5 V-Gifts for the TechChic – Tech Love for Valentines Day

You can send chocolates, you can buy flowers, you can make reservations and you can buy gifts. But once it’s all said and done and you’ve gained five pounds from the champagne and are breaking out from the chocolate, what did you really gain from Valentine’s Day?

Instead of sending the tried and true (or should we say, “tired and true”) we searched the web for a few more unique gifts for tech chicks. These geeky gals will appreciate your creativity and they’ll enjoy having a gift they can look at or use throughout the year. Or ladies, buy these for yourself in celebration of National Singles Awareness Day. Don’t be shy, nothing says “I love me” like an 8-bit heart necklace.

1. The classic gift. This gift has been on the market and available to tech savvy consumers longer than any other gift on our list. Don’t just etch your love in stone or scratch it on a tree, carve it in metal on the back of an iPod or iPad with custom monogramming. It’s available on the Apple website for no additional charge.

2. The expensive gift. Turn up “Let’s Get It On” on your significant other’s new Bose iPod dock and tie a big red bow on the top of this $250+ gift.  The SoundDock 10 is $600 but cheaper versions start at $249. Click here to find them on Target’s website.

3. The creative gift.  Okay this one is a doozy and we love it. Plug this mug warmer into your USB drive to keep your caffeine heated. That’s right, it’s a USB-powered mug warmer in a romantic heart shape. Click here to find this amazingly cheap gift. No guarantees as to how long it will last, how long it will warm your coffee or how hot it will keep your coffee, but it’s so fun and creative that you really can’t go wrong.

4. The gag gift/nerdy gift. Heart paperweights are a little too practical for Valentine’s Day, which automatically makes them just a little too nerdy. While it’s definitely something they can use all year, we’re using the term “use” very loosly considering not many people are working at a desk frequented by gusts of wind. Click here for this $10 stone paperweight from Macy’s.

5. The fashionista gift.  Etsy brings us this fifth and fantastic gift by House of Darkley. It’s the 8-bit love heart necklace and it’s only for the super tech ladies out there. It’s laser cut and made of acrylic. How cool.  Plus, if you’re on a budget this is an affordable way to go at only $9.

With these five gifts, how could you possibly buy chocolate strawberries and call that a passable Valentine’s Day present?  However, consider that you could score some bonus points if you combine one of these techie presents with something like a creative flower arrangement or box of truffles.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Enjoy and remember, the greatest gift of all is a night with your smart phone turned off.