Apps to Raise Money for Political or Social Campaigns

Campaign dollars don’t come cheap, nor are they always easy to get. Whether funds need to be raised for a person who’s a grassroots politician or one who’s well-established, or for a social organization looking to further its cause, creativity and persistence are necessary to bring money in. Although traditional fundraising dinners, benefits and auctions are still effective, technology also plays a role in today’s fundraising efforts. The use of smartphone and iPad apps is a great way to reach an audience whose attention you might never get with traditional fundraising methods. These apps can help with the important task of raising money to support a politician’s campaign or help further the agenda of your favorite social organization.

  • Rootsquare. Local and state politicians are enjoying fundraising success with the use of Rootsquare. This app feeds information into Facebook, where everyone can see a person’s support of or interest in a particular campaign. According to the Washington Post, former Virginia governor Tim Kaine has used Rootsquare to promote fun money-raising tactics, such as a contest to win dinner and a harmonica lesson from the politician. Not only was the campaign advertised on Facebook, but the Rootsquare app furthers awareness by noting support and contribution with information such as, “Fred made a donation to Tim Kaine’s ‘Harmonica with Tim’ Campaign”.
  • PayPal Fundraising. PayPal has been making payments easy for years, and now they extend the convenience to fundraising. The addition of PayPal as an accepted donation payment method on your campaign website also allows donors to provide their support via mobile devices. According to the PayPal Online Fundraising page, 28 percent of voters used mobile apps to follow and support political activity during the 2010 mid-term elections. By making this app available to your supporters, they can keep up with the latest news, communicate it to others and offer financial support. In the process, you gain followers and donations in the moment people are ready to give, rather than losing them when the excitement of a rally dies down. It’s also possible to raise money using FundRazr, a social fundraising platform that has partnered with PayPal to make online donations safer and easier.
  • Timeline Apps. If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, you can see when your Facebook friends are using apps such as Spotify, Pinterest or NetFlix. When activity begins with a new site or campaign, it’s noted on your Facebook page. Friends can see your activity with images and updates that state “Anne likes ‘Hats for Cancer’ and their new campaign”. Many social media apps and websites feed into Facebook and it’s no wonder why; with nearly 850 million users, the social networking site harnesses a great deal of exposure for any person or organization that’s campaigning.
  • Zuri’s GoMobile. The Zuri Group, a media technology company, offers GoMobile—a campaign fundraising app that offers a variety of options to users on both ends. GoMobile allows you and your supporters to connect via Twitter, email, text, Facebook and iPhone’s FaceTime. Gather donor information and collect donations easily with this app.

The ability to go mobile in a campaign fundraiser is vital to reaching potential supporters who are constantly on-the-go. Americans use mobile devices for approximately 3 hours per day; adding smartphone and iPad apps to your campaigning techniques to increase your funding and following just makes sense. Although traditional fundraising methods can help you meet your money-raising goals, the addition of apps can help you spread word about your campaign, allow you to gain a new type of supporter and add money to your fundraising account. As technology becomes a staple in many areas, it’s wise to include it in your fundraising efforts. In addition, iFliptips is a cool app for use in political campaigns, see below post below.

College Tutoring & Business Coaching Idea Tracking Using iFlipTips – Q&A Tool, Organizer & Session Notetaker-Recorder

iFlipTips is a new study and training app for iPhone and iPad from TECHtionary. Useful for students, facilitators, and trainers, this app is invaluable for professionals in a coaching role. Not only can iFlipTips help you facilitate coaching sessions, but it can also help you record and organize client records, and send them notes of what you discussed afterwards.

Whether you’re engaged in business or life coaching, iFlipTips can help you prepare and record successful sessions. As a note-taking app, it allows you to create flashcards containing bite-sized pieces of information using different mediums.

The app is divided into two sections: iTips-Ideas Cards, which help you create training notes, and iFlipCards, which use a question and answer format. Each iTips-Ideas card or iFlipCard contains a box for text, an image, an audio recording and a video clip. Using different mediums, you can create notes for clients using a format that suits their learning style, and that they feel most comfortable with.

