Top 5 iPhone/iPad Travel Apps

Light, compact, and more portable than a laptop, the iPhone and iPad are the perfect traveling companions. Whether you’re going away for business or pleasure, these apps will help you make the most out of your trip.

TripAdvisor – Free

The TripAdvisor app for iPhone and iPad provides access to a mobile-friendly version of the information on This popular website is invaluable to travelers, and contains information on thousands of hotels, eateries, bars and attractions all over the world. All reviews come from previous guests and patrons, giving you a fair view of an establishment’s pros and cons. Using the app, you can see the top-rated restaurants, hotels and attractions in your area, or search for nearby locations using a map. As well as being a review app, you can book a hotel room or find a business’s contact information.

TripIt – Free

We have enough to think about when we’re going on holiday, and small details – like what time our flight leaves – can slip our minds. This is where TripIt comes to the rescue. With TripIt, gone are the days of having to root through papers, or search through thousands of emails. When you receive a confirmation email from an airline, transport company or hotel, simply forward it to and TripIt will create a travel itinerary for you, which you can then access with just a few taps. If you’re going away with friends, or want to share your whereabouts with family, simply forward your itinerary to them and they’ll have all the information they need. – Free

Even the best laid plans can fall apart sometimes and, if you’re in a strange place with nowhere to stay, the app will help. This mobile version of the website lets you search for and book hotels around the world. With each listing, you can view hotel reviews by previous visitors so you can get the traveler’s perspective before booking. If you’ve booked a hotel through the website, you can view your reservation through the app and view exclusive mobile-only deals in your area.

AllSubway HD – $0.99

AllSubway HD is a compilation of subway maps from nearly 140 cities around the world. Covering major cities on every continent, this iPad app gives you quick access to its maps without needing a 3G or wifi connection. If you do happen to be online, you can also view fares and timetables in some cities. Simple to use and quick to load, AllSubway HD is a must-have map app for the city-loving traveler.

XECurrency – Free

Compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, this app converts to any currency in the world, providing you with information about current and historical exchange rates. Simply shake your device to get up-to-date currency information and monitor up to ten different currencies in one go. If you dabble in more than just traditional currency, you can also check the prices of precious metals. You need to be online to download current currency conversion information, however you can still use the app’s currency calculator when offline.