Digital Catalogs Using iFlipTips

iFlipTips is a new note-taking app developed by TECHtionary. It takes the concept of traditional 3×5 flashcards, and translates it into a digital tool for your iPhone and iPad. The app allows you to create digital cards, which you can then store on your iDevice, using text, images, audio recordings and video clips. The cards come in three formats: iFlipCards are question and answer cards, iFlip-Slides are slide show-style cards, while iTips-Ideas card are note-taking cards.

iFlipTips is the perfect companion for students and professionals alike, as its format makes it highly versatile, and means it can be used for a variety of tasks, from studying for exams, to keeping a digital catalogue of business stock and services. If you run your own business, you can use the iFlipTips app to create a catalogue of your products, services, or both, that you can access and share with potential customers and clients with just a few taps.

If you want to use iFlipTips to create a digital catalogue, start by organizing the folders into a system that is suitable for filing your products or services. You can add as many folders and sub-folders as you like, so you have a lot of flexibility to create a customized folder system that works for your business. Possible folder systems include organizing products and services alphabetically, and creating separate folders for different sections of the alphabet. Alternatively, you can organize products by category, for example if you sell a range of home products, you can create separate folders for each room of the house.

Once you’ve created your folders, you can start creating individual cards for each product or service. To do this, use iTips-Ideas cards or iFlip-Slides. Using the text box, provide a description of the product or service, including any information that you would want to send to clients. You can include a picture of the product in the image section, which you can take with your iPhone or iPad. If relevant, you can also record an audio description, or create a video that explains how the product or service works.

The different mediums provide you with a chance to record exactly what your business offers, and to show potential customers and clients how your product or service works in as much detail as possible. Once you’ve saved your iTips-Ideas card or iFlipSlide in the correct folder, you can share your cards with others via email, Facebook or Twitter.

iTips-Ideas cards and iFlipSlides are useful for creating a catalogue of individual items, however iFlipCards can help you in a different, but equally as important, way. Designed in a question and answer format, you can use these cards to create a Frequently Asked Questions list that you can then use to answer questions from any potential customers or collaborators. This section of the app helps you prepare for customer inquiries and presentations, and prevents you being caught off-guard by unexpected questions.

Math Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Study App

iFlipTips is a revolutionary study app from TECHtionary. Using a simple yet effective digital flashcard technique, the app is an invaluable study tool that will change the way you learn. Designed with students in mind, the app helps you retain information faster, and enjoy better fact recall with less studying.

Studying for a math degree can be tricky, as the facts you need to learn won’t just come from a notebook. Complex equations, diagrams and methods are all important part of mathematical theory, and you need an effective way to study this. iFlipTips is the perfect solution, and it enables you to keep all your notes in one place.


The app is divided into three different sections: iTipsIdeas cards, iFlipSlides and iFlipCards. Each different section has its own techniques to help you study.

Within each card, you can add text, an image, a video clip and an audio clip. This is a great aid for students, as not everyone learns effectively through reading. Some people find it much easier to learn through doing or watching, and iFlipTips gives you the chance to use the learning method that is right for you. (Image 1)

When studying for your math degree, you can record lectures and seminars using the audio and video functions, and then store them on a flipcard to revise later. You can also add images of complex equations to cards, so you’ll have your notes on hand ready to use whenever you need.

iTipsIdeas Cards are perfect for making notes during or after lectures, or in preparation for an exam. These are the cards you use to learn the hard facts.

iFlipSlides enable you to create professional presentations. Useful as both a study tool and for creating class presentations, iFlipSlides gives you the chance to create helpful presentations, even when you’re away from your computer.

Last, but by no means least, iFlipCards are question and answer cards that can help you study for exams. This section takes the form of question and answer flashcards and provides an effective way of testing what you’ve learned. Creating a mock-exam environment to test yourself using iFlipCards can also reduce the amount of anxiety you feel during the real exams.


Each iFlipTips feature has its own folder section. This allows you to break down the information into categories that work for you. You might want to divide each course module into a separate folder, or organize your folders according to topic. This allows you to organize the information so it is easy to retrieve when you want to study.

One of iFlipTips’ newest features is its calendar. Using this, you can count down to upcoming exams and create effective study programs. Having the calendar on your phone helps you stay on top of your studying and make sure you have enough time to learn all the information you need.


Finally, you can share your notes and flipcards with friends using iFlipTips’ sharing feature. Send notes to your classmates via email, or share them with a group over Facebook or Twitter. You can also share the video and audio links – these are sent to mail recipients as a link so even if you’re emailing an hour-long lecture, you won’t take up space in their inbox.

Using iFlipTips, not only will your memory improve, but you’ll cuts down the amount of time you spend studying. Download iFlipTips today so you can get your studying out of the way, and spend time doing the things you love, without sacrificing your grades.

and a great companion app when you are finished studying.

Social Media Using iFlipTips – iFlipMags!

