7 Tips To Implement A Social Media And Blogging Strategy

Want To Be More Effective In Social Media? Use an Editorial Calendar

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual who wants to jump into the social media fray but are worried you simply won’t know what to write about, — long term – use an editorial calendar as your guide. The implementation of an editorial calendar helps keep track of social media status updates, article marketing efforts and blogging. Consider your editorial calendar much the same as the kind newspaper and magazine editor’s use.

Knowing who your target audience is will be the first step in planning your editorial calendar. If you don’t know who you want to reach, you won’t be able to effectively put an editorial calendar in place or target your marketing efforts. Spend time determining who your ideal client/reader is then work on your calendar.

Here are steps to jump start your editorial calendar planning efforts:
1.     Is your business or hobby seasonal? Are you writing about topics that have seasonal slants for your readers? Will you be looking to offer information that correlates to the season for your potential clients?
2.    Plan your editorial calendar for a 12 month period – getting it all down on paper for a year will make the planning smoother and will help you from repeating information and will also keep your readers interested throughout the year with fresh content.
3.    Readers love information on holidays and special events – even obscure ones – so plan for them in your editorial calendar. Will you market to traditional holidays?  Here’s a source for national and obscure events. Choose one per month as a way to set yourself apart.
4.    How about promotions and giveaways? Will you have these? If so, plan them throughout the year to keep the readers interested and so you aren’t lumping all of your promotions in one area of the year and leaving the rest without any giveaways. Prepare for your promotions and giveaways and have your promotions and blog posts mirror those promos.
5.    Set up content categories for your website and blog platform – keep it to ten or fewer. Choose topics you’ll want to cover and write your content and build your editorial calendar toward those categories.
6.    Choose keywords that are relevant to your area of expertise. What are your business objectives or your areas of expertise for your social media platforms? Your efforts need to enhance your business objectives.  Your social media efforts should enhance your overall business plan. Keywords help you to get found on Google searches.
7.    Establish “evergreen” topics in your editorial calendar. Evergreen topics are those that are viable and recur on an annual (sometimes more) basis. The river in the picture is included to remind you that all news especially social media news is a stream that flows continuously and there are also lots of floods which you have to realize that your message may drown in the tsunami of other news.  Consider the glut of magazines that crowd the shelves at certain times of the year: “Top 10 weight loss tips,” or “Top Ten back to school ideas,” or “Top Ten ways to get published,” etc. These topics are pulled out annually because readers love to see them and magazine editors know that.

Social media is a great low-cost, sometimes no cost, way to find readers and followers and grow your business. A well thought out editorial calendar for your social media efforts will set you apart from the competition.

Teacher Training Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad App

Teacher training is a popular degree right now. Although the economic climate means that graduates are finding it hard to get work in other areas and industries, teachers are always in demand. Whether you want to study for a qualification like TESOL or TEFL and teach abroad, or you want to teach in a school at home, teacher training requires that you learn a lot of information, fast. TEFL courses can last a matter of weeks before you’re expected to be able to hold a class on your own, while home-based teacher training rarely lasts longer than one or two years.

Because the course duration is so short, you need to ensure that you can get to grips with the material quickly. That’s exactly where iFlipTips can help: it’s a revolutionary study app from TECHtionary that will change the way you learn. Not only will you be able to retain information quicker, but you’ll also improve your memory recall and streamline your study process.

How iFlipTips Works

iFlipTips increases the efficiency of your learning in several different ways. Firstly, its flashcard-based structure enables you to break down information into bite-sized pieces so your studying becomes more manageable.

Each card can contain text, an image, an audio clip and a video clip. Using these formats, you can learn what you need to know quicker. The iFlipTips developers recognize that not everyone learns most efficiently through reading, and that different students have different learning types. Using text, images, video clips and audio, you can discover the learning type that works best for you, and speed up your study process.

iFlipTips Digital Flashcards

When you study with iFlipTips, you’ll have access to three different types of digital flashcards: iTipsIdeas cards, iFlipCards and iFlipSlides. Each of these types of cards helps you learn in a slightly different way.

iTipsIdeas Cards are great for exam preparation. You can use them to make notes after classes and lectures, and when you’re just starting out with your studying.

