Staying Alert Using iFlipTipsPro – iPhone/iPad App

Woman drinking coffee directly from a dispenserAs college students, we are always looking for ways to keep awake. Some of us are downing ridiculous amounts of energy drinks to keep alert in class, while others are making multiple stops to the local coffee shop as a daily necessity. Some of us are instant coffee advocates for our wallet’s sake, filling those thermoses four, five, sometimes six times a day! Up late last night partying or kicking butt on that X-Box Live with a dozen friends! Then it’s out for lunch today with parents trying to indulge them and the ‘quality time adage’. Then there’s the studying-frenzy deep into the grayish dawn light, until you find yourself rereading the same sentence ten times over before losing count. And finally there’s the crashing at our keyboards – you know how it is, waking up with the letter nnnnnnnnnn, in a frenzy of on-going pages in your word document. Ugh.

Stop vying for your skinny espresso, doubling up on shots with each passing month. Stop frantically searching for the best brand of energy drinks with the least calories. Stop stocking up on ‘just-add-water’ items. Get healthy, stay awake, and resist the tendency to spend money on those sketchy prescription alternatives. With iFlipTipsPro from TECHtionary, replace your caffeine fix with a new addiction that’s equally good while remaining natural.

Apples, and Oranges, and Carrots! Oh My!

This is a juicing method that requires a machinery purchase of sorts and an outlet for convenient plugging in. This method is probably the most effective of the four. You will be amazed at the amount of energy you’ll have coursing through your body. The negatives include the noisiness and requirement of a slight clean up. But once you’ve tried it, you’ll know why it’s worth the maintenance. First, use iFlipIdeas to take pictures of different juicing types and note the feature discrepancies with the audio tool. This way, you’ll find the best bargain. There are a number of superb juicers; it’s just a matter of what kind of extra characteristics you want for convenience. For instance, some require you to peel the fruit before hand; others allow you to drop it in entirely. Some juicers have one trash bucket and a grinder to clean; others call for a little more elbow grease.


Second, buy items on sale. You can use the iFlipPads to take a picture of the coupons in the newspapers to remind yourself of the sales, and write notes about ones to bring with you during your shopping trip. One of the best combos includes carrots, celery, an apple, and lemon. Some people are prone to trying this technique with berries, and although it’s possible and provides nutrition, it’s very little juice for each piece of fruit. Then there’s watermelon, pineapple, apples, oranges, spinach, carrots, and parsley! There are even recipes with garlic – but it’s a very pungent taste, so use sparingly. Keep a list of recipes that you experiment with in the iFlipCards section. The Q&A style format is perfect for taping videos of you making the combos, or adding reminders of which to alter and which to throw out. Put all the recipes in one folder with a different card representing each, or categorize the folders by main ingredients with various versions of the recipe. The folder system keeps all your notes, cards, and slides organized, and the archive section stores all deletions in case you want to revisit a forgotten recipe. The more you get familiar with your body’s response, you can pick out fruits that provide you with the most utilized vitamins for your liver, heart, eyes, and most importantly your mind! It’s like a surge of energy! If you’ve been eating poorly for the past few months with fast and junky food, or polluting your body with alcohol and other recreational substances, it can be such a cleansing boost – while making you nauseous. But if that’s the case, it does get better!

There are a lot of juicing joints that sell shots of wheatgrass for $1.50 and up! The problem with these places is that their drinks are normally supplemented with some sort of sherbert or yogurt which can be lower in calories or fat, but is still high in sugar. And wheatgrass can be grown by the tub in your own room, and doesn’t warrant the extra cost or a gag reflex. Don’t take wheatgrass on an empty stomach. If you do, you may find yourself feeling a very strong headache which is a good thing in essence because it’s healing damage done by toxins in your body, but can give you a bad experience. Another thing most consumers don’t know is that fresh juiced fruit and veggies lose their nutrient-value after the first ten minutes! Once it goes through that shoot, the extraction is at its’ highest peak, and it soon wanes with every passing moment. That’s why, if you were to drink it right after you made it, you’d have that wired energy to conquer everything on your to-do list! It usually lasts for a good eight hours with no crashing drop.


Ice your feet! This may seem crazy, but icing your body even when it’s already cold out is a mind numbing way to shock your muscles and bring you back to life! To do this you’ll need 1 pound of ice (but they usually sell it in 5-pound increments), a bucket, and mildly warm water. Fill the bucket halfway with ice and add the water. Since most students are in dorms with no tub, the feet way is a condensed version; otherwise you’d use 20 pounds of ice in your bath instead. Then just slip your feet in at once! This is a more instantaneous form of staying awake, and it doesn’t last very long, in fact, you may consider keeping it on a towel in a corner for the night in case you need it to refresh your senses while studying. oops keyKeep it away from outlets or electronics of any kind! Accidents happen! –This is a funny one though because you can take a picture or video of you and the puckered face you’ll make as you submerge your feet. Then, post it online via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or email so that everyone can comment on it. Use iFlipSlides to keep a record of it, and stage an on-going bet with the first post to see how many times you’ll have to do it during the night to keep you up. It’s a fun way to be interactive with your friends which will give you the adrenaline to keep your eyes pried open too.

