Business & College Presentation Development and Improving Presentation Skills Using iFlipTips

Good presentation skills are crucial. We use them in our careers and our personal lives, and utilize these skills even when we might not realize it. Developing your onsite and online (webinar) presentation skills can have a positive impact on many different areas of your life and, for that reason; it’s beneficial to improve your presentation skills, even if public speaking isn’t a key part of your job role right now.

iFlipTips is a study and training app for iPad and iPhone that revolutionizes the way we deliver and absorb information. As well as being an invaluable tool for students of all subjects, iFlipTips can also help you when you’re teaching yourself new skills. The app avoids the traditional text-based learning style, and instead focuses on providing you with a variety of tools to help you create flashcards that increase your learning speed and help you retain and recall more information in less time.

The iFlipTips app is divided into two sections: iTips-Ideas cards and iFlipCards. Each card contains four different formats: text, image, audio, and video, so you can record and store information using different mediums. When studying and improving your presentation skills, you can use these different formats to learn new skills more efficiently.

If you’re working to improve your presentation skills, the best place to start is to evaluate where you are at the moment. iFlipTips helps you do this, as you can record yourself giving a staged or real presentation using the audio and video functions. Doing this can help you identify and improve aspects of your presentation, such as your body language and tone of voice.

The ability to record videos and audio clips means you can also capture snippets of public speakers and presenters you admire, and use the recordings to compare their style to your own practice sessions. Watching other successful public speakers, you can identify what you enjoy about their delivery, and attempt to reproduce that in your own presentations.

As you develop your skills, recording yourself can also help you prepare for live public speaking engagements. Thorough preparation helps you gain confidence in your ability to give an engaging and interesting presentation. Practice is the key to success, and using the iFlipTips video function, you can simulate what it feels like to have a live audience.

The text function can help you make key notes about presenting skills, for example that you should never start with an apology unless you’ve made an error, and that you should always credit the source of quotes you use. By saving these “notes” in ordered folders, you can easily refer back to them later to remind yourself of key messages and tips.

As well as helping you improve your presentation skills, you can also use iFlipTips to keep you on track during presentations. Use iTips-Ideas cards to outline the structure of your presentation, and record key quotes and facts you want to remember in the text box. If you want to, you can also share your notes with others via email, Facebook or Twitter directly through the app.

If you plan to include a question and answer session at the end of a presentation, the iFlipCards can help you prepare. Create a separate “question” card for each question you anticipate being asked, and then create an ideal response on the “answer” card. Avoid memory blanks and feelings of panic, and instead enjoy confidence in knowing that you’ve prepared as thoroughly as you can.

Social Selling Using iFlipTips

Based on 3X5 flashcards, iFlipTips is a new, versatile note-taking app that can be used for a number of professional and personal purposes. With extra features, including the ability to record audio and video, take images, and share content via Facebook, Twitter and email, this free app provides a quick and easy way to brainstorm, plan and manage social selling campaigns without having to rely on multiple programs. Since the app works on the iPhone and iPad, you can also create social selling campaigns while away from your computer, giving you extra flexibility and time to plan, prepare and execute a successful campaign.

The first step to take when setting up iFlipTips for social selling is to organize the folders into a system that works for you. iFlipTips allows you to create as many folders and sub-folders as you need to store your notes, so you have a lot of flexibility regarding the organization system you create.

If you are running multiple social selling campaigns at the same time, you can organize the folders by product or subject matter, so you keep each project separate. Alternatively, you can turn the folder section into a customized posting calendar, creating a separate folder for each week or month of a particular campaign. This calendar structure enables you to organize social selling campaigns well in advance, so you don’t have to rush to complete the work close to a deadline.

Uploading updates to Facebook and Twitter is easy with iFlipTips. Simply create and save an iTip-Ideas card, tap the share button and choose which network you want to send the card to first. iFlipTips is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can log in to your accounts and upload material directly from the app.

iFlipTips’ text, audio, video and image capabilities enables you to create social selling campaigns with a visual flair, as well as text updates. Using the video function, you can add a personal touch to your campaign and upload videos directly to Facebook or Twitter without having to use a third-party hosting website. Videos can help create more effective calls to action, and can encourage followers to engage with your organization via Facebook and Twitter.

Once a campaign is finished, you can simply create a new folder for the next campaign. By organizing your updates and material into folders, you use the app to keep a record of past and current campaigns all in one place. This means that when it’s time to write a report or analysis of how your social selling campaign performed, you can quickly reference the material you used. When running a post-campaign analysis, you can create special cards in each folder to display statistics from each individual or week’s worth of updates. With this information, you’ll be able to see at a glance which updates in the campaign performed well, and which could have been improved.

Producing a social selling campaign is a creative process, but all too often that creativity can be sapped while figuring out how to use complicated social management software. Save yourself time by using iFlipTips, and expend your energy on what really matters: selling.