Some clients might prefer brief text notes covering only the most important points of the session, while others might prefer receiving audio or video recordings of key moments, or even the whole meeting. By sending them notes in different formats, you could help speed up their learning process, and increase the rate at which they retain information you discuss during their sessions.

iFlipTips’ folders system helps you organize your notes in a way that enables you to store and retrieve them efficiently. The folders are fully customizable, so you can create a filing system that suits your way of working. Potential methods of organizing your notes include using main folders as a calendar system, creating a separate folder for each week or month, then sub-folders for individual clients you will see within that time period. Ordering the folders in this way helps you organize session material in advance, and plan when you need to conduct mid-contract evaluations and reviews.

Alternatively, you can use the folders to organize notes and prompts structured around your methodology or framework. For example, if you use the GROW method, you could create a main folder for each separate session, with separate sub-folders containing prompts for each step of the framework detailed on individual iTips-Ideas cards. This can help remind you of useful questions at key moments in the session, and to stick to a boundaried framework. You could also consider organizing prompt cards by issue, creating separate folders for motivation, procrastination, indecisiveness, and so on, so you can reference relevant questions depending on what struggles your client raises during a session.

While iTips-Ideas cards can be helpful for making general notes about sessions, you can use iFlipCards to create questions and answers around key issues for your client. For example, you can prepare sets of questions before a session, then record the client’s responses during your meeting using brief text notes, or through the audio or video functions. This can be helpful discussion material during the session, and you can also share the notes and clips with the client via email afterwards, giving them material they can use for reflection in between sessions.

College Party 7 Deadly Sins Party Planning Using iPartyGram

With each new college term, even during breaks, college parties abound, as evenings draw in and the days get darker, what better time than the winter to plan a 7 Deadly Sins-themed party?

Organizing a party can feel like a part-time job in itself, so if you have a lot of studying to do but don’t want to sacrifice the opportunity to throw a great party, let iPartyGram help you with the planning process.

One of the great things about a 7 Deadly Sins party is that guests can really use their imagination and have a choice regarding their costume. As a refresher, the seven deadly sins are:

  • Lust
  • Wrath
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Pride
  • Sloth
  • Gluttony

You and your guests can go to the party dressed as any one of these sins – or the more adventurous can try to include all seven in their outfit!

Sending invitations

Set the scene from the very start and create tailor-made invitations using iPartyGram. Using the app, you can send out invites via email, saving you time and money on paper invitations. Instead of just sending a plain message, however, the app enables you to make your own personalized invitations, complete with a background image and all the information guests need, and send it as a PDF.

When sending invitations, you can either allocate a specific sin to each guest, or let them choose their own. With a range of background images to choose from, choose one that sets the tone for the party. Receiving this kind of invitation will create a lot more excitement among guests than a plain group email!

Planning the party

Create even more of an atmosphere before the party by uploading pictures to iPartyGram. You can also nominate VIP guests to upload their own images. Invitees can log on using their special iPartyGram code included in their invite and view the pictures you’ve uploaded. These could be of past parties, or images that give guests costume ideas for the big night.

Preparing the house

Depending on where you’re holding the party, you can really go to town on the decorations and themes. If you are throwing a house party and have access to more than one room, try assigning one of the sins to each room, then theming the decor, food and drink in that room around the individual sin. For example, if you select lust to be the theme for one room, decorate the room in reds and pinks and serve snacks like Hershey’s Kisses.

If you don’t have sufficient space to assign a sin to each room, try separating the space you do have into different areas themed around each sin.

Food and Drink

Instead of serving the usual kegs and cider you normally find at a college party, try your hand at creating signature cocktails for each of the sins.

The food you serve is another opportunity to get creative: try offering guests ready meals or instant noodles in the ‘sloth’ area, spicy food in the ‘wrath’ section, and indulgent desserts in the ‘gluttony‘-themed room.

Planning a Seven Deadly Sins-themed party can feel daunting, but you also have plenty of opportunities to get creative and wow your guests. iPartyGram takes the hassle out of dealing with invitations and RSVPs so you can get on with the fun part: planning!

Poker Night Party Using iPartyGramPro For iPad/iPhone

Blackjack partyPoker is not just a weekly reprieve from work any longer. The card game is now an exciting bash to throw for all your guests too! With iPartyGramPro from TECHtionary, planning is convenient, simplified, and fun!