4-27-girl-on-dock-smallGet Your Groove Goin’

If it’s mighty difficult for you to stay alert while commuting to school – sometimes you may even miss your stop – then try jogging in between classes. Even running in place is a good way to keep your heart rate up, get exercise, and stay in high spirits for the day. Or get up a little bit early to put in some dance moves! Jam out to your favorite song with your ear buds in, and shimmy your way to prepping for the day.

Find Some Fresh Air

app-whisper-recommendation-ifliptipsA lot of the time, we exhaust our mental capabilities by staring at a computer screen for hours upon end, or strain our necks pouring over notes. Record your notes for classes, verbally, with the audio tool in iFlipIdeas. Then, listen to a few sessions instead, while playing those games, or doing some light stretching, or even just taking a walk around campus. You may miss some things initially, but repeatedly listening to it will instill the information even so. Use iFlipCal to schedule small study breaks where you can listen to notes while still spending a few minutes away from homework. It might be all you need to come back with a brilliant idea for your essay, or the correct answer for that equation you’ve spent hours on. With the push notifications, you can schedule every important event including that extra ten minute dance session in the morning and down to the tiniest self-study reprieves!

With these suggestions, staying awake isn’t so damaging to the body. Having an on-hand device to help you makes it all that more impacting. Just make sure to catch up on sleep at some point. To avoid burning out, it’s recommended that you get at least a solid eight hours of undisturbed sleep once a week (that’s sufficient for us college kids) to make sure that your body receives the time it needs to organically repair and recharge itself.

College Study App – IQ Award Finalist iFlipTips Announces Major New Release Called iFlipTipsPro

iFlipTips and iFlipTipsPro Version 4.5 for Apple iPhone and iPad

Current Version is Available via iTunes Now  Click here for iTunes Apps

BOULDER – Boulder County Business Report (BCBR) finalist for its annual Innovation Quotient (IQ) Awards, Techtionary just announced a new release of its iFlipTips college study and corporate training iPhone/iPad mobile app available now on iTunes. “iFlipTipsPro is an exciting way for professionals to create multimedia presentations and personal corporate libraries.   iFlipCardsPro is the fastest way for professional trainers and users alike to create multimedia study ‘flipcards’ for fast access Q&A learning,” noted Tom Cross creator.   Details can be found on the iFlipTips website at or immediately on iTunes at:

Click on any image for website for tutorials, blog, articles, 50+ study ideas, newsletter and more.

Key Features Include:

iFlipTips allows users to capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders.:

1) iFlipCards lets you make unlimited Q&A flipcards, flashcards, and capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio.

2) iFlipSlides is an easy to create and build slide shows and presentation.

3) iFlipTips is a simple to use, notecard builder with text, audio, video and pics.

iFlipTipsPro also includes:

4) iFlipCal organizes study, meetings and other events into a calendar with reminders and the only calendar with70 unique icons.

5) iFlippads are unique multicolored post notes with multimedia image editor and doodlepads which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email.

Archive – both versions have Archive to remove active cards, slides and tips to a separate file area

Here are some user comments:

“We have used the iFlipTips app for a while now, we can thoroughly recommend it.” #1 mobile app review website

“By having access to iFlipTips, I can get the latest sales and support tips, feature updates, patches/fixes and other corporate info which improves coordination and communications between staff and our customers. Simply put, I am more successful and effective.”

“As a college student, I can create iFlipCard Quiz and answer card easy and fast and I can have them with me anytime where I can use them right up to the exam.  College students need a simple app to replace their 3×5 cards writing Questions on one side and “flipping” them over to see the Answer(s).”

“The iFlipCal keeps me organized and on time and makes my life a lot easier.”

“This really overcomes the problem when team members say, “email, what email, I never got the email providing a tool to help them see all the steps involved in the training, event and social activity and stay organized, not just endless emails.”

Bottom-line: “Strategically, the faster you can communicate, the faster you can change, and those corporations that change the fastest will be the most successful.”

Corporate training and studying for college exams is an increasingly demanding and complex. iFlipTips was developed and will continue to be an innovative solution for trainers, customers, students and users.

We will also provide tutorials, webseminars, blog and newsletter to help improve use of iFlipTips, iFlipCards and FlipQuiz’s and other ideas on sports management, social media practices and technology.  The app is designed to help clients seeking easy-rapid ways to build mobile “self-help” and “just enough and just-in-time” tools for their sales, support channel partners and others.

iFlipTips is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications.