Employee Staff Training HR compliance Using iFlipTips iPhone-iPad App

iFlipTips is a note-taking and record app for iPhone and iPad by TECHtionary. Versatile and easy to use, the app is invaluable in a range of situations, especially business. The app is divided into three sections, each with a different purpose. “iFlipCards” allows you to create question and answer cards, while “iTipsIdeas Cards” allow you to create notes and records. With the recent release of version two, users can now also make the most of the app’s slideshow feature, and create professional-looking presentations on the go.

iFlipTips’ flexible structure makes it the perfect tool to create a digital brochure or handbook. If you deal with HR compliance, and need to train new employees and disseminate information, iFlipTips is exactly the tool you’re looking for in order to do this effectively and efficiently. Each card or set or cards can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter, so you can send information to other people in just a few taps.

Creating a Handbook

The “iTipsIdeas” section of the app is perfect for creating an HR manual that you can pass on to employees via email. Each “card” can contain text, an image, a video and an audio clip, so you can explain your company’s HR policies to employees using a variety of different formats. For example, you could use the text box to provide an overview of the policy, and then demonstrate the policy in practice using images, audio or a video clip.

Within each section in iFlipTips, you can organize the cards into different folders. This allows you to separate each HR policy into different sections and create your own digital manual.

Training sessions

Not everyone learns through reading, so being able to explain HR policies using different formats is a valuable learning tool. As all iFlipTips cards are shared digitally, you also save money on producing physical copies of tapes or DVDs for employees and management.

As well as catering to different learning styles, you can use iFlipTips cards to make training sessions more interactive. For example, you can use the video function to create welcome videos, or create short movies depicting different scenarios that are relevant to your HR policies.

iFlipTips cards are useful to pass along to employees, and iFlipTips is also helpful for presentations. iFlipSlides is a new addition to version two of the iFlipTips app, and it enables you to create and edit slides – again, with text, audio, video and images – for a presentation.

“iFlipCards” are question and answer flash cards. They show the question on one side of the card, then the answer on the other side of the card. This part of the app is useful for training, as it enables you to test what the staff members have learned. You can also use this section of the app to create an HR-related quiz for the new employees’ handbook.


iFlipTips is a flexible system that allows you to create your own filing system, and update it when necessary. Therefore, if you need to make changes to your HR book, you can send the amended cards to recipients at once using the “share by email” feature. Once your folders are set up, you can add or edit as many cards as you need as your company’s HR policies are updated.

Whether you’re looking for a digital solution for storing your HR compliance handbook, or a helpful tool that will assist you with training new employees, and running refresher courses for existing staff and management, iFlipTips is a cost- and time-effective tool that gives professional results.

Learn Quicker-Faster Via iFlipTips

Whether you’re just starting a new semester, or you’re already approaching exam time, it’s never too late to start develop your studying skills so you can study quicker. You can do a number of things during the school year and when studying for exams that will help you learn faster. The iFlipTips app is especially useful for studying as it helps you organize your notes, retain information with less studying, and recall information quicker when you’re sitting a paper. Here are some tips and tricks that will help improve your study time, so you can spend less time hitting the books, and more time doing the things you love.

Make Notes in Advance

Making study notes in advance saves you time when exam period arrives, and increases the rate at which you retain the information. The best time to start making study notes is during your classes. Try to approach all lesson notes with studying in mind, and style them in the same way as you would your study notes. After class, take time each evening or weekend to transfer your written notes into the iFlipTips app so you have your study notes ready and waiting when it’s time to study for exams.

Review Your Notes Regularly

The more you review your notes, the more likely you are to remember them in the long-term. Instead of waiting until exam time arrives, start reviewing your notes the weekend after each class. To prime your memory to remember the information quicker, you should also take time at the end of every month, or even mid-term, to review your notes again.

Reviewing notes doesn’t involve any actual memorizing, and is more about reading through the information to ensure you understand the content. The more you read your notes before you start studying for exams, the more likely you are to retain information.

You can use iFlipTips to order your notes in folders. Examples of filing systems might include organizing notes by subject, or using folders and sub-folders to create a calendar system. Try using a folder for each different week of the course, or creating separate folders for each new calendar month. You can then retrieve the notes you want to study from a particular week or month with just a few taps.

Study with Friends

Discussing ideas with others can help solidify the information in your mind, especially if you usually learn by reading. Talking to other students can also give you a new perspective on the topic you’re studying, and enable you to share different study tips that might be useful to others.

You can arrange study parties using the free iPartyGram app, which allows you to create customized invitations, send details to friends via email, and upload pictures. Agree with friends that you will spend a certain amount of time focused on studying, then give yourselves a reward for your hard work afterwards with a movie, pizza or similar.

Get Organized

Make sure you have everything you need to start studying before you sit down. You should have all your notes, textbooks, a computer, something to drink, and anything else you think you might need before officially starting a study session. If you have to keep getting up to fetch extra books, drinks, and so on during your study session, it will take you longer to get through the work. The iFlipTips app is a useful tool for organization, as it enables you to keep all your ideas in one place.

Test Yourself Often

Testing yourself regularly on the information you’re trying to learn will help you develop quicker recall times for when you’re taking the exam. iFlipTips is helpful for this, as you can create special cards that test your learning, without having to involve a friend, teacher or parent. Using the iFlipCards section, you can create question and answer to test yourself, helping you identify which areas you need to relearn. (image 2)

Use a Variety of Study Mediums

Different people have different learning styles, so reading from a textbook doesn’t suit everyone. Some people do learn best by reading, however others are more likely to retain information if they hear it, can associate it with an image, or watch a video associated with the topic. iFlipTips is perfect for every learning style, as it allows you to create cards with text, images, video and audio so you can choose the medium that works for you, or combine all four.