Use the invitation section of the app to send personalized PDF formats guests can print out. Specify when and where it takes place, by what time to R.S.V.P., and indicate notes and reminders (see the Party heading below).There’s lots of themed backgrounds to chose from for the invitations, or take a picture of a playing card to be the set for the invite. Keep everyone’s email private when sending your contact list invites in mass – add recipients in the ‘bcc’ box and your name in the ‘to’ box. ipartygram-main-calSelect a dozen people to be your VIP guests and help out with preparations. VIP guests can also post pictures through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email to raise hype, like you, and guests can view these via the personal ID code registered to party members. This party-circle of images can get people excited and document the event as well! For instance, tape a video of yourself with fun trivia facts about card games or things people can do to help out with the party, and post them online.

If you want to add décor to you party – stick playing cards all around the room with a little tape on the back. Then, send separate directions for an easy headband guests can create for costume ideas. Just take a 2-inch wide strip of construction paper, bend it so that it makes a loop, and staple the two ends together. Make your own card out of construction paper, or staple a real one to the center of the band. Guests can try mini cards around the entire band for variation if they want.


If you want to make playing more interesting with antes, get a few friends together, and cut out 50 circular cardboard shapes in three different sizes (to total 150) to stand in as poker chips. Color the three shapes differently – 1-value, small in yellow; 5-value, medium in red; and 10-value, large in black. Ask a few guests if they’ll bring a deck of cards so that there can be several games going at once. You can either host this party at an outside grilling station where they have multiple picnic tables and field space. Or you can compromise with several sheets or rugs laid out to separate game spaces. And you don’t have to play just poker, especially since there’s no pot or prize played for (unless you want to get creative with the rules agreed upon in the different groups) – look up the directions for games like BS (super fun with a crowd and multiple decks), 7-card stud, 3-card draw, or ask others for suggestions during alternating dealers.

Any music is appropriate for poker night. So opt for a real jukebox type of interaction from the crowd. Let everyone know they can come up and switch to their own devices, or chose from the set.

Sustaining snack food to counter that light-headedness is the craze at typical poker gatherings – with all that concentration and blaring music, you’ll need to replenish that energy! Ask enough VIP guests to bring either a few bags of chips, microwave appetizers like potato skins, pizza-bites, or pretzels, pixie sticks and a bag of mini chocolate candy bars with a crunch to them.

Then, mix 4 gallons of Root Beer with 2 cups of chocolate syrup. Add a jar of maraschino cherries to the mix. Let the sugar fruit sink to the bottom and stir well. Stick it in the fridge for a few hours before the party to deliver a sugarplum buzz. Set all these food and beverage items on a cute paper table cloth that you’ve drawn and colored card designs on. You can do several card images, only card symbols, line the sides with cards and poker chip pictures, or make a huge portrait on the center. Remember to provide napkins, paper cups, and a giant trash bag next to the serving table.


Poker night is generally messy by nature – plan on paper towels for spills, a dust pan for crumbs, and a few giant bags for debris to make this clean-up session smooth.

With this app, you can make detailed preparations for the entire festivities while commuting or waiting in long lines. This way, you can enjoy the party too when the time arrives!

Check out CollegeAppsGuide for more apps and reviews


Party Planner – Being the Best

If you’ve been tasked with planning a party, you have no small challenge ahead of you. Whether you’re planning an informal baby shower for a good friend, or organizing the office summer party for 300 people, the same good party planning practices apply.

Don’t get stressed

This is easier said than done, especially when there’s a party to plan. Minimizing your stress levels, however, will help you keep a calm head if things go wrong, and aid your ability to solve any problems that might arise during the planning process and the party itself. To a certain extent, you can’t control your stress levels, but you can take steps to alleviate the amount of anxiety you feel. Some of these are below, and involve planning as much of the party in advance as possible, having back-up plans, and enlisting the help of other people.

Plan well in advance

The more you can plan the different elements of a party in advance, the more likely you’ll be able to create a successful event with minimum stress. Once you have the necessary information like the budget and guest numbers, plan other aspects of the party, such as the venue, entertainment, and food, as far in advance as possible – even if you think these aspects will be easy to organize.

Create a party checklist

Make lists of everything you need to do, from creating and sending out invites, to organizing the music, venue and deciding on guest list. Next to each list item, specify a deadline for each task. This should be at least two weeks before you really need to complete the task, as then if preparations are delayed; you still have time to complete the planning.