Social media has changed the way we connect, as well as how we market our products and services to clients. Whereas previously our friends and clients would have been local, now we communicate with and advertise to a world-wide audience. Being able to use social media effectively has never been so important, and iFlipTips helps you share text, images and video with your social networks in just a few taps.

With integrated connections to Facebook and Twitter, iFlipTips enables you write updates on the go and upload them to social media sites. Simply create a new iTips-Ideas card, save it, then tap “Share” at the bottom of the screen. The app gives you the option to share via email, over Facebook or using Twitter.

Although you can post updates to Facebook and Twitter using the app, you won’t be notified of comments or likes through iFlipTips, so remember to check your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see who has responded to your iTips-Ideas cards.

For Personal Use

iFlipTips helps you share your thoughts and pictures with friends and family over social networks. By posting to Facebook or Twitter through iFlipTips, you can also save your updates as iTips-Ideas cards, and organize them into folders. The first time you use iFlipTips to upload content to a social network, you will need your log-in details, however afterwards you can post content instantly.

If you don’t want to share your iTips-Ideas cards with your entire social network, you can also use iFlipTips to email your notes, images and videos to individual recipients. The body of the email contains the information in the text box of the card you’re sending, and links to the image, video and audio content appear below.

For Business

If you run a business and have an online marketing presence, your social media accounts can help you stay connected to your fans and clients, and help promote your services or products. Using iFlipTips, you can create status updates, images and videos in advance, and store them on the iFlipTips until you’re ready to use them. Spending an hour organizing updates for the next seven days can help you save time trying to create content during the week when you have other projects and tasks to complete. It also helps you create a balance between promotional content and informational content, so you know that the right offers and promotions are ready to be sent to fans and followers at the right time.

The iFlipTips app is also useful for creating email mail-outs to clients, or website subscribers. Using iFlipTips, you can compose and send emails to your lists, and save the email you’ve sent as an iTips-Ideas card so you can refer back to it later if needed. This helps you keep track of which email campaigns you’ve sent, and enables you to include images, audio and video, without inconveniencing members of your list by requiring them to download large files.


Solution Review – How to Use CrossPinPoints* to Schedule Social Media Posts for Maximum Effectiveness

Solution Review – How to Use CrossPinPoints* to Schedule Social Media Posts for Maximum Effectiveness

This is an independent review by Benjamin R. – In today’s day and age, social media is the way to get in touch with clients as well as reach potential clients. There are many benefits of having a professional profile on social media networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, the fact is that as far as marketing is concerned out of sight is indeed out of mind. In order to keep your company profile visible at all times, it is important to keep updating all your social media profiles. Considering the sheer number of options available, it might seem like a daunting task and this is where software like CrossPinPoints comes in.

One Stop Solution

CrossPinPoints is your one stop shop solution for mobile communication. It is a mobile communications calendar system that allows professionals as well as firms from all walks of life keep on top of the social media marketing game. You can ensure maximum social media effectiveness by using CrossPinPoints to reach the audience available on the Internet at any given point in time or place. You do not have to rely on computer access to update your profiles as CrossPinPoints can be used through smartphones, iPhone or iPad, or indeed any Internet kiosk.

Ease of Use

CrossPinPoints embodies ease of use. All it takes is the touch of one button to initiate your marketing efforts on all your social media networking websites simultaneously as well as schedule posts for later dates. If you thought that you did not have to learn anything else then you have made a slight miscalculation. It is not just because your competition is doing it is to make your life easier and to be a more superior representative to your clients. Utilizing technology will allow your firm to remain stable and certainly provide it a better chance of growing in might and clout.

Many professionals steer clear of the treasure trove that is social media because they are unsure of what to post and share on websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Once you post something in the digital world, as Anthony Weiner knows all about, it can begin to define you and is difficult to erase or cover up. CrossPinPoints solves this problem for you by offering you pre-made icons that can be customized to suit your needs. Prioritizing and meeting deadlines will become easier with the use of multi-color pinpoints that will help you visualize the importance and urgency of what needs to be done with just one look.


“A comprehensive simple-single view of all marketing activities provides everyone in marketing a powerful means of managing annual, quarterly, monthly and even weekly activities,” says Tom Cross CrossPinPoints creator. This simple yet highly effective tool is a boon when it comes to sharing pertinent information within the team, company as well as with clients and potential customers.

Social Media Specific

While CrossPinPoints can help you schedule and execute marketing efforts and strategies through all forms of traditional and avant-garde marketing platforms, it is particularly useful while targeting social media. Not only can you post & update your profiles simultaneously but you will also be able to track industry changes, waves of opinions, as well as pertinent conversation threads to understand the needs and queries of the target audience. This will ensure that your marketing information and message is target specific and most effective.

Thinking Ahead

In addition, the CrossPinPoints library allows you to archive long term corporate videos and directives that have been approved for release by executive committees. Having these tools approved and in a repository like CrossPinPoints before time means that handling your social media presence becomes less time consuming and more second nature to you.

*This includes CrossPinPoints, iREcal, iComcal and iSportscal calendar solutions.