing music, and lighting, as well as party games. For kids’ parties, you might want to consider hiring external child entertainers or equipment like a bouncy castle.

If you’re struggling to find ideas for party planning, try theming the party to a certain occasion. For example, if you’re planning a birthday party, try theming it to the decade the person celebrating their birthday was born. Parties celebrating national holidays or events are also easy to theme. Theming a party can make it easier to select food and entertainment, and can also provide a more interactive experience for guests, especially if costumes are involved.

If you plan to host a party with costumes, or you want guests to bring food, drinks or other items, you need to give them enough notice so they can organize this themselves. Sending out reminders or notes about the party is best done with the invitations so that people have plenty of time to plan what they are going to wear or bring, and they are less likely to forget.

Depending on the event, you might want to provide your guests with something to thank them for coming to the party. Although this is something you might send out after the party, it’s still an important factor in the party planning process and needs to be organized alongside the event itself. Ideas for guests include thank-you notes, which you can send after the event, or party favors, which you can prepare in advance and hand out during the event.

Whatever kind of party you throw, forward planning and good organization are the key to a successful event. If you spend time on the event in advance, everything will come together on the evening, leaving you free to enjoy the party alongside the other guests.

Study Biology Using iFlipTips

iFlipTips is a new study app from TECHtionary that is revolutionizing the way we learn. Using iFlipTips, you can transform even the most difficult subjects into bite-sized chunks that are easy to remember and fun to study. iFlipTips’ use of different mediums means that the app caters for students of all learning styles, whether you remember by reading, watching, hearing or doing.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create your own series of flashcards using text, images, audio clips and video. While traditional textbooks rely purely on students learning what they read, this combination of watching, hearing and reading leads to increased retention and shorter study times. The app’s use of images and videos means it is great for studying subjects that rely on diagrams and charts to communicate some of the information you need to learn for an exam – just like biology.

If you have a biology exam coming up, or want to make sure you’ve learned everything you need to know from the last semester, you can use the app to cement your knowledge, which can lead to faster recall when you need to use the information for a test later.

The iFlipTips app is divided into three sections: iTips-Ideas cards, iFlip-Slides and iFlipCards. Use iTips-Ideas cards to make written notes with the text box, record lectures with the audio recorder, use the camera to capture images of complex diagrams, and use the video function to record experiments or dissections. This feature is especially helpful when you’re required to write up a key experiment or lab activity as part of an assignment or for coursework, as you can record the session, and focus on what you’re doing instead of trying to remember every detail, or worrying about how much you’re going to remember later. Likewise, recording your lectures using iFlipTips means you have a comprehensive record of everything you’ve studied, and you don’t have to spend your energy and attention taking notes, but rather can listen to the information, and learn.

When it’s time to study for a big exam, you can create question and answer flipcards using the iFlipCards section of the app, and test your knowledge. Creating a mock-exam environment for yourself when you’re still studying means you’ll have more confidence when it comes to the real exam. As well as creating text-based question and answer cards, you can use the image function to take pictures of diagrams, then flip the card around to check that you labeled the different parts correctly. The video and audio recording functions also work with iFlipCards, so if you want to ensure you know the information you’re studying thoroughly, you can try creating a spoken question and answer exam for yourself.

You can store your cards in customized folders, organizing them so that you can access them quickly and easily in the future. For example, you might want to create a folder for each semester, with sub-folders for each individual module you study. Alternatively, you could create a folder for each module, and sub-folders for individual topics within that module. The folder system is simple, but completely customizable so you can create a system that works for you.

Social Selling Using iFlipTips

Based on 3X5 flashcards, iFlipTips is a new, versatile note-taking app that can be used for a number of professional and personal purposes. With extra features, including the ability to record audio and video, take images, and share content via Facebook, Twitter and email, this free app provides a quick and easy way to brainstorm, plan and manage social selling campaigns without having to rely on multiple programs. Since the app works on the iPhone and iPad, you can also create social selling campaigns while away from your computer, giving you extra flexibility and time to plan, prepare and execute a successful campaign.

The first step to take when setting up iFlipTips for social selling is to organize the folders into a system that works for you. iFlipTips allows you to create as many folders and sub-folders as you need to store your notes, so you have a lot of flexibility regarding the organization system you create.

If you are running multiple social selling campaigns at the same time, you can organize the folders by product or subject matter, so you keep each project separate. Alternatively, you can turn the folder section into a customized posting calendar, creating a separate folder for each week or month of a particular campaign. This calendar structure enables you to organize social selling campaigns well in advance, so you don’t have to rush to complete the work close to a deadline.

Uploading updates to Facebook and Twitter is easy with iFlipTips. Simply create and save an iTip-Ideas card, tap the share button and choose which network you want to send the card to first. iFlipTips is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can log in to your accounts and upload material directly from the app.

iFlipTips’ text, audio, video and image capabilities enables you to create social selling campaigns with a visual flair, as well as text updates. Using the video function, you can add a personal touch to your campaign and upload videos directly to Facebook or Twitter without having to use a third-party hosting website. Videos can help create more effective calls to action, and can encourage followers to engage with your organization via Facebook and Twitter.

Once a campaign is finished, you can simply create a new folder for the next campaign. By organizing your updates and material into folders, you use the app to keep a record of past and current campaigns all in one place. This means that when it’s time to write a report or analysis of how your social selling campaign performed, you can quickly reference the material you used. When running a post-campaign analysis, you can create special cards in each folder to display statistics from each individual or week’s worth of updates. With this information, you’ll be able to see at a glance which updates in the campaign performed well, and which could have been improved.

Producing a social selling campaign is a creative process, but all too often that creativity can be sapped while figuring out how to use complicated social management software. Save yourself time by using iFlipTips, and expend your energy on what really matters: selling.