Create back-up plans

You might assume that if you prepare for the party properly, you won’t need a back-up plan, but part of preparing for a party properly is to have a back-up plan. No matter how well you organize the different elements involved in a party, things outside of your control can go wrong. Having a back-up plan for food, drinks, entertainment and a venue means that, although it might not be ideal, the party can still go on, even if disaster strikes.

Ask for help

Depending on the size and complexity of the party, planning the event on your own is a huge responsibility. Part of successful planning is knowing when to delegate tasks to other people, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t feel you can manage, or if you have tasks on your to-do list that you’d rather others completed.

Focus on the guests

Even when you’re throwing a party for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or other major life event, the focus of the party should be on the guests. It’s easy to get caught up in making the party perfect for the person who is supposed to be at the centre of the festivities. While this is still important, if you neglect to focus on what the party guests might want from the event too, you will end up with a room full of dissatisfied partygoers. Make sure your guest’s needs are provided for, and the party will flow.

Use Party Planning Apps

Just as it’s important to ask for help from other people, you might also find it useful to utilize a party planning or personal organizer tool, such as the iPartyGram app. Not only will this help you manage the guest list, but it will help you plan exactly what you need to do by the day of the party, and make sure you remember all those little details that can make the difference between a good party and a great party.

Sweetheart Match Party Planning Using iPartyGramPro

PrintIt’s that time of the year again. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, people are in a whirlwind of emotions – faint and frightened, hot and heady, romantic yet reserved, intrigued yet isolated. It’s a very confusing time for people in different stages of status. So the perfect solution to this mix-up is to throw a fun, heart-pumping party! A sweetheart match is a blind-date of sorts that takes singles out of the turbulent toss-up of an equation, and has them paired up many times throughout the night! With no pressure to say the right things, act accordingly, pretend-to-be or reveal flaws, this gathering is a carefree zone of flirting and frolicking!

Yes, party planning has a reputation of being timely, costly, and uneventful for the planner. But with TECHtionary’s helpful app – iPartyGramPro – putting together a bash is laid-back like lounging on your porch after a long hard day of work.

Virtual Meet-And-Greet

ipartygrampro-ipad-3The invitation section of the app makes inviting people simply effortless. Chose from any one of the many backgrounds provided in the app, or take a picture of something that specifically reminds you of love for this holiday. Then, include details about when it is, where it is, and what the details of the party are like the concept of blind dating! You can set R.S.V.P. deadlines so that no one is left unmatched up. Then, assign VIPs out of your invited guests to help you post images that get anticipation for the party started! For example, someone will snap a smiling shot of themselves with the tag ‘I just aced my Geography exam, and I’m lookin’ for someone to celebrate with!’ Guests can log in with their special ID code to view this comment and picture so that they are reminded of the whole idea for the party. In order to keep privacy for guests, enter your name in the ‘to’ box and theirs in the ‘bcc’ box – this is useful for sending invites to your contact list at once. Or, send each person a separate PDF so you can specify who is able to bring a plus one, if you want couples to be a part of the celebration but not take part in the mix-match set up.

The Trio

You’ll need minor preparation to gear up the party. A fun hot and cold beverage and food idea is easy. A playlist of hard and soft music for dancing and mingling is vital. And typical pink and red themed decorations are perfect! Think about cleaning up, before hand, so the next morning is a breeze. Set out trash bags and other bins for recycling all around the allotted space and aside the concession stand especially.


Set out plates of easy-to-heat spicy hot wings (the spicier the better) with cool ranch dipping. Then, for drinks, make both a hot cider and an icy pitcher of peppermint-colada.

ipartygram-4For the cider, mix 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, ½ a cup of caramel topping, one gallon of apple juice, and 3 sliced peaches or plums. Let the flavors marinate together while simmering in a pot for 10 minutes if you have a hot-plate, or in a microwave-safe container, slightly uncovered, in microwave for 5 minute sections. Cool for 3 minutes in-between the 5-minute periods, stir, and then proceed to heat. Do this three times throughout the full 15 minutes. – WARNING: bowl will be hot! Approach each interval with caution and an oven-mitt of some sort. Handle with care!

Then, for the coloda, mix a can of sweetened-condensed milk with a gallon of cranberry juice. Steep 3 bags of peppermint tea for 5 minutes in the thickened mixture (or add 2-3 drops of extract if you have it on hand). Crush and add ½ a bag of peppermint candies and 3 cups of ice – you can do this with a giant 5-gallon plastic baggie, covered with a washcloth, and beat with the bottom of a flat heavy binder or book of some sort, if you don’t have a blender.

Set out some themed plastic cups (for the cider), paper plates, and napkins. Heat up the cider whenever it gets cold, very briefly for a few minutes. And keep another pitcher on hand in the fridge when the first one runs out. The cider warms you up and loosens that tense disposition to date-night, and the icy refreshing drink rejuvenates your mind-set in-between different parings. These food and drink combos give a tingling sensation to your senses that co-mingles with the butterflies fluttering around in your stomach all night!


Everything from Kay Perry, Kesha and Lady Gaga to Cypress Hill, Stevie Wonder, and Def Leppard is appropriate! To make those slow-dances softer but fun, try some of The Penguins, more specifically ‘Earth Angel’. Or try ‘Blue Moon’ by The Marcels. Those will really kick in some emotional connections while still being playful. And of course, have a bowl with pieces of paper for every person’s name so that you can randomly match people at intervals in the party. Have a sequence that everyone follows, so it’s not awkward and more light-hearted – kind of like a dating palooza! For instance – introduce yourself, your major, where you’re from, and then leave the last question for different favorites’ topics or revealing embarrassing dating moments to break the ice.

Interior Design

Dress the room in shades of pink, red, and even purple so the theme is instantly recognizable. You can have a lot of creative input with these colors. Ask a few select friends to cut hearts out of construction paper, in varying sizes. Use pipe cleaners – little furry pieces of flexible material that you find at craft stores – to mold these shapes, or make other romance-related items like lips, eyes, flowers, etc, and hang them around the room. Drape long sparkly scarves along windows. Or, dye cloth table covers in the different colors with buckets, water, and an outside space – following the directions on the different dye packets – to get an almost tie-dye effect for Valentine’s Day.

With this app, mastering the art of party-throwing is like making those grand grades in school – it ups your G.P.A. or Great Planning Ability!



College Study App – IQ Award Finalist iFlipTips Announces Major New Release Called iFlipTipsPro

iFlipTips and iFlipTipsPro Version 4.5 for Apple iPhone and iPad

Current Version is Available via iTunes Now  Click here for iTunes Apps

BOULDER – Boulder County Business Report (BCBR) finalist for its annual Innovation Quotient (IQ) Awards, Techtionary just announced a new release of its iFlipTips college study and corporate training iPhone/iPad mobile app available now on iTunes. “iFlipTipsPro is an exciting way for professionals to create multimedia presentations and personal corporate libraries.   iFlipCardsPro is the fastest way for professional trainers and users alike to create multimedia study ‘flipcards’ for fast access Q&A learning,” noted Tom Cross creator.   Details can be found on the iFlipTips website at or immediately on iTunes at:

Click on any image for website for tutorials, blog, articles, 50+ study ideas, newsletter and more.

Key Features Include:

iFlipTips allows users to capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders.:

1) iFlipCards lets you make unlimited Q&A flipcards, flashcards, and capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio.

2) iFlipSlides is an easy to create and build slide shows and presentation.

3) iFlipTips is a simple to use, notecard builder with text, audio, video and pics.

iFlipTipsPro also includes:

4) iFlipCal organizes study, meetings and other events into a calendar with reminders and the only calendar with70 unique icons.

5) iFlippads are unique multicolored post notes with multimedia image editor and doodlepads which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email.

Archive – both versions have Archive to remove active cards, slides and tips to a separate file area

Here are some user comments:

“We have used the iFlipTips app for a while now, we can thoroughly recommend it.” #1 mobile app review website

“By having access to iFlipTips, I can get the latest sales and support tips, feature updates, patches/fixes and other corporate info which improves coordination and communications between staff and our customers. Simply put, I am more successful and effective.”

“As a college student, I can create iFlipCard Quiz and answer card easy and fast and I can have them with me anytime where I can use them right up to the exam.  College students need a simple app to replace their 3×5 cards writing Questions on one side and “flipping” them over to see the Answer(s).”

“The iFlipCal keeps me organized and on time and makes my life a lot easier.”

“This really overcomes the problem when team members say, “email, what email, I never got the email providing a tool to help them see all the steps involved in the training, event and social activity and stay organized, not just endless emails.”

Bottom-line: “Strategically, the faster you can communicate, the faster you can change, and those corporations that change the fastest will be the most successful.”