Once you’ve transferred your study notes onto iTipsIdeas cards, you can use iFlipCards to test what you know. These are similar to question and answer flashcards, where you write the question on one side of the card and then the correct answer on the other side of the card. When testing yourself, view the question side of the card, write down what you think to be the correct answer, then “flip” the card over to reveal the true answer. This is a helpful way to reveal gaps in your knowledge before the real exam so you have time to fill them.

iFlipTips Extras

iFlipTips comes with several useful extra features that help you with your studying. You can organize your notes into folders so they are easily retrievable and you can re-access them quicker.

The app also comes with a built-in calendar so you can plan your studying. Each calendar appointment has its own icon so you can see at a glance whether you’re supposed to be studying for your exams, attending a class or handing in a paper on any given day. It will also send push reminders to your iPhone so you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important event.

With a range of useful tools that will change the way you study for good, try iFlipTips today and see how the app will revolutionize your learning.

iFlipTips Study iPhone/iPad App – 44 Study Ideas & Studying Areas

There are blog posts for using iFlipTips in the following areas:
– Engineering
– Marketing
– Sales Training
– Math
– Nursing
– IT
– Business
– Concentration
– Study strategy
– Journal writing
– Campaigning
– Crowdsourcing
– Coaching
– Biology
– Physical Therapy
– Music
– Art
– Architecture
– Construction
– Marketing
– Gardening
– Car Repair
– Project Management
– Social Media
– Real Estate
– Personal organizer
– Cooking
– Shopping
– Personal Development
– Multitasking
– Study Skills
– Computer Game
– Nano Tech


– Veterinary

– Psychology

– Social Science

– Agriculture

– Theatre

– Journalism

– History

– Geography

– Art History

– Paralegal

– Teacher Training




iFlipTips New V2 Review – iFlipTips a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad – Independent Review by Eva

Click here or on the images for link to website to get the app.

“iFlipTips is a revolutionary study and note-taking app from TECHtionary for iPhone and iPad. Easy to use, versatile and effective, this app helps students cut down their learning time by increasing memory retention and improving their information recall.

You can record information on each ‘card’ in four different formats: text, image, audio and video. The app works directly with your iPhone’s recording devices, so you can take pictures and create audio and video clips directly from the app, as well as using existing files in your photo library or voice memos. Using these different formats means that students can tailor iFlipTips to their learning style. Whether you find it easier to learn through writing, watching, hearing, or with visual aids, you can create study notes that work for you.

As well as note-taking and studying, iFlipTips is also useful for a range of other activities, such as preparing talks, creating catalogues, maintaining customer service records, and a variety of uses in the business world. The latest version of the app has the addition of iFlipSlides, which enables you to create slideshows from your flashcards. With this added feature, the app is now divided into three parts: iFlipCards, iFlipSlides and iTips-Ideas Cards.


iFlipCards contain digital flashcards in a question and answer format. Simply write the question on one side of the card, then ‘flip’ it to reveal the answer. These cards are perfect for testing what you’ve learned when studying for exams. They can also help public speakers prepare for talks, and can be used during group training.


iFlipSlides are the newest addition to the iFlipTips app. Using this section; you can create individual cards to produce a slideshow. Not only is this helpful for learning, but you can connect your iPhone or iPad to a screen or monitor to display the slideshow in public. Each slide can contain text, audio, video and an image, and you can reorder the slides in each folder as many times as you need until your presentation is perfect. All slideshows are saved to your device, so this is a helpful way of creating slides and presentations while away from your computer.

iTips-Ideas Cards

The iTips-Ideas Cards are useful for creating notes and making records. It’s quick and easy to make study notes using these, so you can even do this during lessons and save yourself some study time later.

Other features

You can share all cards via email, Facebook and Twitter, enabling you to send your notes and ideas to friends, family, clients or fans. Although video and audio files are notoriously difficult to send over email, the app includes URL links to the files instead of attaching them to the message, so you can send your notes in an instant, without cluttering up the recipient’s inbox!

Each section of iFlipTips has its own folders system. Using this, you can organize your notes into your own customized filing system, so they are easily retrievable when you need them the most.

Useful for students and professionals alike, iFlipTips is a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad” – Eva (pictured).