Sales Management Training Using iFlipTips iPhone-iPad App

IFlipTips is a note-taking and flash-flip card app for iPhone and iPad that can be used for a variety of professional and personal projects. The app is divided into three sections: iFlipCards, iTipsIdeas Cards, and, new with this version, iFlipSlides. iFlipCards allow you to create question and answer cards, iTips Ideas enable you to create quick reference cards, and iFlipSlides help you create presentations.

Preparing training sessions

Prepare for your training sessions using iTipsIdeas Cards. These digital flash cards enable you to create modules of training sessions in advance so you can feel confident in your delivery on the day. Each card can contain text, audio, video and images, all of which can help make your training more interesting.

Visual presentations can help keep participants engaged, so consider creating a display using iFlipSlides. This section of the app allows you to create slideshows without having to use a computer. Like the other cards, you can use a variety of formats on your slides, including text, image, video and audio. Each “card” becomes a slide in the presentation, and you can adjust the order of the slides as many times as you need.

Each section of iFlipTips has its own folders section, so you can organize your cards into different modules for different parts of the training. This means that, in the session itself, you don’t have to worry about omitting crucial information.

During the session

Using a variety of formats in your presentation holds people’s attention and helps them learn faster. Attendees will have different learning styles, and while some will benefit from hearing you talk about sales, others might learn quicker when they can read the information, or watch a re-enactment.

Consider creating videos and audio clips to demonstrate sales principles you’ve been teaching. For example, if you’ve just been teaching employees or course members about USPs (Unique Selling Points), then create an audio recording of a sales conversation between seller and potential client or a video demonstrating what using a USP looks like in action. This will make their training more effective, and add variety to the training session.

At the end of each section or module of the training, you can use the iFlipCards to test participants’ knowledge. These flashcards are slightly different, as they allow you to create question and answer cards. By preparing a quick quiz on the topic, you can test how much training attendees have learned during the session, and discover which topics you might need to cover again.

You can also use iFlipCards for personal preparation. If you have a question and answer time with participants at the end of the session, this section of the iFlipTips app allows you to prepare stock answers to questions you expect to receive.

After the session

iFlipTips isn’t just useful during a training session. You can also use the app to send notes to delegates or trainees afterwards using the sharing feature. Each iFlipTips card is shareable via email, Facebook and Twitter. Not only does this save you time and money printing and distributing physical resources at the event, but you can quickly and easily send attendees relevant information afterwards.

Whether you work with single clients or large groups, iFlipTips is an invaluable tool for sales training. Using the app, you can create engaging, informative sessions that help clients get results.

Employee Staff Training HR compliance Using iFlipTips iPhone-iPad App

iFlipTips is a note-taking and record app for iPhone and iPad by TECHtionary. Versatile and easy to use, the app is invaluable in a range of situations, especially business. The app is divided into three sections, each with a different purpose. “iFlipCards” allows you to create question and answer cards, while “iTipsIdeas Cards” allow you to create notes and records. With the recent release of version two, users can now also make the most of the app’s slideshow feature, and create professional-looking presentations on the go.

iFlipTips’ flexible structure makes it the perfect tool to create a digital brochure or handbook. If you deal with HR compliance, and need to train new employees and disseminate information, iFlipTips is exactly the tool you’re looking for in order to do this effectively and efficiently. Each card or set or cards can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter, so you can send information to other people in just a few taps.

Creating a Handbook

The “iTipsIdeas” section of the app is perfect for creating an HR manual that you can pass on to employees via email. Each “card” can contain text, an image, a video and an audio clip, so you can explain your company’s HR policies to employees using a variety of different formats. For example, you could use the text box to provide an overview of the policy, and then demonstrate the policy in practice using images, audio or a video clip.

Within each section in iFlipTips, you can organize the cards into different folders. This allows you to separate each HR policy into different sections and create your own digital manual.

Training sessions

Not everyone learns through reading, so being able to explain HR policies using different formats is a valuable learning tool. As all iFlipTips cards are shared digitally, you also save money on producing physical copies of tapes or DVDs for employees and management.

As well as catering to different learning styles, you can use iFlipTips cards to make training sessions more interactive. For example, you can use the video function to create welcome videos, or create short movies depicting different scenarios that are relevant to your HR policies.

iFlipTips cards are useful to pass along to employees, and iFlipTips is also helpful for presentations. iFlipSlides is a new addition to version two of the iFlipTips app, and it enables you to create and edit slides – again, with text, audio, video and images – for a presentation.

“iFlipCards” are question and answer flash cards. They show the question on one side of the card, then the answer on the other side of the card. This part of the app is useful for training, as it enables you to test what the staff members have learned. You can also use this section of the app to create an HR-related quiz for the new employees’ handbook.


iFlipTips is a flexible system that allows you to create your own filing system, and update it when necessary. Therefore, if you need to make changes to your HR book, you can send the amended cards to recipients at once using the “share by email” feature. Once your folders are set up, you can add or edit as many cards as you need as your company’s HR policies are updated.

Whether you’re looking for a digital solution for storing your HR compliance handbook, or a helpful tool that will assist you with training new employees, and running refresher courses for existing staff and management, iFlipTips is a cost- and time-effective tool that gives professional results.