Corporate training and studying for college exams is an increasingly demanding and complex. iFlipTips was developed and will continue to be an innovative solution for trainers, customers, students and users.

We will also provide tutorials, webseminars, blog and newsletter to help improve use of iFlipTips, iFlipCards and FlipQuiz’s and other ideas on sports management, social media practices and technology.  The app is designed to help clients seeking easy-rapid ways to build mobile “self-help” and “just enough and just-in-time” tools for their sales, support channel partners and others.

iFlipTips is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications.



Party Invitations and Guest Lists Using iPartyGram

iPartyGram is a new app from TECHtionary that enables you to create events and send stylish, digital invitations to guests for free. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars designing and printing professional invitations, then taking the time to mail them all, iPartyGram lets you create beautiful customized invites, and send them to multiple guests at the same time via email. Perfect for weddings of all budgets, iPartyGram is an easy and fun way to complete one of the most important steps involved in your wedding planning.

The iPartyGram app is also perfect for managing your guest list, as you can use the app to select VIP guests. This could be special members of the groom and bride’s families, the best man, the bridal party, and whoever else you’d like to include. When VIPs log in to iPartyGram, they can add their own photos to the event for other guests to see.

When sending invitations through iPartyGram, you can include detailed information about the venue, and separate notes and instructions. This is the perfect time-saving opportunity, as you can provide your guests with information about the dress code, menu and any gift requests in one go. Doing so helps you save time sending further messages or answering multiple questions later.

As you can create as many invitations as you want per event, and send each invitation to multiple people at a time, you can send out separate invites to separate groups of guests. For example, the invitations you send to the groom or bride’s main parties might also include details of the bachelor or bachelorette parties, while invitations you send to friend and family who have volunteered to help out on the day might include different instructions.

As well as choosing the information you want to include in your invitations, you can also customize their appearance, choosing the background that you think suits your wedding the most. Whether you want a traditional-style invitation, or would like to do something a bit different, the wide range of styles available with iPartyGram means you’ll be able to find the image that’s right for you.

Once you’ve sent the invitations, you need to find a way to keep track of your guests’ RSVPs. To do this, you can use one of TECHtionary’s other apps, iFlipTips, which enables you to store information on digital flashcards. Simply create one folder for confirmed, one for declined, and another for outstanding, and you can easily view which guests you still need to chase. Alternatively, you can also try creating a spreadsheet and color-coding it according to whether a guest has said yes, no, or you’re still waiting to hear.

Finally, you can use iPartyGram as a record of the build-up to your wedding. Guests marked as VIPs can add photos, so you can show guests the edited highlights of your bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as images of your wedding preparations. It’s a lovely way to keep the whole wedding party involved in the run up to the big day, and set the tone for a fun event with friends, family and each other.

Party Planning Checklist Essentials via iPartygrams

Having a party planning checklist can make the difference between a party you’ll never forget, and a party you wish you could. If creating your own party planning checklist feels like too much hassle, or you’re worried you’ll forget a crucial detail; here is a list of essential party planning items that will make or break your event.

Months before

Months before the party, you need to get important details in place. These include how much money you can afford to spend on the party, whether you want to hire a venue and, if so, where it’s going to be, as well as who you’re going to invite.

1. Work out a budget

2. Decide on a date, a time, and a venue (and book the venue, if applicable).

3. Decide on the guest list.

4. Plan a theme, if you intend to have one.

5. Send out invitations, giving details of the date, time, and place of the party, as well as additional details like whether the party is themed, and whether guests should bring anything with them. You can do this using iPartyGram, which sends free email invitations to guests telling them everything they need to know about the party.

Month before

The basics are in place, and it’s time to start paying attention to the details.

1. Decide what food you’re going to offer.

2. Ask friends/family for help during the event if necessary.

3. Make a shopping list of items, food and drink you will need to purchase for the party.

4. Purchase non-perishable items you need. This might include paper plates, plastic cutlery, soft drinks, and decorations.

5. Decide on what party games you want to play.

  1. Start creating favors or party bags, if you plan to offer these to guests.

Week before

The countdown to the big day has started, and the week before the party is one of the most important planning times. The more you get done earlier, the more relaxed you will feel about the preparations.

1. Confirm that the people who have offered to help can still volunteer.

2. Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPed yet.

3. Create a music playlist for extra entertainment.

  1. Organize the layout of the party room (this applies to events in homes and in professional venues).
  2. Confirm catering and food choices.

6. Pick your outfit if the party is going to be formal.

  1. Create an agenda. This is especially helpful if you are hosting a more formal party, as it gives you a structure to focus on during the evening. An example party agenda might look like this:

7-7.30: Guests arrive and drinks.

8-8.30: Guests seated at dinner table and first course served, etc.

Day before

The day of the party is nearly here, and you still have time to do a lot of preparations in advance to minimize the amount of stress you feel on the day of the event.

1. Clean your home (if the party is going to be at your home) and organize the layout of rooms guests will be using.

2. Put away any items you don’t want your guests to see, or things you want to keep safe, including in the bathroom.

3. Start putting up decorations.

4. Designate specific tasks to each of your volunteer helpers.

Day of

Hopefully you’ve prepared enough in advance that you don’t have much to do on the day of the party. Your main tasks will involve ensuring that the food and venue are ready.

1. Finish any last-minute decorations.

2. Start preparing for the post-party clean-up by making space in the fridge, and readying trashbin liners.

3. Put out perishable food items and drinks about an hour before guests arrive.

In summary, great parties begin with great planning.

Party Invitation App – iPartyGram – Independent Review

iPartyGramPro – Party Invitation Appipartygram-250-250-c
Here are the features:
– Unlimited party app for iPhone/iPad
– Organize and invite guests via Contact Lists
– Post Party Pics to Facebook, Twitter and Email
– Use Invitation Designs included or create your own Invitation Design
– Secure Party VIPs can post pics
– Secure Party Guests can only view
– New Party Tips & Ideas on website
– Pro Version has an integrated calendar with more than 180 unique icons to describe the event.

Here is an Independent  Review by J.H

Have you ever been missing out on something for a long time, something your friends may have had for months, and then, all of the sudden, you finally find it for yourself. You’re thrilled! You wonder how you could have been without this for so long. This is exactly how I felt after discovering iPartyGramPro. Are you the socialite type who’s always entertaining other people? Do you like to have smaller, more intimate gatherings? Do you find planning a party stressful or hectic because of organizational problems? If any of this is true of you, then there is no doubt iPartyGramPro will be invaluable to you.

This app is the easiest way to get parties planned in today’s cyber world. To get started, all you have to do is click on Plan Parties. From here, another simple click on a + sign allows you to add parties Yes it’s that simple – which is the name of the game with this professional little app. IPartyGramPro is definitely one of the easiest to use apps out there. With its intuitive design, anybody can figure out how to use all its features within minutes of downloading.

Once you have added a party, you can easily add all of the following: Party name, host name, date & time, where the party is to be held, notes and email/contact #. I personally made use of notes, because it is the perfect way to give you guests some simple directions or options such as “bring your own drinks,” what type of entertainment is going to be available and proper dress attire, such as semi-formal or casual. I put this app to use last night for a small gathering and my guest really liked seeing the extra notes, as it didn’t leave them guessing about what kind of food to bring or what they should wear.

I really loved the option of adding photos, as I’m an avid photographer. Once you’re done setting up your invitation, you’re able to view your parties and invite guests. This is very easy to do by simply adding friends from your contacts list. You can designate someone as a VIP which allows them to add pics to the party. As is typical of’s apps, integrated tools and features round out the entire experience. iPartyGramPro acts as a cool, feature packed sketchbook and all around great notepad which adds a nice touch to the app’s total package. There is of course, a built in calendar for keeping track of your parties.

I wouldn’t mind to see buttons for the “View Parties & Invite Guests” and “Plan Parties” text controls on the opening screen. I also in favor of a different icon for the app (just don’t care for the college girl on the dance floor look) in general, plus a different background for the main screen in general just because I think this would increase appeal to everyone, besides just catering to one single audience stereotype. I just think it would make it a bit more versatile and it would be more marketable, since all types of people are party planners. This of course, just my opinion. Otherwise, this program gets five stars from me and its one I’ll definitely be using for a long time to come. Sometimes you have buyer’s remorse after you download another cookie-cutter app. iPartyGramPro is just too versatile and feature packed not to have around on your iDevice. You’ll find yourself using it all the time. This app fills a niche that’s been cracked for a long time, and does so with style. I love it!